Junoon 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 1st May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1

Meera tells Prithvi “that not only 7 lifes but from today & for the rest of the life you are mine”

Prithvi smiled at her & says that this life & life to come they both will be together & hug (junoon chorus play).

scene 2

Akaash is restless thinking that Prithvi is close to Meera.

Scene 3

Prithvi tells Meera that “i have a plan to tackle Akaash & he tells him the plan as we audiences cannot hear it.

Meera is convinced with Prithvi’s plan & tells him she has understood what to do next.

Scene 4

Akaash is talking to himself that he has to safeguard himself from Prithvi’s gameplan.

Scene 5

Prithvi goes to get something & meera asks him whats he searching for so Prithvi shows her a lipstick

& explain his tricks, Prithvi smugdes lipstick color on his fingers & makes fingers slap marks on meera’s face telling her that he’s playing the hide & seek game with Akaash same way they played while they were kids.

Meera is bit confused but keenly watched Prithvi setting up the game, Prithvi takes a flowers vase & crashes it on the floor telling Meera that now he’ll play such a game in which he’ll defeat Akaash from all corners.

Meera shouts & asks Prithvi what are you doing???

Prithvi shouts back “firstly you are at fault & raising voice back at me & what did you think Meera that you’ll do all of this behind my back & i won’t know”

Akaash also hears arguments coming from Prithvi & Meera’s room sitting on his rooms floor.

Downstairs in the hallway Komal bua gets disturbed & comes out of her room & says “oh no again some melodrama has started between both Prithvi & Meera now in this house we cannot sleep in peace”

Dadi comes in the hall along with Rajeev & Dadi asks komal bua “why is Prithvi shouting so loudly?” so komal bua tauntingly replies that this is the way people talk in village so Dadi scolds Komal that she talks without thinking & breaking sounds are coming.

Komal says now lets go & see if this marriage was meant to be a bountiful or a hell of a marriage”.

Rajeev scolds her “Komal please be quite!!!”

Rajeev, Dadi & Komal goes upstairs towards Prithvi & Meera’s room.

Scene 6

Akaash in his room is hearing Meera & Prithvi fighting.

Prithvi ask Meera to continue the drama till all the members come to their rooms.

Meera shouts “what ate you doing Prithvi i am unable to understand” Prithvi says “but i have understood that a big city girls like you can only talk big but you are incapable of nurturing your relationship”.

Meera shouts back “Prithvi why are you saying all this to me?”

Akaash rushes to witness what going on.

Prithvi shouts “shut up” & raises hands to hit Meera (enact) & claps as though he’s slapping Meera & Rajeev & Dadi request Prithvi to open the door & repeatedly he claps his hands & Meera pretend to cry.

All the members are knocking & banging the door.

Akaash is really furious & suddenly Prithvi opens the door & says “that Meera has got wings to fly high so he had to bring her back to reality & she called me a villager & illiterate so i showed my true colors & what clay i am made up of”

Dadi starts crying & Rajeev is appalled by Prithvi’s act & Prithvi goes & Rajeev asks Dadi to come with him to talk to Prithvi & asks Komal to console Meera.

Akaash is really confused as to why & what happened all of a sudden.

Komal instead of consoling Meera says “Meera i had always advised you that this relationship had no future but you both are stretching this relationship like a chewing gum, by the way this marks on face??”

Meera asks Komal bua to leave her alone.

Komal says “this the way another person back answers when a person talks lovingly its okay if you have interest in cutting your own leg with an axe then go ahead” & leaves.

Akaash enters & sees Meera’s slap marks & think in mind ‘how dare Prithvi raised his hands on my miu, i won’t leave Prithvi”

Meera is sobbing & Akaash asks “miu are you alright?” Meera replies “please Akaash go away from here” Akaash asks “but tell me what happened?” Meera answers “its all my destiny’s fault coz there’s destiny has no mention of a partners love & support, & so i got no one to love me”. Meera gets up & Akaash thinks in his mind “what has happened all of a sudden between both they fought?”

Meera tells Akaash “but way does he care & what affect will it have on you? but you threatened me to stay away from Prithvi & there becomes a gap between me & Prithvi but now see your wish has come true are you not happy now?”

Meera opens her cupboard & Akaash smile with joy & thinking in mind “i am more than just happy that i cannot express but right now he won’t even express it to you miu coz just now differences have started making room in Prithvi & your relationship & the rest part of the story is still to come”

Meera stares at Akaash & bring wedding dress & tells “Akaash you keep your belongings with you coz till now this was a part of my rememberance but now this doesn’t matter to me, take this & leave coz my life has become deserted so there’s no space left for feelings & love”.

