Judwaa — Ragsan by Saghi (introduction)

Hi guys, Saghi here… here is a preview of my next ff ‘JUDWAA’ It is a very different story this time, with four main characters: Sanskar, Ragini, Veer, Diya!!

As you can guess, it would be a roller coaster ride with lots of confusion and mixed identities. I will try to keep tears, villains and vamps to a minimum in this one!

If you guys like it, then please thank Salman Khan for the idea, and if you hate it, blame me for not doing a good job.

Let me introduce the main characters before we start the story:

RAGINI MEHRA: (played by Tejaswi Prakash)

She is the older daughter of Shekhar and Janki Mehra. They live in Mumbai in an upper middle class neighborhood. Shekhar has just retired as a Senior Financial Consultant from a leading software company. Janki has been a homemaker all her life. She is a God-fearing lady, who has dedicated her life to her home, kids and husband. Ragini is the older of her identical twin girls, but the more mature, demure and quiet one. Ragini has always been very reserved and as a child her parents were concerned that she would not be able to speak. The first words out of her mouth were at age 4, when she said “sa..re..ga…,’ after she had heard a neighbor sing the sargam several times while rehearsing for her music class. Her parents were delighted when they heard the first syllables from her mouth.

They realized that Ragini had a keen ear for music, and enrolled her in music classes in early childhood. Ragini is now 21 years old and in her final year of Bachelor of Arts class. She is majoring in music and English literature. To this date, she sings more than she talks. Her parents and sister have learnt to read her mind and desires through her eyes and facial expressions. One can tell her mood by the songs she sings and listens to! She has few friends, but is very kind and tender hearted. Her life revolves around her home, college and music. You would always fine her dressed in proper Indian attire with a dupatta usually covering her head, and sometimes even face, when she is away from home.

Ragini’s parents are very proud of their obedient and “sanskari’ daughter and are anxiously looking for a suitable groom for her.

DIYA MEHRA: (played by Tejaswi Prakash)

Younger by five minutes, but way ahead in her worldliness and outspokenness, Diya Mehra is poles apart from her older twin sister. As far as her parents can remember, Diya has always been a blabbermouth. She said her first words before she could sit, and to this date, has not paused even for a second- except when she has to blow a bubble from the gum she is chewing! She talks more than anyone at home, her college, or amongst her friends. She has a mind of her own, and to her parent’s chagrin, loves hanging out with boys and rambunctious girls! She has been a tom boy all her life, and just recently started wearing skirts and dresses after her mother gave away all her shorts and capris to the ‘bartan-waali.’

Shekhar and Janki had conceived their daughters after a lot of difficulty and numerous prayers. They had, in fact named their daughters Ragini and Shrishti as they were truly blessings of God for them. Ragini, of course is still Ragini, but Shrishti aka Diya hated her old-fashioned name. On the first day of her Kindergarten class, her teacher asked every kid to say their name in front of the class. Shrishti knew this was her chance to get rid of her pre-historic name forever, “DIYA!” she announced confidently, and to this date she has lived her life on her own terms, and as DIYA!

Diya hates college and loves playing pranks with fellow students and her teachers. Diya and Ragini had always been in the same class till high school, but their paths split in college, as Diya chose commerce instead of Arts or Science. Arts was too ‘boring’ for her, and Science was a ‘strain on her brain.’ She did not mind numbers and math, so commerce was a better ‘time pass’ for her. Diya would love to be expelled from college, so she could live her life the way she wants to. The only reason she has not achieved her desire yet, is because of her dad. Her father is very strict, and insists on his daughters completing their education. Ragini has always been protective towards her sister.

Diya has a habit of bunking classes and loitering away in the canteen, malls and Cricket matches! She is a diehard Cricket fan, and come what may, she never ceases to miss an opportunity to miss a match, especially when her favorite players Dhoni and Irfan Pathan are on the field! Whenever Diya is short on attendance, she convinces and emotionally bribes her sister to attend her classes. Ragini has more credits than she needs, and can easily afford to miss a few of her classes, in order to keep Diya’s attendance to a bare minimum. Ragini hates lies and is a very fair person, but when it comes to her little sister, she justifies everything as ‘white lies.’ Ragini is a peace loving person, and does not want her parents to lose their temper because of Diya; so she would cover for her as long as she can. She did it in school, and she is doing it in college…who knows what will happen later in life?
SANSKAR ARORA: (played by Varun Kapoor) please imagine him with glasses and well groomed shiny hair!!

