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Junoon 19th March 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 19th March 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 19th March 2013 Written Update

P-Prithvi, M-Meera,A-Akash,DT-Datta Thakur,RK-Rajeev Khanna,K-Kiran,B-Bua,Ay-Ayaan,SS-Sudha Singh,D-Dadi,S-Sanjana,R-Rahul


A hits P n he fells in the pool. A says no one can in btw A & M n leaves. M searching for P n D asks not to worry for P n he will come n propose her in front of all. DT says he saw P going towards pool. M goes to check him while A enters the hall.

A’s friends ask abt M n a servant informs she went near pool side n A runs towards her n makes sure she didn’t see P in the pool.

Few guests praise the jodi of AM but M can’t take all this so she wanna announce abt this to all. SS stops her but D asks her to go ahead as there is some time for the ceremony. M was abt to announce but stops seeing P coming to down.

All were shocked to see him n RK panics n asks what’s the blood n if he is ok. A thinks how come he is alive. P goes n catch hold of R n A smirks for escaping scott free. Everyone says that R was here all the time n P was abt to hit R but DT stops him.

AS expected B creates a scene of saying she was expecting him to do some scene n here he is. P defends while in all this A was smiling to himself. P takes the ring n makes A to put on M’s finger. But she wasn’t liking all this. But finally A puts he ring to M while Junoon BG song was playing.

A smiling while M was just broken down. she remebers all the happenings with P n her n fells unconscious. A says may be she tired so fell unconscious while P thinks he saw her drama many times so he won’t fall in the trap.

Precap: M asks what all happened. If P loves her then why did he do all this? She tries to go n talk to him but A stops n says he will talk to P but M was determined to talk to him. A shocked.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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