Junoon 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 20th February 2013 Written Update

Prithvi in Delhi)

Prithvi finally reach the city along with his dad Rajeev khanna his half brother Akaash & Meera but they enter in the house where lights are out & Rajeev wonder why there’s no current & where is everybody gone & tries calling but suddenly lights turn on & people shout ‘surprise’ & starts gathering around him & sing for Rajeev happy b’day song.

Prithvi watches Rajeev thank his wife & daughter Sanjana & then Akaash also wishes Rajeev.

Rajeev tells them that he actually forgot its his bday today.

Prithvi who is alien to the city life & culture is confused, but Meera was very comfortable as Prithvi wonder looking at the cake that what is happening.

Komal looks at Prithvi & asks “who is

this guy?”

Rajeev is a bit tensed & wants to find a quick false answer.

But Komal again asks “who is this villager guy?” & Akaash nd Rajeev are confused as to what to say but Komal guess that maybe he is here for servants job coz in cities servants charge high wages so Rajeev has brought him here.

Prithvi says yes he has come from a village his name is Prithvi & he dislike those who tell lies & hate those who run away from the truth & the question remains that about who he is & stands infront of his dad & declare that he is not a servant & only one person will tell them that who he is…but…Rajeev cuts Prithvi in between & quickly says he is a guest & Prithvi is disgusted & Rajeev also says Prithvi is his very old nd close friends son & also like a son to him.

Meera & Akaash feel bad & Rajeev also says that Prithvi has come on a trip to city for sightseeing & will stay with them for some time.

Prithvi stands folding his hands across his arms & smirk while Rajeev telling all lie.

Komal apologies that because he is wearing such village clothes she misunderstood him for being a servant.

Meera Akaash & Rajeev are feeling awkward & Prithvi says he also misunderstood someone & looks at Rajeev & says but truth doesn’t hide for long, Rajeev is looking at Prithvi sadly.Prithvi says as one day the truth comes out in open.

Rajeev wife asks Prithvi to move a bit as he is covering a moon of our house referring to Meera & Prithvi looks at Meera & moves aside.

Rajeev’s wife (sorry don’t know her name) she says let me see who is it?? Jokes & hugs Meera.

Rajeev’s wife announces that its a double celebration at their house is his husband Rajeev khanna’s bday & asks to guess then says yes Meera is their soon to be daughter in law.

Prithvi & Meera looking at each other & Akaash also looks at both (junoon track plays in the bg).

Akaash & Rajeev feel awkward & Akaash’s mom introduce Meera to Komal & says that she was always curious to know who is Akaash’s fiance so here is Meera & ask her to touch Komal’s feet.

Komal says no need to touch her feet & she says that actually she heard Akaash’s fiance is miss universe like beautiful but its not what she heard.

Akaash & Prithvi looking at Komal & Akaash’s mom gets tensed but Komal laughs & tell she was just joking.

Meera smiles & Komal tells Akaash his choice is very beautiful & she wishes all bad eyes stay away from her.

Junoon music plays.

Akaash asks his mom that everybody is here but where is his super hero Ayaan.

Ayaan a little kid shouts ” i am here” he climbs in the sofa & jump while Akaash tries to save Ayaan from falling & Meera is afraid as Ayaan might fall but he runs to Rajeev & he hugs & wishes him bday addressing Rajeev as bade mamoo (as in mothers brother – eldest mama)

Akaash asks Ayaan to come to him & kid hides behind Akaash seeing huge Prithvi & makes faces at Prithvi ( cute scene ) Prithvi thinks in his mind that okay this kid is scaring me & starts to make faces at him instead & Meera laughs & Akaash tells Ayaan not to be scared as he is Prithvi bhaiya-brother, Ayaan runs away when Prithvi scares him.

Rajeev asks servants to keep the luggage in the guest room & take the guests there.

Prithvi asks sternly “hey where are you taking my luggage?”

Akaash says to Prithvi guest room, Akaash thanks all the guests for coming & announces that its party time & asks to play music.

Prithvi looks at guests giving flowers & bouquets to Rajeev & a waiter asks Prithvi in English that “sir would you like to have a drink?” Prithvi unable to understand & asks “what?” Meera comes & hands over a glass of cold drink but Prithvi smells the drink & takes the whisky but Meera asks Prithvi not to drink but Prithvi asks her who is she to him?, & what rights she has to stop him?.

Prithvi drinks it & again Junoon music plays.

Komal asks Meera that they are so eager to meet her & what is she doing with that villager boy?
Akaash’s mom smiles & Komal suggests that Meera & Akaash should dance what’s say??

Everybody says yes & Akaash & Meera does the ball room dance( while aadha ishq aadha ho jayega song plays from the movie band baaja Baraat)& Prithvi drinks all his jealousy while looking at both.Meera notice Prithvi getting jealous but continue to dance.

Prithvi tries to ignore but feel the pain while drinking.

Akaash does the pirrouites circle dance step & suddenly Meera bumps into Prithvi & drink spills on Meera’s hair.

Akaash’s mom says from where has this junglee villager come as he is unfit for city atmosphere.

Akaash defend Prithvi saying to mom that why is she saying all this as any one can make mistakes.

Akaash asks Meera that he’ll take her to guest room where she can freshen up. Meera goes to guest room & change her clothes in the wash room.

Rajeev on the other hand request Prithvi to go to the room & change his clothes & wear any suit he likes so Prithvi asks what is wrong with his clothes & why is he feeling ashamed of his son?

So Rajeev says what is he saying does any father feel ashamed of his son & explain that coz ppl are making snide remarks at him so he should go & change to shut everybody’s mouths & also coz he might be having difficulty in adjusting in city atmosphere.

Prithvi tells the servant to take him to a room & takes one more drink.

Prithvi goes into the room takes out a flower made of plastic & fiddle & crash lands on the bed after checking how soft it is & keep pillows & servant comes in the room & is surprised seeing Prithvi lying on the bed without removing his boots.

Prithvi asks what are you staring at? So the servant says nothing & keep three suits & leave.

Prithvi removes his kurta out & was stretching his arms & Meera come out of the bathroom & was drying her hair while she was doing it water from her hair spray on to Prithvi & he wonder how water is showering on him & both turn & realise, Meera turn away.

Precap: Prithvi is changing in hurry & Meera is smiling & asks if he is ready changing & Prithvi says why can’t she leave him alone & Meera opens her eyes & is shocked wanted to stop but he goes wearing shirt & tie funnily.

Update Credit to: abd

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