Junoon 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 18th January 2013 Written Update

Sudha bursts out her anger on DT n also says that he had always liked Prithvi calling him orphan. Prithvi broken down listening that. But he was silent. She was abt to take away Miu with her but Prabha stops her saying DT can’t bear if history repeats again n this time there is no reason to lie.

Villagers reach there n asks where is she taking Prithvi’s wife. Prithvi asks them not to interfere. But they says they have come to invite them for Pag phere rituals n Prithvi assures them that they all will come. After all the villagers leaves, Sudha asks him who he is to promise on their behalf.

Prabha again on her knees pleads Sudha not to leave the village. she has treated Meera more than her own daughter. DT can’t take this pain again if she does so. Prithvi says he is no one to them. He never considered himself as Miu’s hubby nor will he consider her as his wife. DT was shocked to hear all this n so was Meera.

Prithvi asks them to wait till this rituals are over. He promises to leave Meera in their house once all this is over n he himself will make Meera n Akash’s marriage happen. Meera shocked n staring at Prithvi while DT was speechless. DT them folds his hands in front of DT n apologize him for the decision he has taken for himself for the first time. Prabha n Meera take Sudha inside while Meera stares at Prithvi while leaving.


Prithvi was broken down completely n he only remembers Sudha’s words of calling him orphan.

The kid comes to Prithvi n the “Welcome” show on Life OK’s promotion.


Prithvi comes to Pandit n he asks what is he thinking? He says that everyone will come to God’s home one day n he too came. Prithvi says he came to talk to Pandit n not to god. Pandit makes him sit n ask what the matter.

Prithvi says Sudha is worried for Meera, Meera is worried for her parents n DT worried for all n in all this there is one stone (kankar) n that is Prithvi. He doesn’t have any feelings, no love nothing. he adds he is not aware why he is saying all this to him.

Pandit says, that he (Prithvi) feels that after marrying n having many family members but still he feels orphan. There are many to say, but none are his. No one cares for him nor no one to share his pain. So he is here to share his pain. He asks if he is correct. Though Prithvi says its all thrash n nothing like that. He says Pandit is feeling lonely so he must get married n leaves. Pandit says though he is thrashing it all but one day he will def. accept the fact.


Prithvi on bed n feeling bad. Prabha comes with some clothes for him. He asks what are they n she says he has to wear that as its a ritual. Prithvi says he can’t get into this relationship. He can sacrifice his life for DT but can’t get into relation with his daughter. Prabha says she can understand his pain. But living for others is what called DT. She learnt this from him n after Sudha’s entry, if she feels jealous n ask for her rights in the home, it won’t be good.

She is ready to unite Sudha n DT if she has to do coz their happiness is her happiness n they have to do anything for them. she wishes to see all the three happy n she must do. She knows that he too will forget his life n do this for DT. She says its her belief n confidence.

Precap: DT n Sudha shares their pain n what happened then n how he got married again. Sudha asks why didn’t he listen to his family members n lived for others. Meera watching them with teary eyes.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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