Junoon 20th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 20th May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 20th May 2013 Written Update

Meera is called to identify the bodies and when she see’s the burned body she stands silent. The police give her his arm band that she identifies as prithvi and says the body is not Prithvi’s as she knows as long as she is alive, he is alive.

She asks to see the back and collapses against the wall without saying anything. She then thanks bhagawanji for keeping Prithvi alive.

Prithvi awakens finally. DB watches from the cc tv. Prithvi recollects the toffee and whonders where he is. When Mishra comes Prithvi asks for straight talk on who is he and why is he there. Mishra tells him he is safe from the police there and he should not think of leaving as he will land up in jail again.

Prithvi says he will surrender himself. Mishra asks what will he gain by spending his life behind bars than

being free there secure due to bahuriya who smartly got him out. Prithvi asks who she is. Mishra asks him to calm down and watch tv and locks him in and leaves. Prithvi sees the news of his death on TV.

Shalu on cc tv watches Prithvi shouting that he is alive, what will Meera do if she knows that. The reporters show Meera, who asks to be left alone. Prithvi cries seeing her sad and says he will come to her.

She refuses to signoff on his being dead and tells the police she is sure he is alive and will return soon. The constable tries to convince her it is Prithvi and she does not agree. DB’s police pal overhears that.

Prithvi bangs the door to be let out and keeps shouting Meera I am alive, your Prithvi is alive as long as her love is there for him.

Shalu tells Mishra his behavior is due to pyar ka junoon and asks to keep her updated with Meera’s minute-by-minute actions. The constable calls Mishra and tells him Meera is not willing to agree Prithvi is dead. Mishra tells him to track Meera and not worry about anything else.

Reporters outside then police station, Hudda comes there-( no uniform?) with his ganna. Just then Meera throws the report that it is Prithvi’s body. She tells them again that Prithvi is alive. Hudda is informed who she is and why she is angry. He goes to talk to her, and asks her what can be done to prove it is Prithvi and she should clear off. She again insists and when asked to prove it she says she has proof.

Her husband had whiplash marks that r not on the body and she is not moving till he is brought back.

Mishra updates DB that Meera is refuting the body confidently.
Db says ishq ka junoon is on both of them.

Precap – Db tells Prithvi “I’ll make you meet Meera but you have to help me meet my husband. Will you help me?”

Update Credit to: diwani

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