Junoon 14th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 14th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 14th February 2013 Written Update

The show starts where it feezed yesterday.Prithvi asking Ramdhari to so that Rajeev is not his father.This hearing comes as a shock to both Meera and Aakash.
Prithvi asks ramdhari the truth and Rajeev says that he’ll tell him the truth as Ramdhari is under oath.
Rajeev says, he knows Ramdhari since their college days and once during a vacation Ramdhari brought him in his village where he met Nirmala the mom of prithvi,Ramdhari himself makes their marriage in the village temple and says how they were all happy.
He left Nirmala in the village and returns back to his home town where his father already decided and made all the arrangement for his wedding and he was not able to tell anything to anybody as his father was suffering and would have died.
He was not able to return

back soon after the marriage but after he seized an opportunity and get back to the village where Nirmala handled him Prithvi and died after.
He told Ramdhari in what dilemma he’s and how can he take Prithvi along with him? Ramdhari took Prithvi from his lap and said he’ll raise him and get him educated.
He also tells Prithvi before leaving he gave him a chain with a trishul with it.Prithvi has flashback of the locket.

Rajeev continues to and says that after so many long years he never lets his family to know it but when he got to know that Aakash came in the village he was not able to hold himself and follows him.
Prithvi gives a look to both Rajeev and Ramdhari and Rajeev calls him son he says he’s not his son.
He looks at Ramdhari with a gony before leaving and notices Meera standing in front of him.
Meera follows Prithvi.
Prithvi enters home all devastated and begins to think why Ramdhari always lie to him he always see Ramdhari as a role model all the respect he gives him.He begins to throw away everything,Meera tries to stop him but he asks Meera 20 yrs back they got him married to Meera but was never told anything,his identity was hidden from him and he was told that Ramdhari took him from the temple and he cries asking WHY?? to Meera.
On the other part Rajeev also is trying to make aakash understand that he was compeled to all what he did.
Aakash says their family will get destroy on knowing that he has one more son how will he explain it to his mom now?
Rajeev says at any price he’ll not let his family reputation ruins.Rajeev pleads to Aakash.

Prithvi still crying tells Meera that everyone is so selfish and they only know what is the best for them only. From right now he’s no more interested with anyone in anyway.He will not think who did what for him he’s no more in debt with anyone. Ramdhari comes to see Prithvi and hears him saying all that…Meera tells Ramdhari to leave as Prithvi is not the state to talk.
Ramdhari leaves and Prithvi closes the door.Meera gives him a glass of water he throws it and goes outside. Meera tries to follow but hides behind the door on seeing Aakash and Rajeev coming in.
Aakash tells Prithvi to forgive him and it was also his right on his dad love and to forgive Rajeev as he’s not able to talk to him.
Aakash tells Prithvi to forgive him for all what he heard that he’s an orphan…but there’s still room for improvement for a better life ahead.
Aakash tells Prithvi to come with him to Delhi at his own house…Meera is shocked on hearing Aakash.

Aakash tells his father to say something to Prithvi, Rajeev also pleads to Prithvi very sweetly to come with them to Delhi where all his family belongs…
Rajeev tells Prithvi to say something but he’s quiet … The duo of father and son begin to leave and Prithvi says WAIT!!! He will go with them to Delhi.
Meera really can’t believed her ears… and is surprised with Prithvi decision.

Prithvi is prepared to leave with his few belongings wrapped in a sort of cloth and he tells Meera she may go wherever she wants and Meera tells him that it is the duty of a wife to follow her hubby so he drags her saying he’ll show her where’s her place.

Update Credit to: ANJU

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