Junoon 10th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Junoon 10th May 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 10th May 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bahuriya’s chachi jee applying oil in her hair. She timidly asks Bahuriya if she can ask her something and Bahuriya says of course yes. Chachi jee asked when Bahuriya’s husband Pandey ji disappeared she did not make any fuss, hue or cry which she is doing now, in Prithvi’s case. She asks her why is she reacting in such a way now, does it mean that she is feeling something for Prithvi. Bahuriya denies absolutely and says that even thinking of this is wrong. Chachi jee apologises to her. Bahuriya says that since Pandey jee brought her from the village four years back and married her she is in love with her husband only and she prays to God everyday that he comes back soon.
Prithvi and Meera are in the jungle, Miu has hurt her foot and Prithvi massages it so that

the pain subsides. He helps Meera to get up and they start walking through the jungle. Meera is unable to walk and sits down again. Prithvi gets worried for her. She says her foot is paining and she is very thirsty too. Prithvi hands her the gun for safety and goes in search of water. Meanwhile the police are searching for them in the jungle. Mishra jee calls Lallan and urges him to find Prithvi as soon as possible. Otherwise they will both get into serious trouble, courtesy Bahuriya.
Prithvi manages to bring only a little water for Meera and gives the water dish to her. But she tells Prithvi that he must be very thirsty too and so he should also drink the water. Prithvi refuses but Meera persuades. Both make each other drink the water. Bahuriya is walking outside her mansion and keeps getting flashbacks of Prithvi beating up the goons. Some coal is burning nearby. She looks at the coal and wishes for Prithvi to come soon and bring back Pandey jee soon. She resolves that if Prithvi comes she will leave all her wrong morals forever.
Meera tells Prithvi till how long will they run and escape from the police. She asks Prithvi that they should surrender to the police. If they explain everything to them properly they would surely believe them. Prithvi talks Meera out of this decision. He says that he is never afraid of anything but he fears losing her. He had grown up under the tag of an illegitimate child, he had no friends in his life, he had been all alone all this time. But now God has given him the most precious thing of his life in the form of Meera. His heart found solace in her. He has got her after so many difficulties and obstacles and he cannot loose her. So he would never take any such decision that would result in their separation. He also says that he never liked the city and they would go back to the village the next morning. No one can harm them in the village. Prithvi asks Meera whether she is with him. Meera nods and smiles and they hug each other. The police finds one of Meera’s ear-rings and gets confirmed that they are in the jungle. Prithvi asks Meera if she is hungry but Meera says no. Prithvi says why is she lying, even he is hungry. Meera says but what shall we get in this jungle for eating. Prithvi notices a mango tree suddenly and gets up to break the mangoes. He boasts to Meera that no one in the village had a better target than him. He tries to break the mangoes by throwing stones but fails in the first attempt. Meera laughs and teases him. Prithvi manages to get two mangoes in the second attempt. Meera is confused how to eat the mango without peeling it. Prithvi shows her how to eat by sucking out the mango flesh. Meera notices stains of mango on Prithvi’s moustache and wipes it.
Bahuriya is lying in her bed and she gets restless thinking about Prithvi. She finally gets up and calls Lallan. Lallan on the other hand keeps saerching and is worried about Prithvi’s whereabouts. He picks up Bahuriya’s call and the latter asks him whether he has found Prithvi. She says that till the good news reach her ears she would not be able to sleep. Lallan replies that they are still searching for him but have not found him yet. Bahuriya says that they must find Prithvi soon. When Bahuriya has said something they have to fulfil it. She says the proverb of even if they die they must keep their word.

Precap: Prithvi and Meera looking lovingly at each other when Meera notices Lallan with a gun. Seeing her expressions Prithvi also looks in the direction and sees him. Both of them start running with Lallan closely following them.

Update Credit to: sue_21

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