My Judgement (Episode 4)

Episode 4:

Recap: Acid attack on Raj. Revealation of motto behind murders by Shakti team.

The episode starts with the news on TV saying that Raj died in an acid attack by Shakthi.

Vignan n co is watching the news discussing abt plan of Narain murder.

Loukya: He had private security of 10 members. Presently he is not even coming out from his home coz of unknown reasons.

Vishika: I heard that he is undergoing some medical treatment.

Vignan: At home?

Vishika: Yes. Thats y only doctor n nurse are allowed to visit him.

Vignan: Pragna, find out details of doctor n that nurse.

Everyone smiled understanding her idea. Meanwhile Vignan gets a call from unknown number.

Vignan: Hello. who is dis?

Ashwesh: I am ACP Ashwesh.

Fb shows:

Ashwesh called a person n ordered to find out the details of Vignan. He gave her details to him.

fb ends.

Vignan: Oh..Hello ACP sir. May I know wats dis sudden surprise?

Everyone shocked to know its ACP call. But Vignan sighed them to continue their work. They r doing their work.

Ashwesh: I need to meet u today at 6pm. Can u pls meet me mam?

Vignan: Ya sure. But where?

Ashwesh: at my place

Vignan: I hate police stations n its environment. I can’t come there

Ashwesh: But who knows wat destiny decides.

Vignan: Destiny depends on good deeds we do.

Ashwesh: Who decided good n bad decides

Vignan: Consequences or results. If our deeds result to the good of many in the society its good n vice versa.

Ashwesh: Nice definition

Vignan: Come to the point pls.

Ashwesh: I love u

Vignan: What?

Ashwesh: Sorry. Its my niece. She is a kid n I am talking to her

Vignan: I think u didn’t know how to talk to girls. Tell me the purpose of meeting me n if u want to meet me then come to my foundation. Bye

Vignan disconnected the call. She explained his words to frnds.

Loukya: Did he get doubt on u?

Vignan: I don’t think so. Even if he gets doubt, he can’t anything to us. Lets leave it.

Ashwesh remembers his childhood where he had a best frnd who is none other than Vignan. She didn’t recognise him but he recognised n he loves her too.

Vignan’s flat:

Vignan: As we have got the details of that doctor n nurse, let me disguise myself as a nurse n enter his home.

Loukya: Ok. somehow I will divert her focus n u can reach his room.

Vignan: I didn’t want u to risk for me

Loukya: We r risking for our nation Vignan

Pragna: Vignan, its better to take Loukya’s help bcoz we can’t leave u.

Vishika: Yes dear. We can understand ur view but u pls understand our concern too.

Vignan: Ok swt hrts. I will take Loukya’s help. Now pls chill

Next day:

Loukya went to Narain’s home as a police officer to check the security issues. She opened the back door of the home. Vignan entered into house as nurse. Loukya went to Narain’s room n found nurse there n asked her to come out to ask few questions as a security measure. Aft 5 mins Vignan entered his room as nurse. Narain found dat it is not nurse.

Narain: Who r u?

Vignan: Shakthi

Saying this she took a syringe n injected him without allowing him to escape. But he ran from the room shouting n Vignan ran from there. Loukya n security came there n infront of all of them Narain fallen down n security took him to hospital. Before becoming unconscious Narain pointed the direction to where Vignan ran. Everyone abt to run.

Loukya: Wait. Let me handle it. We should go slowly otherwise culprit may escape.

But private security didn’t listen to her n ran towards that dieection. By the time they came Vignan masked her face n sprayed pepper spray on them which made them unable to see. Loukya came there n everyone shouted to shoot. Loukya pretended as if she fought with Shakthi n shot her on leg. Vignan poured blood on the floor n to some extent on the way n finally escaped.

Next day:

Ashwesh went to hospital n found that due to the medicine injected by Shakthi, Narain became impotent forever. Narain was unable to bare this insult n committed suicide. Ashwesh found he is linked to the case of Kalyani n came to Vignan’s foundation to meet her.

Vignan foundation:

Ashwesh: Hello miss Vignan

Vignan is on the chair checking the files. She looked at him questioning with eyes y did he come there.

Ashwesh: Can’t u welcome guest properly?

Vignan: Guests will b those whom I invite. I didn’t invite u. U r not my guest. Tell me the purpose of coming here

Ashwesh: I came on duty

Vignan: Here there are no criminals to catch

Ashwesh: I came to meet victims. I want to meet Kalyani in Narain’s case.

Vignan: She is not in a state to answer anyone. Anyways come with me. I will take u to Kalyani

Ashwesh went to Kalyani but he was shocked seeing her stage. She is behaving as a kid who forgot her past coz of Narain. Ashwesh immediately went out from there.

Ashwesh: Its really miserable to see her like dat

Vignan: Hmm. But sometimes even misery can do something good. Its very tough for a rape victim to forget the past n live life on new terms. I think for Kalyani, memory loss is a blessing.

Ashwesh: Don’t u ever talk normally as a girl other than like a philosopher n Y r u serious all the time.

Vignan: I enjoy only with my frnds. As u r none to me, Its my attitude to be serious. Can u leave now? I had lots of work

Ashwesh: Ya sure. But I want to talk something personally to u. Now we r on work, so shall we meet in coffee shop today evng.

Vignan: I am not interested. Y should I meet an unknown

Ashwesh: I am not unknown to u. If u want to know who am I, meet me.

Vignan looked him with irritation n went off.

Precap: Ashwesh seeing the blood mrks at Narain’s home n found whose it is. Next target of Shakthi team.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Lakshmi

    I was waiting for ur ff but thought u r busy with studies. Superb episode dear.So ashwesh n vignan r childhood friends. Will be waiting for next update.

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u…Actually I am writing another didn’t post unknown i am writing ff “Love is not a game”..going to end to end it soon..hence gave brk to this ff..

  2. Roma

    Wowwww awesome episode, vignan is very intelligent n smart..the work she n her team doing is outstanding. ..ashwesh got doubt on her but his past is related with vignan n he loved her that’s interesting. ..sindhu my sweeeeeet friend you always come up with very good msg to this humanity….I love reading you stories, it gives me lots of strength n power to be good human…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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