Junction of 4 hearts (Chapter 1)


Chapter 1
Early morning at New York prena was searching for Neil everywhere but couldn’t find him.She went to Ajay’s study room to inquire him about Neil.Shrav Malhotra , a business tycoon settled in New York after establishing his SP constructions successfully in nearly 7 countries starting from India.He had a cute small family which includes prena and his son Neil.But what worried shrav a lot is that though Neil is a good son he is never interested in taking his father’s way.He leads a life on his own principle.Shrav thought that as days goes on Neil will change but it never happened.Neil just remained the same.He just wanted to help others and explore the world.He did many jobs like being a chef,mechanic teacher etc..Even his parents were not aware of what he is doing.He just change from job to job keep on roaming.But the thing what makes Shrav proud is that his son is not only handsome and brilliant but also honest.

There were days when Neil used to visit office on prena’ s compulsion.Whatever the circumstance he is good at solving issues.Shrav know that Neil has the ability to take his business to higher level but what worried him was Neil was not interested in it & above all shrav felt that it is very tough to judge his son. Coming to present prena came searching for Neil to Shrav just then her phone rang the caller od showed Neil’s pic .She eagerly attended his call and was about to scold him.But before that Neil started speaking ” good morning darling luv u beauty .I have a wish I want u to grant it & sorry for not coming to yesterday’s party went to orphanage to welcome a new comer it’s a baby just 7 days I think so she was so cute so i named her prena “he just said everything in single breath.Though prena was angry she couldn’t scold him as usual he had his own way to pacify her.”accha beta I’m still angry on you come back home there are lots of things I have to say u” .on the other side Neil “I’m on the way just promise me to fulfil my wish”.

Prena after little bit hesitation” come home beta we will discuss about it”.Just then she felt a small tap on her left shoulder ” darling I’m home so lets start the discussion” saying this Neil gave a small peck on her cheek.Shrav ” So Neil I wanted to introduce you to all my business associates but as usual u went missing”.Neil moved to his dad saying” I don’t want to be a competition to u handsome so only didn’t come, if ur girl fans came to know that u have a big son what would happen to their hearts won’t they die of heart attack ?” and winked at his dad. His dad too started laughing .”what is your wish beta?”prena asked Neil.”The thing is that I have got a job as a photographer on discover magazines so have to visit India regarding a project.i have to travel all over India so it takes nearly 4 to 6 months.And my wish is allow me whole heartedly I will daily call u without fail. Plzzz” Prena was not ready to leave him but shrav spoke”k son but on one condition.you should be ready for marriage while returning home”Though Neil hesitated a little bit he accepted the condition.Finally prena too gave in. At Mumbai Sam was all busy searching location for the shoot along with thej, her best friend come colleague.”thej don’t sleep yaar tell me some location I need an adventurous yet romantic place thejjj” she was shouting at him .thej woke with a long yawn”how about Jammu Kashmir Sam it will be adventurous na” .Sam was continuously looking at monitor searching for locations.”how about Rishikesh? The climate and the boat ride seems to be adventurous what do u say?”.thej again lied down on the wheel chair “nice place as u have decided the sleep let me sleep baby” saying this he dozed off.

Sam ,though seems to be bold a child at heart currently working at birdsong an advertising agency.Her parents are Samrat Khanna and Piyali Khanna the owner of Khanna industries well known for automobiles and travels.Due to dome issues Sam is away from her family. At Rishikesh ,radhika was reading newspaper commenting about the news with her mom.Mala gave her the photos of some groom asking her to choose.radhika was irritated”ma stop this” saying this she showed some kind of symbols with her hand.Mala” choti stop talking in that way I’m not a deaf” Radhika started speaking along with showing actions” But you are acting like one .listen ma if get married I can’t serve the poor so try to understand let me live my life on my way for at least six months .”saying so she oprned a cupboard and gave mala a paper.”what is this?” asked mala trying to read the paper.This is an appointment letter from Anna Theresa’s orphanage I have decided to work there please ma “mala was shocked”do your dad know about it ?he will never allow you and that too to Mumbai no way this time I’m not going to speak on your behalf”saying this mala left her room.Radhika had tears in her eyes ,she knew well about her father he will not allow her to go Mumbai bcoz of an old bitter incident.What will she do now.

At Delhi, Arjun the handsome hunk had just returned from his morning jogging.As soon as he came ,he had bath went to a secret room (I will reveal it on next chapter) and went to his study room.After looking through a series of files had his breakfast which was made by a50 year old Mary(maid at his home equal to his mother).He got into his Ferrari and entered into his kingdom ,Mehra Enterprises.On his arrival every staff became busy on looking their boss bcoz everbody about the cold nature of Arjun when it comes to business.He straight away went to the board meeting room.There the presentation about the mehra enterprise which is already being constructed at Mumbai is shown.Yes their new branch was already constructed waiting for its inaugural .Arjun is on his way to Mumbai. Lets wait and see how destiny’s plan is working. That’s it for today guys.plz bare my grammatical errors.

Credit to: Bala

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