My Judgement (Episode 7)

Episode 7

The episode starts with Vignan coming in red lehanga from upstairs. Ashwesh is in downstairs wearing Blue colour salwar kameez. Engagement started. Ashwesh and Vignan exchanged rings. Function completed n Vignan went to her flat.

Next day:

Vignan is still sleeping where other 3 are in their works.

Pragna: Why Vignan didn’t wake up till now

Loukya: She is upset yesterday, slept at 5 am.

Vishika: She is unable to choose between mission n love

Pragna: Thats not her actual prblm. Its bigger than that.

Loukya: Wat else?

Pragna: She must complete the mission in just 2 months.

Vishika: R u serious?

Pragna: Yes. dats her prblm now.

Loukya: So we must make ppl more aware abt our purpose n mission. Only then fear starts in the heart of culprits. Thats the only way to complete our mission in 2 months.

Vishika: Don’t worry. I will see abt creating awareness in public abt our mission.

Pragna: Vignan had diff idea abt making the goal of mission permanent. She will tell u aft waking up.

Vishika: One more thing, next target is IPS Abhay

Loukya: Do u mean her cousin? He is very close to her

Pragna: Yes. But we know well abt her. She nvr considers anyone above mission. But she doesn’t know that he is like dat till now. In public he had good name but only very few knew his other side.

Loukya: Ya. Even I am shocked listening abt Abhay. He is good frnd to me too

Vishika: Till now many girls became his victims. Few tried to complain to higher authorities but coz of his good reputation none believed.

Loukya: Tomorrow its Rakshabandhan. Surely he will come here for rakhi to be tied by Vignan. Their families had conflicts but every year Vignan n Abhay celebrates Rakshabandhan very happily. But this yr…….

Pragna: She cried whole night.

Vishika: I don’t know how can she handle all these

They heard someone knocking the door. Vishika opened it n its Ashwesh.

Ashwesh: Shall I come it? Is Vignan there at house? I came to meet her

Vishika: Come in. She is sleeping. Wait, I will inform her.

Vishika went to Vignan’s room

Vishika: Vignan, pls wake up dear

Vignan: I am really so tired. pls get me a cup of coffee darling.. (sleeping n spoken as a kid to Vishika).

Vishika: Vignan, Aswesh…

Ashwesh came with coffee n sighed her not to say. She smiled n went off. Vignan listened the word Ashwesh n responded

Vignan(in sleep talking as a kid): Y did u remember him at early mrng yaar. U know wat? Yesterday first I got angry on him but later on wen he said he is ready to cancel engagement if I didn’t like, I am impressed. He is very handsome at function na. I felt like being with him throughout my life but I can’t bcoz…….

Pragna listening her words shocked n ran near the door of her room n dropped her coffee cup. She acted as if she dropped by mistake. Vignan opened her eyes listening the sound n saw Ashwesh.

Ashwesh: Coffee

Vignan slowly closed n opened eyes n took coffee n then looked him again in confusion.

Vignan: Vishika, Y r u looking as Ashwesh? I think I gone mad with love on him.

Ashwesh: My dear, You are not mad. I am ur Ashwesh.

Vignan shocked n started shouting.

Vignan: What r u dng in my room? Y did u come?

Ashwesh: Fresh up n come. Then will tell u.

Vignan came out of her room aft getting ready. Ashwesh saw a yellow chart n a red sketch. He remembered Shakthi team using same colour chart n sketch for note at death spots. Vignan saw him but pretended she is cool.

Vignan: Ashwesh

Ashwesh turned towards her.

Ashwesh: Wat do u do with this chart n sketch?

Vignan: I prepare note to paste

Ashwesh: Wat?

Vignan sighed him to look walls. There he found quotes written by Vignan.

“Life is short. Live it to the fullest with no regrets n complaints.”

“Forgive the one when u know they done bad for the good”.

“Its ur life. Its ur wish to design or destroy”.

“Life is to love n to be loved. Share ur love to the ppl around u”.

Ashwesh: Do u write quotes?

Vignan: I am a blogger. Had habit of writing articles to inspire ppl. So I make quotes to use for those articles.

Both came into hall.

Ashwesh: Good job. By the way I came here to tell u that one of my frnds named Vin
dhya is coming here for an interview. Can u help her to stay with u in this flat for just 2 days?

Pragna who’s drinking tea suddenly coughed hearing this.

Vignan: I feel uncomfortable to hav some unknown in my flat. Sorry

Ashwesh: Just for 2 days

Vignan: No. I can’t help her to stay here. But I will take her to my house. She can stay in my room there with mom. So don’t worry. I will tc of ur frnd. Now I have to leave. Excuse me. Bye Ashwesh. Bye everyone

Pragna: Brk fst?

