My Judgement (Episode 8)

Recap: Killing of ACP Abhay, Vignan’s cousin n Ashwesh saw something at murdee spot that belongs to Vignan.

Episode 8:

The episode starts with Vignan getting call from Ashwesh.

Vignan: Hello

Ashwesh: If u r free I want to meet u now

Vignan: Where?

Ashwesh: My home

Vignan: No. Some other place

Ashwesh: Then my office

Vignan: In beach at 6 pm

Ashwesh: ok

Vignan disconnected the call.

Pragna: R u going to meet him?

Vignan: hmm

Loukya: Abhi told Ashwesh sir got a clue in Abhay’s murder spot.

Vignan: Lets see.

Evng at beach:

Ashwesh reached there n saw Vignan waiting for him.

Ashwesh: Hello Vignan

Vignan: Hi

Ashwesh: U seems so tensed

Vignan: Nothing like dat. Tell me why did u want to meet me?

Ashwesh gave a small cover to her. Vignan opened it n shocked.

Ashwesh: Where is ur engagement ring? show me ur hand

Vignan: No Why should I?

Ashwesh forcefully took her hand n got shocked seeing ring to her hand. Vignan looked him giving a smile.

fb starts:

Vignan realised she lost her ring during the fight with Abhay. She bought new ring of same design before meeting Ashwesh.

fb ends.

Vignan: U can take this cover contained ring. Go n search the true criminals n stop following me

Ashwesh: Stop acting Vignan. I know its ur ring. U r Shakthi. I hav doubt on u from the first day I met u. But now its confirmed

Vignan: I know Mr. Ashwesh. Though u tried hard to behave as Nicky, I know u r just ACP Ashwesh now. Vindhya is IPS trainee. When did u learn to lie n use emotions of a other person to catch criminals?

Ashwesh: U asked that I played with ur emotions but do u know losing ur engagement ring means breaking of our relationship.

Vignan: We are not meant to b together.

Ashwesh: When did u start taking law into ur hands.

Vignan: The moment I realised that laws failed to protect women.

Ashwesh: How can u say we failed

Vignan: Because till now no girl who is a victim of s*xual harassment got justice. Can u show me one case where a victim got justice?

Ashwesh: Do u think u can provide justice? Killing the culprit is not the solution. It doesn’t do any favour to victim

Vignan:Fear of death had the power to stop the expansion of s*xual harassment further.

Ashwesh: Lets see

Vignan: Sure

Ashwesh: As u confessed the crime I can arrest u now

Vignan(smiled): I didn’t confess. I just gave my opinions on the situations. I think everyone had freedom of speech..Not only to Shakthi.

Ashwesh: Ok. If this ring is not your’s, I will b the most happiest person. But if its your’s, not only our engagement but also our relationship also brks.

Vignan: The moment u tried to trap me with love, our relationship had been broken Mr. Ashwesh. Now though I am Shakthi or not, it doesn’t matter anymore. Bye

Vignan went n Ashwesh is still in beach.

Ashwesh(inner voice): I love u Vignan. It doesn’t matter to me whether u r Shakthi or not, but still I love u. If u r Shakthi, I will arrest u but will save u as per law. Engagement is not a plan to arrest u. I didn’t trap u using love. I did everything just to save u. U can nvr understand me Vignan.

Vignan at flat:

Loukya opened the door. Vignan eyes filled with tears.

Loukya: Vignan,wat happen

Pragna n Vishika came out. Vignan said everything happened Loukya hugged n tried to console.

Loukya: Pls control urself Vignan.

Vignan: Controlling mind is easy but how can we control our heart? I love Ashwesh but he just trapped me. Though I knew he played with my emotions n his love is fake, still I love him a lot.

Vignan went to her room n closed. She sat on floor n started crying.

Pragna: Pls open the door..Open the door Vignan

Vishika: Pls don’t b alone. Open the door

Vignan: I am ok. Pls leave me for sometime.

Loukya took her scootu keys to leave.

Vishika: Where r u going?

Loukya: To Ashwesh

Vishika: No pls wait Loukya

Loukya left n reached beach n saw Ashwesh n went near to him.

Ashwesh: Loukya, u here

Loukya slapped him

Ashwesh: Loukya, behave urselves. Wat happen to u?

Loukya: Till now I respect u a lot not bcoz u r my higher officer. Because u r the most sincere n good officer. But now I can’t respect u anymore. How can u do this to Vignan. How can u play with her feelings?? How can u use love as weapon to trap her? I nvr saw a person like u till now. Shame on u Ashwesh. We nvr expect this from u.

Vignan, Pragna n Vishika reached there.

Vignan: Loukya, wat r u doing? pls come

Loukya: I am sorry Vignan. But I can’t control mysel aft knowing abt his betrayal.

Vignan: Pls come lets go

Vignan: Ashwesh, I am sorry on behalf of Loukya. Pls forgive us.

Ashwesh caught Vignan’s hand pulled her towards him with force. She almost fallen on him n kept her arms around him to defend herself from falling.

Vignan: Wat is dis?

Ashwesh: Do u love me?

Vignan: Leave me

Ashwesh: Tell me

Vignan closed her eyes. Tears rolled from her eyes.

Vignan: I hate u

Ashwesh: Words may lie but tears nvr lie

Vignan pushed him away.

Vignan(shouted): I hate u

They left to their flat n Ashwesh to his room. Vignan skipped her food n sleep n lost her focus. Ashwesh trying hard to find evidence in Shakthi case.

Vignan’s flat:

Vishika: Vignan, we had very less time. U must focus on the mission now or end it.

Vignan wiped her tears.

Vignan: Whats the case

Precap: Shocking views of public on Mission Shakthi n Vignan’s next target.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. devga

    Wohoooo as I expected it was the engagement ring …. But I dint mention it coz she had a glove right then how it would have fallen down … Anyways I m becoming too much detective than ashwesh …. Lol thank u dhi … So awesome …. Chk ur mail

    • Sindhu K S V

      Oh god..I really forgot abt her gloves…Thank u for crcting the mistake..I will crct it in next episode..Really thank u so much…From Few days I am out of my mind n its reflecting everywhere… I must b careful…from next time..

  2. Sindhu K S V

    Guys, I will update it soon. I am doing little work to write next episodes.Collecting info to write story well..So pls wait for 2 more days. I am so sorry for the late..Aft 2 days, I will update this regularly..

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