Junoon 13th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 13th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 13th February 2013 Written Update

Miu tells Aakash she’s in love with Prithvi. She says she didn’t even realize it herself after all these days in Prithvi’s house until Aakash made her aware of it. Perhaps it was Bhagwan’s wish from 20 years ago she continues. Aakash during her explanations has just listened to her with so much hurt/sorrow in his eyes (in fact at one point you see him wiping his tears when Miu has her back to him). She apologizes for hurting him. He tells her that yes he is very hurt but somewhere he is happy too as he knows she is happy. He also says to her if ever in the future you are in need of a friend I will be there for you. He wishes her well and says he will pray for her and her new found love before he leaves from there. (I felt so bad for Aakash, he so did not deserve this, especially after a 7

year relationship which was supposedly built on love from both sides. How does it just disappear so quickly? I mean this is all just a matter of days isn’t it? Hadn’t Miu just arrived in the village when there were only 25 days to go for her wedding with Aakash? All the things that transpired (including the attempted murder on Prithvi’s part and their subsequent marriage (not including all the other problems she had to go thru ‘ including Prithvi throwing her in the well, setting the fire etc.) and she fell in love that quickly with Prithvi?). I still think the cv’s showed this love way to soon when you take that all into account but I guess in the end it’s just a show and their prerogative to do so).

Aakash goes back to the room (doesn’t look like a hotel but I guess we can call it that ) that he is staying @ with his dad and starts talking assuming his dad is there. He says that what work he came to do in that goan is now done so they can leave immediately and tells him to pack as he is going to do the same. He gets no reply from his dad so he looks up and then notices his dad is not in the room and wonders where he could be.

Aakash’s dad is driving on one of the roads of the village and in front of him is a road block in the form of some villagers backed by a minivan. He gets out and asks why they are blocking his way and then sees Ramu coming out of the minivan. Ramu wants Rajiv to leave the village but Rajiv tells him that he will not do so. (obviously there is some history there as Rajiv says he won’t be scared/bullied now so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it pans out)

Miu is making rungoli @ home and she seems to not be able to contain her smiles and happiness as she keeps an eye out for Prithvi’s return home. She gets dressed up for him and beautifies not only herself but her home to. She thinks to herself to that Prithvi won’t understand this feeling of love but she will help him understand it. Prithvi shows up and starts looking around at the house and her as he’s walking in. He sits down and she runs to go and get him water but by the time she gets back he has left again as some villager came saying Datta Thakur has left with his “men” to go somewhere (sorry didn’t catch where he said ‘ if he did at all)and they run out.

Prithvi shows up and catches Ramu before he falls as Rajiv pushed him to get him out of his way. Prithvi’s really pissed and grabs Rajiv by the collar and says how dare you raise your hand at my Datta (Also during this time Miu has shown up as she followed Prithvi there and sees Prithvi grabbing Aakash’s dad). Ramu is trying to get Prithvi to stop but Prithvi says no Datta not today, today I will not listen to any of your orders.
He’s turns back to Rajiv and says in front of my eyes you lifted your hands at my Datta. For this I will not leave you alive. Ramu tries to stop him again but Prithvi is not listening. He pulls some metal pole out of the ground and is about to hit Rajiv with it and Ramu shouts out “Will you hit your own father?” which stops Prithvi in his tracks. Both Mithvi are extremely shocked to hear this…Prithvi stares at Rajiv and then turns to Ramu and Ramu says yes Prithvi this is your father. The pole falls from Prithvi’s hand. (what a shock for Prithvi, what a way to find out who your father) Prithvi looks back and forth between Ramu and Rajiv in his shock. Meanwhile Aakash shows up in search of his dad and wonders what is going on with everyone on the middle of the road (Mithvi, Ramu, Rajiv and some of the villagers). Prithvi rushes over to Ramu and says what is all this? Say it is all a lie’. say it is a lie Datta! Ramu does not answer, and Prithvi says why won’t you say anything? Say that this man is not my father. Now it’s Aakash turn to look shocked.

Rajiv says I just wanted to see you once my son. Prithvi says don’t call me son. He turns away from Rajiv and looks at Ramu then Miu as he passes them. Rajiv calls Prithvi’s name as Prithvi walks away from there…

Update Credit to: Parm

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