Junoon 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Junoon 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 13th May 2013 Written Update

Friday – ended with Prithvi and Meera on the run from the cops.

Today Prithvi is worried about wild animals in the jungle and the cold and decides to make a campfire with wood. When asked how he will light it, his reply of tumre paas yeh Prithvi hai so why worry. He then holds her hand and romantically they both use stones to start the fire and then cuddle by it. Prithvi whispers something in her ear to which she smiles. He then makes a hay bed (don’t ask how hay got there).

They lie down together, holding hands, Prithvi states that soon they will go to the village where they will be happy in their small house, garden and will live happily together in their small world. When he gets back tired from work, she can welcome him with her smile, and soon they will have a joy in the house with a

little girl, Meera says she wants a boy like Prithvi. (So tempted to tell them babies tree sey nahi girtey – first action karna padta hai).

Worried Meera gets scared their dream may not come true. Kissing her forehead, Prithvi assures her that he is worried too and their love is strong to hold them through.

Unsure of what the morning holds, he wants to hold her in his arms and hold on to every moment with her together. Meera tells him ‘ I love you’ and Prithvi returns witha ‘I lub you’. She laughs and teases him – “I lub you, ok thanks” .. So he tries again and again till she stops him and says I lub u. ( Simple n sweet – I loved this moment).

At RK’s house the cops inform them the body has been taken for a post mortem. Kiran doesn’t believe it and is sure her son will be back any minute and not leave his family. RK consoles her. She says MITHVI caused him to go away. JB says Prithvi will be hanged and no one can save him. (Yeah, never heard that sam statement when she heard of Ak’s confession on Sudha)

In the jungle, Meera gets cramps in her leg and Prithvi massages her foot. Then they sleep together arm in arm.

Next morning – DB is dolling up a lot and the aunt asks why is she dressing up so much. DB says as guests are coming there should b no shortcoming in their welcome.

She admires herself in the mirror in anticipation of Prithvi’s arrival.

When they awaken, they see a mud covered statue of Lord rama and Sita mata. They pray and Prithvi then takes the sindoor and puts it on her maang and forehead.Meera says I feel a connection to this place though I’ve never been here before. Prithvi responds that “if there is no connection, lets make one. This will be the spot we will meet again if we are separated for any reason.”

Angry Meera catches his collar and warns him not to talk like that again or she will stop talking to him so he responds he is ‘just joking’. She brings up a issue bothering her – and Prithvi says he knows whats bothering her and ill leave the decision on god on the path to follow. He then places 2 flowers on the statue of god and says – if 1 flower fals – we go to the village, and if both fall he will surrender. They wait and watch. 1 flower falls and they are happy that god wishes they be together.

They see DB’s men come running towards them and start running away. Chased by the gons, they come on the road where they see the police jeep. In the chase Prithvi is caught and handcuffed. Someone hits him on his head.

Precap – Lallan is eating at DB’s place and she hits him on his head with the water jug. She then tells him, Prithvi was not found on time hence, he was arrested. Its lallan’s responsibility to get him out.

Update Credit to: prem_diwani

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