Akaash thinking in his mind “wow that means Miu still have soft corner for me, miu your fate is going really bad but my fate is sparkling & shining & don’t worry miu soon I’ll fill the empty space in your heart with my love” & leave Meera’s room.

Meera is happy that Prithvi’s trick has struck the right cord.

Scene 7

Rajeev asks Prithvi angrily “Answer me Prithvi why did you do all this to Meera?”.

Dadi is waiting for Prithvi to speak up but Prithvi stands there with his arms folded.

Rajeev says “how could you mistreat Meera & now how will i face Ramdhari & even how will you face Ramdhari yourself Prithvi?”.

But no answers come from Prithvi’s side & thinks “how do i tell none of this was true but was a drama”.

Dadi says “I know Prithvi that you get really furious very quickly but son i never expected ill treatment you did to Meera, coz Meera really loves you a lot & she thinks of him as only family support & you did all this to her Meera must be really hurt, how could you raise your hands on Meera?”.

Prithvi thinking ‘how do i tell you Dadi that Meera is more than precious to me & hitting is out of the question & he cannot even think about harming Meera”.

Komal also gets a chance to scold Prithvi & she says “you raised your hands & that too on your own wife how backward & cheap thoughts he has & on other side you keep announcing to everyone that you love Meera but alone this is the kind of treatment you give to Meera & don’t you ever hereafter repeat it”

Prithvi very funnilly folds his hands & says “thank you all for advising me but its a issue between husband & wife so I’ll handle it myself”!!

Scene 8

Prithvi is standing & Meera comes out of her room & Meera & Prithvi look at one another giving naughty smiles & get fb when Meera tricked Akaash & suddenly Akaash sees both Meera & Prithvi together & Prithvi changes into a cruel husband & scolds “Meera i asked you to stay in your room & come out then why did you come?”.

Meera acts the pitiful wife & asks Prithvi “but why?” Prithvi holds Meera’s hands & pull her & drags & Meera asks Prithvi to leave her & shouts & pleads & Akaash follow them.

But Prithvi drags her to their room & push her inside & locks her inside & says i ve put lock now show me how you’ll come out!

Akaash tells “Prithvi whatever you are doing is wrong & I’ll not leave you”.

Prithvi asks Akaash to lock up his mouth & get lost but Akaash asks “Prithvi you are doing is wrong come on now give me the keys”.

Meera is listening what’s happening outside.

Prithvi holds Akaash’s hands & twist his arms & says “why are you so bothered oh so my suspicion was right so there’s fire ignited both sides this side you are so concerned & that side Meera has married me & loves some one else” So Meera shouts from her room “Prithvi what are you doing? don’t say anything to Akaash & open the door”.

Prithvi shouts “shut up”, & Akaash says “Prithvi you have problems with me so why are you torturing Meera”

Prithvi says “just stay away coz remember that i know your dirty secret”.

Akaash goes into fb of whatever he planned to kill Prithvi & eventually killed Sudha.

Prithvi says “i know you tried to kill me & you planned & killed sudha by tying a wire on the staircase railings coz of which sudha fell & died & i even have some evidence to prove him guilty of murdering Sudha if you dare to speak to him then he’ll reveal to all the members what you did so get control over your long tongue & what are you staring at get lost before my mind spins & i tear you apart”.

Meera is praying that Prithvi doesn’t do it in reality.

Prithvi leave forcing Akaash to think hard.

Akaash knocking on Meera’s room door & asks “Meera are you okay, please say something this Prithvi is ill treating you & coz i cannot bare your pain so ill do something to teach Prithvi to behave”.

Meera shouts behind the door “Akaash please you go away i don’t want any more mis understanding between Prithvi & me coz of you”

Akaash thinks ‘but mis understanding will continue coz he wish to separate both of you”.

Akaash says “why are you saying all this i cannot see you in pain coz i still love you like ive loved you for the past 7 years & so what if you could not understand my love & so i cannot see her crying”.

Meera says “Akaash you were my best friend & you mistook my feelings as love now i sometimes i feel that have i made a mistake marrying Prithvi?”.

Akaash says “not miu it was not your fault but its harsh reality but for now forget what happened & stay patiently coz soon I’ll free you from Prithvi’s web & free you from this relationship & flee together far away & make a new life are you listening miu”.

Meera is really disgusted with Akaash’s thoughts for her.

Precap:- Akaash is playing chess all alone & wonders how problems arised between Prithvi & Meera who were like romeo & Juliet till now or is it some kind of gameplan???
Next scene Akaash says to Meera that “now u are my responsibility & i can take you any where i want & when you wish to part ways with Prithvi then why cannot she come with him”.

Update Credit to: abd

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