Junoon 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 12th July 2013 Written Update

missed the first 5 mins of the episode.

Both Shalu and Mishra jee were doubting each other for having tried to kill Prithvi/Ishwar. Both tried to convince one another that they did not do so and that they should find out the real culprit soon. Ishwat was lying on his car’s bonnet in the middle of the road drinking and thinking about Meera and the moments they spent together. He utters some shayri when Hudda comes and recites a shayri wherein he refers to Meera as unfaithful. Ishwar gets furious and breaks a glass bottle and points the broken shard towards Hudda’s eyes and warns him never to call Meera unfaithful again and try to taint her innocence. Hudda tries to reason with him by saying that he was only reciting a shayri but Ishwar threatens him. After that he gives Hudda money and asks him

to find out who attacked and tried to kill him.

Ishwar climbs in through the bedroom window and finds Meera sleeping inside. He tries to go to the drawing room but Meera wakes up and switches on the lights. She asks him why he is leaving so soon. She goes near him and gets the smell of alchohol. She gets angry at him for coming to meet her after drinking. Ishwar tries to apologise but Meera says that he has to cool her down. Ishwar pats her shoulders and hands. Meera is amazed and says what way is this to cool someone down and that Prithvi’s ears need to be pulled. Ishwar holds his ears and does sit-ups. Meera smiles but still pretends to be angry when someone fires at them from outside. Rajiv comes and Meera gets scared. Ishwar shields Meera and tells Rajiv to look after her while he goes out to find the shooter. The shooter escapes but leaves a note where it is written “who are you?”. Ishwar wonders who it can be when Meera and Rajiv come running outside. Ishwar hides the chit and a frantic Meera hugs him. Rajiv asks him what is happening and he replies that he willl soon figure out.

There is a darbar at Shalu’s place and a man tells her to inaugurate his mall by breaking the coconut. He says that he has brought packets of sweets for her but actually the packets are filled with money. When everyone leaves Mishra jee asks Shalu why she is so quiet today to which she replies that instead of speaking more one must concentrate on thinking.
Shalu is sitting in front of her mirror when Hudda comes. Shalu and Hudda have a conversation about life and trust. Shalu offers one of those packets to Hudda which is filled with money and asks him to find out who tried to kill Prithvi.

Precap: Mishra jee tells Shalu that it is actually Ishwar who is acting as Prithvi. Shalu tells Ishwar that she wants to gift something to Meera and takes out that diamond pendant. :

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