Vignan: Will have at any hotel on the way

Loukya: Take this box. its packed. Brk fst n lunch too

Vignan: Thank u dear. Bye guys.

She left. Ashwesh left.

At evng in Vignan’s flat:

Pragna: Vignan, I think we need to b cautious abt Ashwesh.

Vignan: Yes. I am in confusion dat whether he loves me or as he doubting me as Shakthi, he wants to b close to me. Loukya, Can u pls try to find details abt Vindhya? I didn’t understand y he want her to stay with us. Is she really his frnd or related to department?

Loukya: Ok sure. I will try but not sure bcoz as I am ur frnd he may not leak the plan.

Vishika: Try to get info from Abhi bcoz he is Ashwesh’s best frnd

Loukya: Ya but he too may not reveal

Pragna: He loves u na. So just try that way

Loukya: Stop it. I can’t take advantage of his love on me. Its wrong too

Pragna: Dear, I didn’t say that to hurt u. I just said bcoz we must complete as soon as possible n Vignan should b careful till it completes. But we r not forcing u. Think once n do as u wish

Loukya: Hmm..Ok..I will get info from Abhi

Vignan: No need. Let it b. I didn’t want u to lose Abhi’s trust.

Loukya: I didn’t want to lose u n mission. Ur life n mission are more imp than Abhi. So pls leave it to me n I will manage.

Vishika: So shall we see the case of ACP Abhay?

Vignan: Yes

Vishika: As u all know he is the most cruel ACP who hides his cruel side from ppl. He harassed girls who came to complain him abt s*xual harassment at their office n colleges. He used to call them saying to talk abt case n then he raped them. Next he used to take videos of that n blackmailed them that he will leak it if they complain it to anyone. Few who didn’t care for his warning, are dead in his hands.

Loukya: Tomorrow evng he will b alone at home. Coz as its Rakshabandhan his wife goes to her maternal home. He will alone but he had security outside.

Vignan: Ok

She closed her eyes n tears flowed from her eyes.

Next day:

Vignan went to her home n tied Rakhi to her brother. She left to flat. Abhay came to her flat. Vignan tied Rakhi to him. Abhay gifted her “Bhagavadhgeetha”.

Vignan: Thank u bhai

Abhay: Ok dear..Come evng to my home. Now I will leave. Ur bhabhi is waiting for me

Vignan: Didn’t she go for maternal home?

Abhay: No she didn’t. Her brothers came at mrng n went off.

He caressed her hair n went off. Vignan looked at Bhagavadhgeetha.

Loukya: Can u kill him?

Vignan: Yes. Indirectly God cleared my doubt by making him to gift me Geetha

Vishika: Wat?

Vignan: If its good for society, we should sometimes kill even our own ppl, keeping our emotions n relationship aside. Dats what Bhagavadhgeetha says. Now I am clear abt my target.

At evng:

Vignan went to Abhay’s room by climbing through window. Her face was hiden by scarf n she wore gloves, leather jacket n shoes. She managed to reach his room without anyone’s notice. Abhay who’s watching TV saw her.

Abhay: Who r u?

Vignan: Shakthi

Abhay: Shakthi?? Y r u so scared to show ur face?

Vignan removed scarf

Abhay: Vignan..U?? So u r Shakthi.

Vignan: Yes. I am not scared to show my face. I am hiding my face for the safety of my sisters.

Abhay: I am ur brother. Don’t kill me pls. I will change. Give me another chance

Vignan: Only humans change. U r not human n didn’t deserve to live.

Abhay took pistol n tried to shoot at her n then she kicked him n took the pistol into her hands n raised the volume of TV. He tried to take pistol from her hand. But she used al her force n freed her hand from him n kicked him n made him to fall on floor. Then she shot him dead with 5 bullets in the pistol. She covered her face n left the room before anyone noticed.

Ashwesh team came for investigation excluding Loukya. They collected all the evidences. Ashwesh saw something near the legs of the bed. He took it n shocked seeing it.

Vignan’s flat:

Vignan n frnds in hyper tension.

Loukya: Did u miss it at Abhay’s house

Vignan: May b.

Pragna: If Ashwesh notices it then will b a big prblm.

Ashwesh called Vignan.

Precap: Ashwesh doubting Vignan as Shakthi. Vignan guess became true abt Ashwesh. Show on TV on Mission Shakthi n opinions of youngsters.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Devga

    Oh damn I was free and came to read dear ….. Wat an episode … Really … My heart skipped a bit with the PRECAP ….

    I too had a doubt tht ashwesh is just doubting and wantedly making reasons to stay close to her ….

    Oh god she left something how can she B careless …… I think all public will support her ….. Ashwesh also should support let’s c …..

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