Junction of 4 hearts (Chapter 2)


Hi guys sorry for the late update .little busy Chapter 2 Early morning Rishikesh, radhika is taking coffee to her dad.She decided to talk about her job at Mumbai to her dad.Dilip was reading newspaper.Radhika”Good morning dad”.dilip”good morning choti”on saying this he receives the coffee frm radhika”choti, your hand has some magic the coffee made by you is awesome .After ur marriage I’ll surely miss this coffee “.On hearing the word radhika had some unknown fear in her face .She gathered her courage to bring the Mumbai topic.”Papa can I ask you something”.Dilip knows what radhika was upto mala had him everything so, he just nodded.Radhika “papa am I a good daughter to you” .Dilip didn’t expect such a question from her”what is this choti ? Why are you asking such a question? You are such a good daughter every fatger wants to have a daughter like you,you know what you ae my pride choti.I’m so proud about you don’t ask such silly questions”.Radhika eyes had good confidence now

“So what is that papa which makes you proud about having me as your daughter?”.Dilip after few seconds”you are obedient honest and well talented” radhika”what made you think I’m well talented?”.Dilip felt little stricken”why are you asking such weird questions ?”.radhika held her papa’s hand ” Papa please I’m not interested in leading my life as a normal girl.i want to prove myself.You know what I’m debted to sister Maria.It is because of her I’m able to speak and use my hands.She is my inspiration I want to be like her.I want to become a reason for another radhika’s future .Will you allow me to extend my wings?”.Dilip was looking at Radhika’s eyes she was determined,his memories went to those days when radhika was 3years old they were on the way to Mumbai to attend a marriage function.Unexpectedly a large truck which hit on a bus was sliding horizontally on the highways before the driver of their car could rotate the steering the truck hit their car ,everything happens in a flash of second.

when Dilip opened his eyes hr was at hospital all that he remembered was a their travel and the accident.He started screaming mala ridhu choti.yes ridhima was the elder sister of radhika and unfortunately she died at the accident.This made radhika enter into utter shock .Leading to high fix radhika got fix and she was at icu.While she gained consciousness she couldn’t speak and move as one side of her body was paralyzed.Dilip and mala had got some fracture but became alright they cursed themselves for letting their children sit at the front seat of the car.It took radhika more than three years to regain her health and that too because of the severe support her family and sister Maria.On thinking about Sis.Maria Dilip too felt thankful.

He too was happy to know that radhika wanted to be like sister she even studies special B.ed for mute students hut letting her alone to Mumbai worried him .After a long thought he looked towards radhika she was watching him full hope.”Choti I’m happy about decision but is that necessary to leave Rishikesh that too to Mumbai?” Papa “Mother Theresa orphanage is one were sister Maria worked and it is the place where I got my voice.Also being at mumbai helps me to do some part time jobs so that I could donate them to the orphanage”.Dilip was looking at radhika he could understand her feelings.He know that her daughter is always different and never went after money.He was pacifying himself to gain the courage to let radhika.Finally he opened up “Accha choti go extend your wings I don’t want to lock in cage fly as far as you can”.Radhika was overwhelmed she kissed her dad.Mala who was watching this from far also felt happy.So now radhika is all set leave Mumbai.There is no words to explain her excitement. NEIL is on his way at flight to Delhi on closing his eyes what stuck his mind was prena’s face the way she was crying clutching his father’s shirt.He opened his eyes to see a airhostess wooing at him asking for meals.Providing his signature smile Neil had his meals and started reading travel plus magazine .All this while he was being scanned by a pair of eyes with lust and love its none other Manya Khanna cousin of Sam ,doing her bachelors degree at new york and wishes to be a model.She was just searching for a chance to talk with him just then the magazine caught her attention.She made up her mind and”Excuse me if you don’t mind can I have that magazine plz”she asked with a smile.Neil though felt a little weird answered”ofcourse but you will have it after 30 mins,coz I have just started reading an article and its damn interesting so that it may take me 30 mins to complete it.And afterwards you can have it .Yeah its really interesting I bet you will also like it” saying so he winked at her.Manya could feel her heart skip for a moment.she never met someone like him boys would just drool over and give whatever she asks them but he is different”ok fine no problem I will have it after 30 minutes and by the way I’m manya Khanna”saying this she extended her hand for a shake .Neil too extended his hand”I’m Neil Malhotra ,nice to meet you”.Manya don’t want to leave his hand but left with a smile.And thus started their conversation manya gathered as much as information about Neil initially she was shocked to know that he was just a photographer but made her mind to get him by nook or crook.As Neil came to know she was doing her bachelors degree he started calling her kiddo.This irritated her a lot. SAM is packing her stuffs for ad shoot at Rishikesh .Her phone rang and she felt little hesitant the call on looking at the caller id because it was her mom.She attended the call.

