Junoon 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 12th February 2013 Written Update

Looks like today we got a shocking episode with everyone getting their shocks

Meera shocked that she is in love with Prithvi.

Prithvi shocked to see black car following him n later DT worried.

DT shocked seeing Rajeev n Akash being Rajeev’s son.

Rajeev shocked seeing DT.

Akash shocked listening Meera loves Prithvi.

Episode ka naam hona chahiye – “The Shocking effect of truth ” I know its ghatia title; no more of my bak bak, here is the WU now


Meera self talks with God n asking to show some way. A person comes n asks if she needs n any help n sees the blood on her forehead n asks the same. Meera thanks god for showing her the way n finally says that she is in love with Prithvi n leaves.

Prithvi in deep thoughts n sees the same mystery car n decides to follow. But the care stops seeing DT. DT shocked to see him n asks why is he here n when he promised that he will never return. Rajeev says he came here to take his son. DT taken aback n shocked. Akash enters n asks what is he doing here. DT again shocked to learn that Akash is Rajveev’s son. He stands speechless. Akash introduces each other but doesn’t reveal that DT is Meera’s dad. They both leave.

DT still in statue n shocking mode n Prithvi hides seeing him but notices that DT is worried for something. Later DT in deep thoughts n Prithvi arrives n asks if he is ok. DT asks what if he knows that DT has lied n hide some truth near him. Prithvi says he can never be angry on DT n they both hug. DT sends Prithvi to some othe village with some excuse of work.

Rajeev asks what is Akash doing here? Akash says he came for some project but now no need to stay there anymore n they can return 2moro. He decides to talk to Meera for one last time.

Next morning, Akash calls Meera n asks her to meet as she needs to talk to him. She too says that she wanna talk to him too. Meera reveals that though he had given her support n strenght in all odd times, she never realised that she will fall in love for someone else. He was ri8 that now she is in love with Prithvi. Akash got the shock too.

Precap: Akash says he got the dhaka of knowing the truth but is happy for Meera.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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