My Judgement (Episode 3)

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Recap: Vignan met Ashwesh. Vignan team discussing abt Juvenile’s death n their next target.

Episode 3:

The episode starts with Ashwesh team discussing abt Juvenile murder.

Ashwesh: Its really disgusting that we r unable to get even a single clue.

Abhi: Even there is no finger print on the note pasted.

Vishwak: We interrogated Vihani’s family. They said they didn’t know anything n they were all at home on that particular day. I enquired their neighbours n its proved true.

Loukya: What shall we do next sir?

Ashwesh: We have to visit the spot again n reinvestigate the case. May b we r missing some clue or information. Lets try again.

Scene shifts to a place where Raj is talking with friends at his home. Vignan observing him from opposite building through a telescope. His frnds left. Vignan wore her leather coat, gloves n shoes n gagools.

She knocked the door of Raj’s home. He opened.

Raj: Who r u?

Vignan: Sir, I came to this area to meet my frnd. But she is out n am waiting from one hour. Can u pls give me some water?

Raj: One minute.

Raj went to bring water. He gave water to her. She is seeing around the house while he is busy in starring at her beauty. (Actually coz of her dressing, he can’t see anything. So he is starring at her lips).Vignan observed this.

Vignan: Sir,can I wait here till my frnd arrives?

Raj: Sure.Come inside.

Vignan sat on a chair n asked him to play music as she is feeling bore. He played music n sat infront of her. He got a call n he turned towards table to pick the phone. Vignan kicked him on his hand n he was shocked at this sudden reaction of her’s. He tried to take her gagools to see who is she. But she kicked him again n his head hit to the wall n started to bleed. He saw it n turned towards Vignan with anger. By that time she took Acid bottle from her pocket n poured on his face. He shouted with pain but no one can hear it as music is playing with high volume. She poured acid again on his neck n body n escaped from there. Before that she pasted again a note on the wall. Vishika(journalist) waiting for her in car n Vignan left in that vehicle.

Ashwesh got a call informing this n his team went there. Raj was moved to the hospital. Ashwesh entered the room n saw the note on the wall,

“ACP Sir,

I know u r not leaving any stone unturned to catch me, but if u guys really tried this hard to punish these criminals like Afeez, Raj etc, I would have never taken law into my hands.

I started this “Mission Shakthi” to free my nation from such wild creatures. My name is Shakthi n my motto is to bring true Independence to India. Mahatma Gandhi said we get true independence only when girls can walk freely even at midnight. But at present, girls can’t walk freely even at day time. I, as an Indian felt ashamed of it. I promise my sisters that I will free them from any harm n safeguard their self respect. Whereever a girl suffers from any kind of harassment, Shakthi will present there to punish them.

Justice prevails, Jai hind.”

Ashwesh shocked to see the note n thought to hide it. But, Loukya sighed Pragna to enter inside. Pragna with other reporters entered inside though Abhi n Vishwak asked them to leave. Situation forced Ashwesh to reveal the note to media.

News spread throughout electronic n paper media. A little hope rised in the hearts of parents of girl child that their child will be safe n a smile is seen on the faces of girls.

Scene shifted to Vignan’s flat.

Pragna: Next operation is little risky Vignan.

Vignan: What is the case?

Vishika: Narain, son of MP Satyanarayana.

Vignan: Risk is what we choosed. Now no words of negativity is allowed.

Loukya: He is Narain. He proposed a girl Kalyani, who is his relative. But she rejected him as he is a jerk. He kidnapped that girl along with his frnds n raped her. Aft that, girl became mentally ill n her family committed suicide. She is residing in our foundation presently in the same state. She doesn’t know wat happened to her n her family till now.

Loukya stopped her words as tears blocked her tone. Vignan touched her hand n consoled her though her eyes r also filled with tears.

Vignan: None of u r going to help me this time in this task.

Pragna: What? Its very risky. If anything happens to u, we can’t bare.

Vignan: Dats the reason I am asking u not to involve. Let me complete it by my own. If anything happens n I didn’t return, then one of u take over the task n complete it. Mission is most important than me. Remember it.

Though they are tensed, they agreed with her.

Ashwesh sat in his room n remembered the words of the note. He called someone n said something regarding the case.(revealed aft few episodes).

Next day:

ACP office.

Ashwesh: Is there any progress in the case.

Abhi: Yes sir. Previously one death but now one death n one acid attack.progress towards handling 2 cases.

Ashwesh: Shut up Abhi. Its not the time to joke.

Vishwak: Abhi, Sir is asking our progress not Shakthi’s.

Ashwesh: Wat happen to u guys today?

Vishwak: When we can’t punish the criminals who must b punished severely, atleast lets watch someone punishing them.

Ashwesh: Don’t talk like common public. Think like an IPS.

Abhi: If I think like an IPS n my hands are freed from the pressure of higher officers, I will shoot all those criminals who r degrading the self respect of my sisters.

Loukya: Watever its our duty to catch the culprit. Lets work towards it. If their mission is right, We can never catch Shakthi. If wrong, she will b caught soon. Lets do our work crctly. We should never forget our duty.

Precap: Murder of Narain n narrow escape of Vignan. Ashwesh visits foundation to visit Kalyani n meets Vignan.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Lakshmi

    Nice episode dear but they r risking their life to give justice to those victims. They should be very carefull.Waiting for next update. Love u ??..take care…

  2. Awesome … Now I got a track of it dear …. So these 4 powerful girls are on a mission … Wonderful … It was nice talk between abhi viswak and laukya … Their opinions on the happening etc …

    Lakshmi u had wished me dear but I had not tym to reply u back …. Thank u sooooooo much …. Hwau ?

    Sindhu dear do u knw I am stil somewer in thoughts tht lmlb and kiml WIL B back …. Try giving smal story on Inash and rakshi …. Sometime or the other ….

    Hi Ruby PLZ update next PART of em soon ….

    My judgement on my judgement is awesome …. And realistic … Continue sweet heart…

  3. Roma

    So thrilling story…loved the way vignan is punishing the culprits…ashwesh n team have to work very hard to catch her..loving this story very much. .keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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