Junoon 21st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 21st February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 21st February 2013 Written Update

The show starts in the bathroom where both Prithvi and Meera are present but do not see each other.
When Meera pushes back her wet hair water sprinkles on Prithvi Back and he thinks and says from where water is dripping.
Meera hears someone talking while Prithvi turns to search from where water dripped on him they see each other.
Meera gives him a shocking look and he feels ashamed as his shirtless.He tells Meera what’s doing here and to leave.
Meera tries to open the door but it is locked and she tells Prithvi to help her out Prithvi says he can’t as he’s can’t move.
Meera tells Prithvi she’ll be closing her eyes and to get dress.Meera is having flashback of her and Prithvi when she was staying at his place. He dress himself in a hurry and comes near Meera

who gets a shock seeing him wering the suits in a very strange manner she tries to stop him but he leaves already.
Downstairs the party is still going on and Prithvi all proud comes and takes an another glass of liquour.Everybody makes a laughing stock of him on seeing him.Meera runs downstairs while RK and Aakash are shocked.

Kiran tells everybody to stop laughing as this can be continued afterwhile also.She says it is a family photograph moments and looking towards Prithvi she says “Dear come here” Prithvi thinks she’s calling for him.He begins to walk towards her while Kiran also walks and crosses him to call Meera.
Prithvi feels bad and Meera also who keeps on looking at him.Meera has tears in her eyes while they are posing for the picture.
The phothographer asks Prithvi to move aside and he’s not able to understand.Kiran tells him to move and Ayaan calling insect runs towards Prithvi.The latter catches Ayaan and removes the plastic insect from his shoulder and says insect in this rich family.Prithvi keeps on throwing it and keeps on searching for it.RK tries to stop him but in vain finally the insect falls on the cake and Prithvi throws it which goes on Kiran she’s fuming in anger and tells Prithvi to get out.RK tries to stop Kiran…

RK tries to talk with Kiran and wants to talk alone with her but she’s not in mood to pay heed to him.
Sanjana tells Prithvi to obey her mom order and to get out.Prithvi makes a fist and Meera holds his hand to calm him.
Prithvi slowly goes towards the door and climb on the sofa and announces that there’s are three motives to celebrate today one is RK b’day then very reluctantly he says the family got their to be DIL and says the third one is more heavy than these two,he comes in the house he says who’s he?? he goes towards Kiran and tells her he’s RK son and her step son.Everyone are shocked and RK has no words.Kiran asks RK what is Prithvi blabbering is this true?RK is quiet while the guests begins with their taunts and Kiran says ok the party is over they may leave.

The sister asks RK what nonsense is Prithvi saying how can he be his son?Prithvi says if ever he seems to be a girl?Meera smirks and RK sister suddenly begins to talk well.
Kiran asks RK to tell the truth and RK says whatever Prithvi said is true and he wants him to be among his family today he can’t bears that the person keeps calling him orphan as he’s not responsible for whatever he’s today and to live in the house is his right.Meera is happy.
Kiran says Prithvi can’t live under one roof with her children she’ll never accept it as he’s an orphan and if he wants to shower him with fatherly love he can go away.

Prthvi and Meera are in the guestroom and Prithvi tells her he no relationship with her anymore to go to Aakash.
Meera begins to leave he says stop and puts the towel in her hand,Meera begins to leave but the towel gets twist in his bracelet.

Update Credit to: ANJU

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