My Judgement (Episode 5)

My judgement

Episode 5

Recap: Narain’s murder n meeting of Ashwesh n Vignan. Ashwesh knew Vignan is his childhood bestie whom he loves a lot.

Episode 5:

At Vignan’s flat:

The episode starts with someone knocking the door of Vignan’s flat. Loukya opened it. Vishika busy in finding news abt assault on girls on internet with the help of Pragna. Pragna hacked reports of rape on tribal girls which are unknown to common public though FIR filed coz accused are big shots n highly influenced. Vignan preparing brk fst. Loukya shocked aft opening door.

Pragna: Who’s dat darling?

Loukya didn’t respond.

Vishika: Hey girl,why r u dumbstruck..Is it a ghost or vampire

Pragna: No chance bcoz ghost n vampire are already here. Devil is preparing brkfst. Monster is the one who opened door. So how come another vampire or ghost can come when we all are here.

Vishika n Vignan smiled listening her teasing.

Vignan: We know that we r devils but others should know na swt hrts.

Vignan found Loukya not responding n went there.

Vignan: Oh..Hello Mr. ACP sir.Wat made u to visit our flat?

Pragna n Vishika got alerted n closed their laptop n took newspaper into hands.

Ashwesh: I came as Ashwesh. Not as ACP Ms. Vignan. Who taught u this kind of manners to talk from outside to guests without inviting inside?

Vignan: U r not frnd or known person to any of us. Of course u r Loukya’s higher officer but it doesn’t mean u can come home without her permission, that too when u r off duty. Anyways Loukya, he is known only to u. So its up to u to invite him inside or not. We respect ur decision.

Vignan moved from there. Loukya invited him inside n Vignan gave tea n brk fst to all of them including Ashwesh. She is having brk fst with her frnds in the same hall but Ashwesh is left alone on dining table as he didn’t say reason for his visit.

Ashwesh: It’s so tasty Ms.Vignan. Thank u.

Vignan: Welcome but not everyday n that too without any reason.

Suddenly Vishika said some joke on her job n all started laughing. Its first time for Ashwesh to see her smiling. He is starring at her.

Ashwesh: My goodness, u all knew to laugh too..wonderful..Y do u guys maintain seriousness n didn’t laugh all the time

Vignan: If we laugh all the time, ppl thinks we r mad. Can u atleast say now reason for ur visit?

Ashwesh: For u

Vignan: What the hell u r talking?

Ashwesh: Do u remember ur frnd Nicky?

Vignan: How do u know him?

Ashwesh: If u remember his orginal name u will get it.

Vignan at once remembered his name.

Vignan: So u r?

Ashwesh: I am nicky angel (its Vignan’s pet name. She allows only her family,Pragna, Vishika n Loukya n Nicky to call her with that name)

Vignan thought for a minute.

Vignan: Ok. But wats the reason for ur arrival now?

Ashwesh shocked as he thought that she will b extremely happy knowing his identity n then he can propose her. But she took it very normally as it had no effect n as if she didn’t even want to meet him.

Ashwesh: R u not happy for meeting me? ur best frnd?

Vignan: Of course I am but do u mean I should show it off? Should I throw a party for that? Anyways if u r done, pls go. We need to get ready n leave for our jobs.

Her frnds are also shocked bcoz they knew her nature well. She neither disrespects anyone nor hurts. She values frnds a lot too.

Ashwesh: How did u change like dis

Vignan came forward to him.

Vignan: Look Mr.Ashwesh, we are just kids at that time. But now we r in responsible jobs. Just tell me one thing. Our positions changed, this city changed n everything around us changed. So why r u so shocked seeing me changed? Change is the only thing which nvr changes.

Ashwesh: I nvr expect this from u. Its my foolishness to search for u these many years n I am so excited to tell this to u.

Vignan: Did I ask u to search for me? Y did u do that? Do u hav that free time to search for me apart from being ACP who need to deal with many cases?

Ashwesh: I searched for u bcoz I love you. But now I feel ashamed to love a person like u who didn’t even value ppl. Good bye. I hope God nvr creates situation to see ur face again

He left n frnds r seeing her.

Vignan: Ok guys, let me get ready fast. Getting late.

She went to her room. Aft 30 mins, frnds knocked the door

Vignan: Come in

They came in n saw Vignan. Her eyes are red n face is so dull. Being her best frnds, they can understand her very easily. They saw her hiding something under pillow..

Vignan: Y do u guys knock the door being so formal? I nvr saw u all doing such things before

Loukya:When u r hiding ur feelings n Nicky’s photo from us n behaving so formally, so we too thought we should keep up our respect by being formal

Vignan: Wat? I didn’t hide anything.

