My Judgement (Episode 6)

Episode 6:

The episode starts with the discussion of frnds in Vignan’s flat regarding a case took place in a tribal village.

Vishika: His name is Amar. He is working as a teacher in Zilla Parishad High School. Mostly parents won’t agree to educate girls there. But coz of a NGO, girls joined in the school.

He took advantage of the innocense n fearfulness of those tribals. He started s*xual harassment on his students. Few girls reported that they are raped more than 8 times which explains how cruel he is. If any one reports to police, he will either use money or power. He is the younger brother of a MP Vijender. As the victims are poor n mostly uneducated, they didn’t how to fight for justice. Because of this incident, girls are again prohibited to get educated by their parents.

Loukya: One more thing is he is leaving to abroad within 2 days. So we must do something within 2 days.

Vignan’s phone rang.

Vignan: Continue dear

Loukya: That’s it abt the case. You can pick the call n aft that we shall discuss the plan.

Vignan: ok.

She saw the call n received the call.

Vignan: Hello mom..hw r u?

Vishista: How many times should I call u? R u that busy to receive even mom’s call?

Vignan: I am sorry maa.

Vishista: Come home once. Its urgent.

Vignan: Wats the matter maa?

Vishista: Ur marriage had been fixed n u r going to b enguaged tomorrow. U come along with ur frnds. U hav to stay 3 days here.

Vignan: But maa….Suddenly wat is dis? I didn’t even know who’s the guy.

Vishista: U will like him for sure. First come here.

Vignan is abt to make an excuse but call is disconnected.

Loukya: Wat happen?

Vignan told everything to them.

Pragna: But we hav only 2 days time to catch that culprit. If we go home for 3 days then he will escape.

Vignan: Don’t worry. I am not going.

Vishika: But aunty bcoms angry on u. She may not forgive u for this.

Vignan: Leave it. I will go tomorrow mrng. Wats the plan?

Loukya: There are giving party tonite as he is leaving to abroad. This is the only chance for us to enter their house.

Vignan: ok

At evng:

Amar’s function:

Vignan entered as a cantering member. She is observing Amar. She saw Amar going upstairs. Slowly she followed him. She covered her face with a scarf. He went to a room n abt to close it. Vignan stopped n kicked him.

Amar: Hey who r u

Vignan: Shakthi

Amar: Don’t kill me. I will give u watever u ask.

Vignan: Give me ur life.

Saying this she shot on his head with pistol which had silencer. He was died. She escaped from there placing a note.

Ashwesh team came there. Ashwesh read the note

Ashwesh: ” This is Shakthi. He deserve to die. I will continue my mission till India is cleaned from such culprits. I was the one who killed Narain too. Soon our India will bcom safe place for girls. Jai hind”.

Next day:

Vignan went to her home with frnds

Vignan: Wat is dis sudden engagement maa. I didn’t want it.

Vishista: First u talk with bride groom. If u didn’t like then I will cancel it.

She showed the bridegroom n left. Her frnds saw him n they too left leaving them together.

Vignan: Ashwesh

Ashwesh: Hi Angel. Hw is this surprise

Vignan: Do u think I will agree for this marriage? U are

Ashwesh came near to her n placed his hand on her waist n pulled her so closer.

Ashwesh: You have no option darling

Vignan: First leave me

Ashwesh: You look so cute even in anger.

Vignan: Shut up

Ashwesh: Sure

Saying this he kissed her lips. Vignan pushed him away.

Vignan: Wat did u do

Ashwesh: U asked me to shut up n I did it. Ok leave it n Come down aft getting ready.

He left n her frnds came

Loukya: Oh God I nvr knew ACP sir is so romantic

Vignan: Shut up

Vishika: Ok. We will call Ashwesh

Vishika winked n hi fived to Loukya n Pragna.

Vignan: Do one thing. Altogether kill me.

Pragna: Sorry yaar.

Vignan: I want to cancel this engagement

Loukya: But why?

Vignan: Coz of

Pragna: Mission? Vignan, its just engagement. Lets take time for marriage. U can marry Ashwesh only aft mission. If u cancel it now, aunty may feel bad. Think once

Vignan: Ok.

Ashwesh came to Vignan’s room. Pragna, Loukya n Vishika left from there seeing him.

Ashwesh: I am sorry

Vignan: What?

Ashwesh: I mean for my past behaviour. I didn’t do it intentionally but….

Vignan: Its ok. I want to ask a favour from u

Ashwesh: I know u want me to cancel engagement. Sure I will do it. I didn’t want to marry u with force but I am sure u love me.

Vignan: Its not abt engagement. I want 1 yr time for marriage.

Ashwesh: Wat? Do u mean u r ready for engagement?

Vignan: Yes but for my mom. One more thing

Ashwesh: Tell me

Vignan: As engagement is finished, u should not ask me to come out with u or spend time with u. I need 1 yr time that too with privacy n no obligations.

Ashwesh: Ok. I nvr disturb u from ur important work

Vignan: What

Ashwesh: I mean ur foundation works.

Vignan: Thank u

Precap: Vignan’s engagement with Ashwesh. Vignan’s plan to kill a police officer as a part of mission Shakthi n unfortunately a clue got to ACP Ashwesh

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Lakshmi

    Superb update dear. Ashwesh is too good. They r getting engaged wow.And that amar deserves to die. Waiting for next update. Luv u ??…tc…

  2. Roma

    Awesome episode…she killed that culprit..bravo.. . vignan n ashwesh going to engage. …wowwww. .precap is interesting. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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