Junoomiyat (Chap 4-5)

Chapter 4.
Raw headquarters.

Man: M’am! M’am! there’s an urgent case.
Women: What r u waiting for tell me now, Sanskaar.
(Yes the man is Sanskaar.)
Sanskaar: Thapki and Bihaan the agents you’ve sent have reported to us that an anonymous source has given them the information that Endavour (the villains) have created a virus which can wipe out the whole of india….
Women: what!!!!
Sanskaar: they also think that they might be exposed and without them we won’t be able to stop this situation.
Women: Then I think you know what you’ve got to do…..
Sanskaar: Yes…Endavour will never have seen it coming.

Night Club:
Man: Lakshya don’t you think you’ve drank enough..
Lakshya: No Kunj let me drink today..
Kunj: But..
Lakshya: No Kunj aaj nahi.
Kunj: bhai you can’t drink everytime something reminds you of her..
Lakshya: I miss her. and this is the only way to forget her.
Kunj: We’ll ask for a case and then you won’t be able to think of her..
Lakshya:Fine when we get the case then we’ll see and now stop acting like hitler and drink.
Kunj: Fine only a little because who’s gonna drive you home.
They both take a drink…
Suddenly both of them feel woozy and feel two hands over there mouths and eyes before fainting…

Another location:
Boy: Babe am i mad or can I see 2 of you. I think it’s because I love you soo much.
Girl: Aryan stop talking and let me take you to the car.
Aryan: Ragini i don’t want to go home yet..
(Yes the guy and girl are Ragini and Aryan).
Ragini: If I don’t get you home then what will we do…
Aryan: I don’t know,,wait i know let’s watch a movie…
Ragini: Fine but if u want to watch a movie we’re gonna have to go home…
Aryan: Why can’t we watch one here….
Ragini: Because we’re on the road baby…
Aryan: That’s why I love you,,,you can make me do anything…
Ragini: I know you love me,,, now get in the car..
Aryan: Ok baby,, But I want to sing you a song first…
(Starts singing GF BF and dances like that)
(Ragini starts dancing with him and makes him sit in the car in the end)
Aryan: That’s not fair…
Ragini: Like you said I can make you do anything.
Suddenly they hear a voice and 2 guns get pointed at their heads…
Voice: Drive…

So guys how did you like the future story…
Who do you think M’am is …
And who’s kidnapped them…

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  1. Fairy

    I cnt tell u how amaznggggg dis story is..!!!!! Oh god i just loved it to d core…….its damnnnnnnn interestng n wonderful plot….oh gosh!!who pointed gun towards rags??n who kidnapped laksh???lots of mystry….waitng for d nxt episide eagerlyyyy……keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉 love u lotzzz..

    1. A.xx

      Thank u sooo much?? I’m glad u liked it and hopefully you’ll like the next episodes too.xx

  2. Nice and thinking about lakshyas mystery girl and who kidnapped them?? Loved it and keep writing ?

    1. A.xx

      thank u.xx

  3. OMG they got kidnapped? Awesome

    1. A.xx

      thank u sooo much.xx

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