Junoon 18th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 18th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 18th February 2013 Written Update

Prithvi leaves in anger by breaking all relations. All were shattered n shocked n Miu leaves from there. (I wondered where r the other family members? Kalki, Lakhan, Prabha, Sunheri… )

Akash consoles Meera. Meera says she lost all the relations with all. She couldn’t be Akash’s and Prithvi can’t become her’s. Akash says she has taken lot of pain in getting her parents together n now she must fi8 for her ri8′s n he will support her in all these things. He also says that he saw the love for eachother in both their eyes (Mithvi’s).

RD n RK’s confrontation n consoling each other reg. Prithvi. RK apologize for what all happened while RD says he is taking a fire with him with soft heart. He is not sure when will the fire cool but he must take good care of Prithvi. RK assures

n leaves.

Prithvi self thought of now looking back at the past n move on. Meera comes with her bag. Prithvi asks not to follow him while Akash enters saying she will accompany them as its wedding in 15 days. Prithvi asks he just broke the realtion, but Akash says its Meera n his wedding. RK too arrives n both RK n Prithvi taken aback including Meera. Prithvi says its good as both love each other.

RK asks what’s going on. Akash says lot much happned n one got their son back, other got dad n one more got his brother. But lot much to reveal n happen. This makes every one get confused Meera goes out saying she need to talk to Akash.

Meera questions Akash abt the decision n Akash explains her that he is making sure that Prithvi can express his feelings to her or else he will never love anyone. He asks if she is ready for this fake marriage. Meera in dilemma.

RK assures Prithvi that he has his own family n he is no more an orphan. Prithvi picks his gun but RK throws it away as now his life must be having only for good n gun is not necessary. He explains abt his family of dadi, mom n sister by showing their photo. (U got to watch this scene for Prithvi’s facial expessions ) He takes the wallet n asks if all of them is his and also the wallet is also his then can he take. RK leaves from there taking his luggage n Meera enters. RK asks if she is coming with them? Meera nods.

Prithvi tears away the photo n Meera was shocked. Meera questions for his act of doing so. Prithvi says to stop bothering abt him n think abt Akash. He clears not to worry for him n he can bear all the odds n he don’t care for any relations at all. Meera is hurt for all that. Prithvi just packs his other items n leaves. Meera thinks that he is doing all this out of hatred n now she will turn his hatred into love n for that she will return back to Delhi.

Precap: Prithvi decides to drive the car. But to horror it drives it so rashly while Meera signalling him not to do so through mirror. Prithvi gets even more angry n drives very rashly that too opp to a truck n all are panicked.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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