Pragna came near to her n took her hand n kept on head as if taking promise from her

Pragna: Now tell us, don’t u love Nicky/Ashwesh?Till now many times u told abt him to us.

Vignan: Yes I love Ashwesh

Vishika: Then y r u so rude n mean to him?

Vignan closed her eyes n tears flowed from her eyes. She controlled herself n opened her eyes n took a deep breathe.

Vignan: For our Mission Shakthi. Presently nothing is more important for me than our mission. Goal of saving our sisters is more important than love. We must succeed in this mission at any cost. Nothing grabs my interest or focus than this. I want to see India as a model for other nations where women r respected n lives without any fear.

One more reason is anything may happen to me at anytime. I didn’t want him to get hurted at that time. Now he will hate n forget me so soon. I know well abt Ashwesh. Till now he nvr fail in any case he dealt with. Surely he will succeed in our case too. He prefers duty over relationship. But as a human, he may feel guilty wen he catches me as he loved me. Now he is free from all these emotions.

Loukya: But we r doing this because……..

Vignan: No.(shouted)

Vignan: Even walls may have ears. Never talk abt the reason behind our mission till it completes.

Loukya: Ok

Vignan: Promise me that u won’t say this to Ashwesh

Pragna: Mission is important but ur happiness is equally important to us

Vignan: Our happiness lies in the safeguard of right of our sisters to live freely n secured in India

Three promised her that they nvr reveal this to Vignan. Now she is unable to control her anymore n hugged them. Aft a long time they saw her crying like dat. But they became helpless coz of promise. Vignan knew that they won’t promise if they see her crying. So she took promise n then her sorrow bursted out.

Aft sometime they got ready n Pragna accompanied Vignan to foundation as she is not in good mood.

Ashwesh’s Point of View:

Vignan, I know u nvr change. Ur eyes are saying that u love me. But there is some reason which made u to behave so. I won’t leave u till u accept ur love on me. I love u Angel.

Vignan’s foundation:

Vignan n Pragna went there n opened the door of her office. She saw entire staff n girls who are rescued by her in her office with cake. Everyone said ” Happy Birthday”. She is shocked as she didn’t celebrate her bday from few years. Only her family n frnds knew her bday. She saw Ashwesh with a smile there. He came forward n gave a gift to her saying “Happy Birthday”. Vignan slapped him.

Vignan: Wat non sense is this? I hate all this drama. Get lost from here.

Ashwesh left from there. Everyone got scared n went off. Pragna consoled her. Pragna called other 2 frnds to come. They reached n locked the door.

Vishika: Its ok yaar. Relax

Vignan: No dear. If he continues to follow me, he may know abt our mission. I don’t understand wat to do

Pragna: As u slapped him, he may not follow u again

Vignan: No yaar. I know abt Nicky. If he love someone, he is ready to bare anything for them.

Loukya: Lets think some solution abt it. Don’t worry.

They left.

At Forensic Lab:

Ashwesh n team reached there. Doctor handovered the report of blood found at Narain’s home. Its not matched to any of the security or anyone related to Narain’s family. As Ashwesh asked, they tested it with the blood of Kalyani n found its not related to her but DNA is matched with her blood. Ashwesh shocked knowing that it may b related to her family. He went to the hospital where the whole family is expired aft committing suicide. It is matched to her mom’s blood who is Narain’s father’s own sister shocking Ashwesh (coz she is expired). As no one saw Vignan coz of pepper spray are not able to identify the person n Loukya said she was covered herself in a rug n didn’t see her properly.

At Vignan’s flat:

Pragna: Disgusting

Vignan: Wat happen

Pragna: Horrible. How can ppl b like this.

Her throat blocked coz of tears. Three went near to her n saw the case. Everyone felt the same.

Loukya: How can teacher behave like this? Teacher is worshipped as God n respected equally as parents. But……..

She stopped as she can’t speak anymore.

Precap: Shakthi team discussion abt the teacher’s case n Vignan killing him.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Lakshmi

    Superb dear. Vignan n ashwesh love is amazing dear. I think their is very big reason behind this mission.luv u sindhu.. Tc… Bye..

  2. Devga

    Thank u … Soooo awesome again a childhood friendship thriller love suspense and power packed episode and story… And many more ….
    Thank u … Uff thank is not enough ….

  3. Roma

    Awesome episode, vignan’s behavior with ashwesh is very rude but for concern for her mission n aim it was important. ..loving this story very very much. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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