Junoon 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 11th February 2013 Written Update

Meera not ready to accept the fact that she is in love with Prithvi. Akash leaves broken hearted. Meera self thoughts of why is she not ready to leave the house / village.

Prithvi roaming around n thinking why is Meera relectant to leave the house or is she getting attached to him. A black car following him n Prithvi confused n puzzled.

Akash heartbroken n in deep thoughts of past moments with Meera. He doesn’t attend Sudha’s call. Sudha reaches there n Akash says Meera now loves Prithvi n not him. sudha not ready to accept this n again calls Prithvi orphan n illiterate. Prithvi who was passing by overhears there convo n again hurt a lot with their words while Akash n Sudha stand speechless seeing him.

Prithvi reaches home n Meera says she cooked food for him. Prithvi asks her if she is happy suffering there. He also asks why she is worried for him. Meera says every one wants her to leave when no one wants to know what she want. Prithvi says he doesn’t want to see her shadow also n breaks the mirror.

Prithvi gets hurt n doesn’t even allow Meera to take care of the wound. In the process, Prithvi’s blood falls on Meera’s forehead. Meera goes to temple n prays god saying she is always at his door step when ever she is in dilemma. today she is in same situation btw Akash n Prithvi. She asks to show her way n did Akash speak the truth but she is not sure of how it happened.

Precap: Meera says that she realises now that she is in love with Prithvi n thanks god for showing way.

Prithvi tries to chase the black car that was following him.

DT asks him, if he ever get to know that he has lied to Prithvi or hided some truth then will he be angry on him. Prithvi assures, he will never be angry on DT. both hug

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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