He is 25 years old and the elder son of Ram and Sujata Arora. Ram owns a software company, and Sanskar has recently joined his father’s business. Sanskar has always been an extremely obedient and studious boy all his life. He loves computers and is a Gold medallist from a top notch Computer Engineering program. He has very few friends and his life revolves around his computers, work and home. He worships his parents and to this date, touches their feet first thing in the morning and before going to bed. Sanskar is very disciplined- he starts his morning with prayers, yoga, a small breakfast, newspaper and then dashes off to work. He is very particular about time and punctuality. He has never stayed up beyond 10 at night, and never slept in beyond 5 am in the morning. He gets flustered and stressed out if anyone else runs late or behind time; in fact he gets to his client’s meetings way ahead of time on occasions. His subordinates hate working under him, as he never laughs, jokes, or slackens in any way. They would all love to see him falter one day!

Sanskar has never dated a girl or even touched one in his life. He has always studied in an all-boys school, and his Engineering college class was 99% men-almost all geeks at that! Sanskar and his family live in a plush neighborhood of Mumbai with access to all possible luxuries. Ram and Sujata are very charitable people and donate generously to the poor and needy, every Diwali and New Year’s day.

Sujata is extremely religious, to the point of superstitious. She never makes any decision without consulting her astrologer, pandit and numerologist! There are times, when she has refused to get out of the car after reaching home, as that was not an auspicious hour to step into the house! Ram often gives up, but Sanskar is his mama’s boy, and obeys his mother’s instructions every time- he would wait on his mom even if it were raining cats and dogs, but dare to step into the house if his mother thought it was inauspicious!

They have a younger son, LAKSH ARORA (Nemish Taneja) who is a rebel and 23 years old. He is still in college as he has flunked a few times. In fact, Laksh is a good friend of Diya. He is very fond of cricket too and one can often spot Diya, Laksh and a few other friends gathered around his laptop in college trying to keep up with the latest scores. Lakah has decorated his body with tattoos and pierced rings at various places. He colors his hair a different shade every few months, and hates his mother’s rituals and traditions.

Sujata is always worried about Laksh, and has consulted all the astrologers and numerologists in town. They have made several suggestions to get her younger son back on track, but nothing has worked. Recently, she insisted on Laksh changing the spelling of his name to ‘LLAKSH!”

“Mom…it sounds like a cat is purring…..no way…..in fact I love being called Lucky by my friends….ask your numerologist if that is a better spelling!” Laksh manages to ignore his mom’s pleas and walks away everytime.

Sanskar tries to cover up for his brother at times, but does not want to disobey or displease his mother at any cost! He tries to make up for Laksh’s disrespect for religion, astrology and traditions by over compensating on his part.

VEER HASAN: (played by Varun Kapoor)

He is our fourth main character. He is about 25 years old, and a singer by profession. He is a new name in the pop charts these days. He has gained popularity in a very short time, thanks to his singing talent and incredibly good looks. He is tall, muscular, and brawny, usually with an unshaven cool look with loads of attitude! He is best known for his soft romantic numbers. He usually performs at local clubs and hotels, but recently had a big concert which made him very popular with the fairer s*x. Girls from 5 to 50 years of age drool over him. He creates a traffic jam, wherever he goes.

He is a pin-up boy in many a girl’s bedroom wall. His deep and s*xy voice coupled with his killer eye glances melts every woman’s heart. He is still single, but a great admirer of all beautiful things in this world. He loves only two people in his life- himself and his dadi. They have recently moved to a huge apartment in a luxurious apartment complex in suburban Mumbai. Veer wants to provide all the comforts to his dadi as she was the only one in his life, who encouraged him to become a singer. She is very proud of his success and boasts of his latest releases among her neighborhood friends. She is a devout Muslim lady and offers namaaz five times a day, fasts during the month of Ramzan and is a social worker in her down time.

Veer is known for his arrogant and high-handed behavior, which his producers and concert organizers lap up as ‘starry tantrums.’ He is very moody and unpredictable. At one moment, he can be the sweetest person and the next moment, he could be lashing out at anyone in sight. As long as Veer is mining dough for others, they are willing to tolerate anything.

Now, we realize that Sanskar and Veer look alike……but are they aware that across town there is another person who looks just like them? Are they identical twins, who were separated at birth like old Bollywood movies? Or are they just unrelated identical looking people (like Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Na pyar hai)? Well, we will find out all the answers as the story unfolds.

How was it guys? Should I continue or stop? Please guys give your honest opinions and a least in your comments write more than 5 words, I want long comments (because I just love reading your comments).

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