Junoomiyat (Chap 1-3)

Guys this is my first ff and plz tell me how it was… hope you like it…

Chapter 1.
The college gates fling open and everyone’s eyes just simply stares at the new audi R8 as it enters the college.. (Gulabi Aankhen Plays)as a girl emerges from the car “uski chaal hirni jaisi hai” ek ladke ne bola. “uski kamar,haaii, dekho kaise matak thi hai “(sigh…) “uske hoote kithne gulabi hai!” “aur uske aak dekho. “Hiiyyy uski aak kitni nasheeli hai! i feel like drowning in them…” As she contnues walking a boy whistles at her and she spins around and walks up to him and says “aisi siti nahi mar the hai, aise site mar the hain. (She whistles.) “Now your turn.. Agli bar ek ladki ko dekh ke sit mar the ho, tho kud sochlena ke woh ladki ka kareghi. Shayed chaata par jaye.(Song Continues.)A few seconds later loads of boys wolf whistle at her and she laughs and leaves.at that time ek ladka dekh ke soch tha hein ke yeh bakiyo jais nahi hain.(aur phir woh gadhi aage barah ke jaatha hai

Chapter 2.
The boy moves ahead from the college gate in his car and parks to go meet his brother who is already in the college.The boy then tells his brother about the girl he saw
Sanskaar: you’re talking about ragini right…
Sanskaar:Ragini,,,Ragini Rathore,,,Ruvendra Pratap Singh ki beti.
Lakshya: Ragini Rathore!!! India’s most wanted girl but how did you know who she was…
Sanskaar: itni khoobsurat ladki aiiyyi hai usko kaun nahi dekhegha….
but i am me,so, i did a little extra digging after all impress karne mein kaam toh ayenga…
Lakshya: you’re right bro.
Sanskaar: anyways tumhe toh kavya pe focus karna chaiye kya patha ke woh (headcheerleader) haath se nikhal jaye. now let’s go or we’ll be late for football practise and you’ll miss your gf’s little show..

Chapter 3:
All the boys enter the field for practise and as soon as they enter all the cheerleaders start cheering. and our boys being boys are enjoying the attention especially Karthik…(now you must be wondering who he is,, it’ll be revealed soon).
Ragini enters the field and goes straight to the coach as he had called her..
Ragini: Hmmm sir.
Coach: i want you to run 50 laps of the field now.
Ragini: mujhe koi attitude problem nahi hai ke mein naa bhagooo (run) but even he was kicked out of the class. (POINTING AT LAKSHYA).
Coach: yes but he is busy he is in our top 3 to decide who will be the captain this year and you don’t have anything to do at this particular moment now do you?? (being sarcastic).
Ragini: actually sir mere cheer tryout hai headcheerleader ke liye. that was my agreement with principle that if take part in certain activities for the school then i’ll get to try out for headcheerleader..
Boy 1: tum Kavya se pangaa na lo to tumhare liye better hoga.
Ragini: why should i be scared of her?
Boy 2 : you shouldn’t be scared of her it’s just that she was the school’s most popular and prettiest girl,head cheerleader and she is also Lakshya’s girlfriend.
Ragini: well not anymore.
Lakshya: kyu tum meri girlfriend ban na chathi ho?
(Karthik fumes with anger and Ragini notices and says)
Ragini: woh mein banoo ya na banoo lekin head cheerleader mein hi banoongi. aur jaise isne bolaa sab se popular aur prettiest ladki thi…not anymore because now i’m here.
Kavya: we’ll see about that miss….
Ragini: Rathore,, Ragini Rathore,, Miss Singhania as if you didn’t know..
(listening to this all the boys get shocked as they didn’t know her identity and this is the first time somebody is challenging Kavya).
Kavya: ok miss Rathore let’s see what you got….
Ragini: Certainly..

What’s between Karthik and Ragini,,,
Who will be headcheerleader,
Who will remain in Lakshya’s heart,
By the way these parts of the story will be used in flashbacks as the main story is something else which will show time ahead of 3-4 years…
So how did u like it…
more main characters will be introduced in the next part where there will be a few more importan characters so tell me a few actors and actresses you like….

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