Junoon 1st February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 1st February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 1st February 2013 Written Update

Too good episode with Prithvi’s emotions n his tension for Meera’s condition n a painful n shocking precap.

Poor Dr. – must watch his expressions when Prithvi was dragging him without listening to what he wanna say.


Mithivi reach home n Meera goes in. Before Prithvi goes in, a man informs that a shop keeper is cheating by selling bad stock.
Prithiv fumes on that person n was abt to slap but Lakhan stops him. Both argue Lakhan starts calling him haveli’s SIL n how he can now enjoy all the property of haveli. He also calls him ghar jamai n starts insulting Prithvi. Prithvi asks if doens’t know the truth? n stops as villagers were surrounding them. Lakhan asks him to reveal the truth n then says that how can he say, he is an orphan n doesn’t know who is family members previously are. Prithvi warns Lakhan n hits a dolls basket which falls on Lakhan. Prithvi leaves from there n Lakhan smirks.

DT enters house n while washing his hands asks for towel. Both Sudha n Prabha gets it. DT in dilemma. Sudha leaves from there.

Prithvi enters again in drunk state. Meera shouts at him for coming in such state. Prithvi says he is not drunk coz he is happy but coz of Lakhan who has humiliated him. He holds Meera’s hand n asks her to sit so that he can share. But Meera doesn’t wanna listen to anything n drags the bottle too. He tries to snatch it but Meera shouts at him for holding her hand n also says she is not fully his wife yet. Prithvi fumes at her saying if she is not his wife, this is his house n throws her out of the house leaving Meera in that cold weather.

Next morning, Prithvi remembers what he has done n feels sorry. He goes to check Meera n was shocked to see her sleeping outside. when he sees her shivering, he feels bad n takes her in. He rubs her hands n also puts cold water cloth on her forehead. He runs to get Dr but Dr n nurse aren’t available for the day as they went to some other village.

A Villager was talking to a Veternary Dr. n how his practice is going on. Prithi gets he is Dr. n drags him by dhamakofying with gun n takes to his home for treating Meera . Meera opens her eyes n Dr. says she opened her eyes so he will go n runs but Prithvi holds him again . Prithvi says if he won’t treat he will tie him with Cows n buffallos . Dr. says he is fine with them n can treat them but not her as he is Veternary Dr. Prithi n Meera both are shocked .

Prithvi says he must have informed him first but Dr. says he didn’t give an time to say so. He asks can he give medicine for Fever n he says yes n gives the medicine n informs to give it with Kichdi. Prithvi remembers his cooking n shocked. then Dr. says even any less spice curry is also fine. Prithvi pays the fees n Dr. says to Meera that he loves her so much n he didn’t see anyother person like him. Though Meera got Fever, Prithvi was suffering more. Prithvi asks him to leave but Dr. Again praises him. Prithvi asks Dog’s injection n gives that to Dr. itself . Poor Dr. leaves with pain.

Meera shouts at Prithi if he has gone mad? Prithvi says yes. Meera calls him an animal for which Prithvi is heart broken again.

Precap: Prithvi on Ice n Meera asking him if he has gone mad. Prithvi says he can’t take anyone’s favor n he must take that suffering which he has given to her referring himself as animal. tit for tat dialogue. Meera standing there shocked.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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