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Junoomiyat (Chap 4-5)


Chapter 4.
Raw headquarters.

Man: M’am! M’am! there’s an urgent case.
Women: What r u waiting for tell me now, Sanskaar.
(Yes the man is Sanskaar.)
Sanskaar: Thapki and Bihaan the agents you’ve sent have reported to us that an anonymous source has given them the information that Endavour (the villains) have created a virus which can wipe out the whole of india….
Women: what!!!!
Sanskaar: they also think that they might be exposed and without them we won’t be able to stop this situation.
Women: Then I think you know what you’ve got to do…..
Sanskaar: Yes…Endavour will never have seen it coming.

Night Club:
Man: Lakshya don’t you think you’ve drank enough..
Lakshya: No Kunj let me drink today..
Kunj: But..
Lakshya: No Kunj aaj nahi.
Kunj: bhai you can’t drink everytime something reminds you of her..
Lakshya: I miss her. and this is the only way to forget her.
Kunj: We’ll ask for a case and then you won’t be able to think of her..
Lakshya:Fine when we get the case then we’ll see and now stop acting like hitler and drink.
Kunj: Fine only a little because who’s gonna drive you home.
They both take a drink…
Suddenly both of them feel woozy and feel two hands over there mouths and eyes before fainting…

Another location:
Boy: Babe am i mad or can I see 2 of you. I think it’s because I love you soo much.
Girl: Aryan stop talking and let me take you to the car.
Aryan: Ragini i don’t want to go home yet..
(Yes the guy and girl are Ragini and Aryan).
Ragini: If I don’t get you home then what will we do…
Aryan: I don’t know,,wait i know let’s watch a movie…
Ragini: Fine but if u want to watch a movie we’re gonna have to go home…
Aryan: Why can’t we watch one here….
Ragini: Because we’re on the road baby…
Aryan: That’s why I love you,,,you can make me do anything…
Ragini: I know you love me,,, now get in the car..
Aryan: Ok baby,, But I want to sing you a song first…
(Starts singing GF BF and dances like that)
(Ragini starts dancing with him and makes him sit in the car in the end)
Aryan: That’s not fair…
Ragini: Like you said I can make you do anything.
Suddenly they hear a voice and 2 guns get pointed at their heads…
Voice: Drive…

So guys how did you like the future story…
Who do you think M’am is …
And who’s kidnapped them…

  1. Fairy

    I cnt tell u how amaznggggg dis story is..!!!!! Oh god i just loved it to d core…….its damnnnnnnn interestng n wonderful plot….oh gosh!!who pointed gun towards rags??n who kidnapped laksh???lots of mystry….waitng for d nxt episide eagerlyyyy……keep rockng n stay blessed dear πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ love u lotzzz..

    1. A.xx

      Thank u sooo much😊😊 I’m glad u liked it and hopefully you’ll like the next episodes too.xx

  2. Nice and thinking about lakshyas mystery girl and who kidnapped them?? Loved it and keep writing πŸ‘Œ

    1. A.xx

      thank u.xx

  3. OMG they got kidnappedπŸ™€ Awesome

    1. A.xx

      thank u sooo much.xx

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