On the other side Piyali just said” tomorrow manya is coming to Mumbai as dad and I are busy I want you to receive her by 11 am at Mumbai airport and by evening drop her at our home.k bye”.Sam was angry tomorrow she has to leave to Rishikesh what to do ,her mother didn’t even ask Sam about her work and health she was just ordering her as if to an unknown person but not even polite tears started filling her eyes” Mom one second hang on,I can’t receive her as I’m leaving to Rishikesh for an ad shoot “.Piyali became angry”accha you don’t have to go I forgot that for you your vacation is important than others.Don’t worry I’ll ask someone to pick her”.sam was broken tears started flowing through her cheeks”Mom no problem I’ll receive her” saying this she cut the call and fell on the bed all crying.Thej who cane to meet her regarding the shoot felt pity over Sam.He called to their team members and said” lets postpone the shoot for two days as weather condition is not good at Rishikesh and I’ll inform you later about shooting”he cut the call and came near Sam she was sleeping with all her pillows wet .Thej don’t want to disturb her so left after keeping small note about the cancellation of shooting near her phone. ARJUN after coming from office straight away went to the secret room .He called for Mary who said that she provide dinner.He came to his room took a photo and on seeing the photo arjun’s memory went back.Arjun was six years old.He his father and mother were returning to Mumbai after attending a party at Delhi it was then an accident took place.The accident changed arjun’s life.Though Arjun and his father escaped with small fractures.Arjun’s mother went into coma.Even after one year his mother Anshula didn’t came out of coma.His father married Agalya Khanna one of the business tycoon in textile industry she is a widow with a daughter named nandhini.His father after the new marriage never gave importance to Arjun and his mother.The only member who cared about Arjun was nandhini.Soon arjun’s father left Arjun and his mother, went to san Francisco.Arjun was all alone with his mom.It was at that time nandhini said him

“only money could bring everything your father left because of the money my mom is ready to give him.I too cannot live with you because of the same money.I’m sorry brother I cannot stay with you but will always be in touch with you” .Only hope of Arjun nandhini too left.Arjun began to rule money to rule the world.Today he reached his height because of his great efforts but his mother never regained from coma.Arjun then went to sleep thinking about the his mother.Next day arjun has to leave to Mumbai for the opening of his new enterprise. For few months he has to stay at Mumbai to look after the business.He has to take his mom too.Mumbai is the place where they lived happily before the accident.Arjun decided to stay at the same house.Though he don’t want to stay at the old house .Doctor said that staying at same old house may bring his mom back from coma.so Arjun too accepted to stay at the old house. Let us see what happens once they reach Mumbai. Please do bear with my typos and grammatical errors.??

Credit to: Bala

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    Awesome episode, waiting for the next up. 🙂

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  10. Nice begning.expecting too much. I hav a request to u Bala dont stop the story incomplete i were reader of many ffs like Ek kahani, missing pieces, understanding you and etc donno wat happend to the writers why did they stop updating all the ffs this one also very interesting pls dont stop it in complete

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