My Judgement, sacred bonding and my life, my choice Ending (short synopsis)

Hi sisters n brothers, I am so sorry to inform u that I am stopping these stories. I am giving up writing stories coz of busy schedule. Sorry for not ending stories. Bcoz I didn’t want to give inappropriate ending in hurry n most importantly I didn’t even have time to write perfect ending presently for these stories coz I am busy with my career. But I am giving here a short synopsis of ending which I decided for these stories:

My judgement: Vignan is CBI officer n appointed by Central Govt. She takes few steps to make girls learn self defense techniques n they protect themselves n youngsters forms as a team called “Shakti Team” n fights against s*xual harasment. The mission Shakti is not illegal mission. It is a secret mission organised by Prime Minister n Vignan is in charge of it. As per the orders of Prime Minister, Vignan started killing cuprits of various s*xual harassment cases n trained girls to protect themselves n younsters into action to protect one another n train every girl in weaponless fight. India became free of s*xual harassment on girls coz of Shakti mission n Shakti team. Vignan succeeds in the mission finally. She gets a call from Prime Minister n starts new mission ” Mission Bharath” with new team n which eradicates sleeper cells n terrorist activities again making public involved. Story ends with Vignan killing a sleeper cell n announcing Mission Bharath. Ashwesh comes to know truth n supports her. Loukya marries Abhi. A new character who is CBI officer n good frnd of Vignan enters named Surya marries Vishika. Pragna marries Vivek. Everyone bcoms busy with their life n career.

Sacred Bonding: Suhana n Kiran expires in a bomb blast saving Prime Minister n public. Shwetha is exposed as sleeper cell n shot dead by Kiran. A central minister is involved in it n Jay shoots him n exposes him. Case was not booked on him coz he saved nation. Jay’s parents meets him. Anand Singh accepts his mistakes n proves Suhana innocense. He was arrested. Vidya becomes IAS. Suhana n kiran were awarded Best Collector awards. Vidya takes treatment for her infertility n a leap of 2 yrs. Vidya conceived n she is happy with Jay n her in laws.

My life, My choice: Rudra was arrested by Aditi.She arrests him by cheating n Rudra comes out on bail n decided to divorce her. Meanwhile his mom meets Aditi n reveals truth behind killing of her father n Sidh’s father too. Aditi realises her fault n refuses to divorce. Court orders both to stay together for 6 months. Aditi stays with Rudra. Rudra doesn’t trust her n hates her. He finds fault with everything she do. Though she confesses her love from clg days, he won’t trust her. He starts ignoring her completely. 6 months are abt to get finished. One day Rudra is abt to start from his home n suddenly a goon tries to shoot him n as Aditi notices, she comes in between n bullet hits her. Rudra gets shocked n takes her to hospital. She proposes him before getting operated n asks to forgive her. Rudra was shattered with her love. Fortunately she is saved. Both together proves truth to court. However he is sentenced for 5 yrs. Aft 5 yrs he returns from jail n starts a new life with Aditi n opens Detective Agency n helps even police in dealing few cases. His brother too joins with him.

This is wat the plot is of my all stories.Sorry once again. Love u all,tc. I will miss u all dear devga, lakshmi, hayathi, swara, ruby ryan, vanshika, kavya, priya kumar, sasti, ryths,maithili, rishi, sneha, ananya, roma,aditi, little angel n other silent readers. Sorry if I miss any names. All the best everyone. Bye,tc

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Ani

    Didi ao when are u going ti cone back. If any hint dear . So pleasw focus on career furst because story can be written anytime but career cant be . Si not forcing you to write but asking u that when will u cone back ans end the beautiful stories started by u . All the best for your career and dowell and come back soooooooooon………..

    Miss u take care

    • Sindhu K S V

      Hi dear ani…I am thinking to complete these stories..Bcoz may b its not fair to stop in middle…aft completing these stories, I will stop writing till I complete my preparation..I can’t say exact date…anyways will b back soon to complete these stories..

  2. ryths

    It’s Ok sis…u dn’t need to say sorry..we can understand u just focus on ur career..All d very best for ur career thnk u sooo much for giving us such beautiful stories…I luvd all ur stories…luv u sis u plzzz tc of urself n focus on ur career

  3. Kavya

    Hi akka..! We understand u nd we will support u..!! Thanks for giving so many wonderful stories which taught so much to me.. 🙂 first u concentrate on ur career.. Hope u will be back someday. I will be waiting for that day. But the thing which is bothering me is i can’t be in touch with u 🙁 will miss u badly. Take care and all the best 🙂 thanks for everythng akka 🙂

  4. Aditi

    Sad dat u r ending
    but happy for u
    hope all ur dreams get fulfilled diii….
    will be missing these short stories a lot
    all da best diii
    will be waiting ur new short stories (if possible) dat too if u get time
    once again all da best dii….

  5. Devga

    Ok i wil support u on ur decision… Coz i cant became selfish on forcing u to giv us updates coz u must do well in ur career and reach heights…. All the bst …. Love u wil always remembr evry small advice or motivation u’ve givn me…. Frm welwisher to judgement… And on maried life also… Through its too early for me to knw but atleast u made me aware of many situations…. Thank u….
    Best of luck….

  6. vanshika

    u took a right decision…as career should be top priority…u are an awesome writer…I will wait for u to complete ur stories but atleast plzzz reply to our comments…hope u will not forget me (who did many predictions for ur stories)…plzzz reply…lol didi…

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