My Judgement (Episode 2)

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Recap: Murder of a Juvenile

Episode 2:

The episode starts with the gathering of Vignan(NGO-female lead), Loukya(IPS), Pragna(software expert) n Vishika(journalist) at their flat. The four lighted a candle before the photo of Vihani(gang rape victim) n paid tribute to her.

Loukya: We won in our first task.

Vignan: Task is not yet completed. It completes after meeting ACP Ashwesh.

Loukya: What? Do u want to meet Ashwesh(Head of the team-IPS) who is dealing with the case?

Vignan: Yes. I am sure he is excited to meet me. I mean the murderer of that Juvenile. Before he meets me,Let us meet him.

Loukya: Ok I will plan it.

Pragna: I will b decoding the crime records.

Vishika: Let me help u. As a journalist I know few softwares to do it.

Loukya: Vignan, I want to ask u one thing. Though we help u in planning, Y don’t u take our help in execution of the plan?

Vignan: Because Our task is risky. I am ready to sacrifice myself. I need u guys to be away till I am alive. Because if anything happens to me,task should be stopped. You all should continue it. must win in this battle of safeguarding our sisters.

Pragna,Loukya n Vishika: We promise dear

Pragna: Tell me how did u trap him yesterday?

Vignan: As we guessed coz of people’s protest against him, he didn’t visit his village. After release he decided to stay in Delhi at Noida. Yesterday I met him when he was in drunken state.

fb shows:

Vignan shown in Black leather pant n white shirt with black leather jacket on it, black gloves n black shoes with ponytail n gagools. She is observing a person. He came out of a bar. Vignan followed him. He reached his home n abt to lock the door. Vignan stopped him from locking it.

Afeez(Juvenile): Who r u?

Vignan: You can’t do anything knowing dat. Coz within few minutes u will b dead.

Afeez(laughs): U r just a girl. R u going to kill me?

He tried to touch her face with lust. Vignan caught his hand n turned it. She kicked him on his chest.He fell down n he tried to throw glass bottle on her. She moved n escaped from it. She kicked again n he fell down. She kept her leg on his throat

Afeez:Why u want to kill me? Wat did I do to u?

Vignan: Y did u kill Vihani? Wat did she do to u?

Afeez: Are u related to her?

Vignan: Yes. We both are related by nationality (Indian). Let me start the cleaning of my nation from culprits like u with ur death.

Afeez: Pls forgive me pls

Vignan: Sure in ur next birth. Incase if u realise ur mistake now.

Vignan pointed pistol towards him.

Afeez: Pls don’t kill me. I beg u.

Vignan:Did u leave Vihani wen she begged u like dis? Anyways forgiveness is for human n not for wild animals.

Vignan shot him dead on head n pasted a note n left.

fb ends.

Pragna: Great. He deserves it.

Vignan:Hmm. Even now if I remember the death of that girl, I can’t stop my tears. Gang rape by 6 people n penetrating an iron rod into her uterus n pulling her intestines out. Horrible. Even glass pieces r found inside her body. Its not just lust but cruelty.

Loukya:Even wild animals r better than them

Vishika: When I went for coverage of news, I am shocked seeing her situation.

Pragna: Aft all this, even few of our leaders criticised her saying that y did she stayed out at late hours n abt her dressing.

Loukya: Wearing modern dress doesn’t mean permitting them to do watever they want.

Vignan: This is not the society wished by our national leaders to get established. We should stop this at this moment. Atleast our future generation should b free of rape n acid attacks on girls. Parents should not fear to send girls out but cuprits should fear to step out from their home. Lets establish a free safe n secured society for our sisters n future generations.

The four joined hands together.

Scene shifted to a cafe where Vignan, Pragna n Vishika are having coffee. Loukya came there with their team along with Ashwesh as per their plan.

Loukya: Hey, U ppl here?

Pragna: Join with us Loukya

Loukya: Sorry guys, I came with my team.

Vignan sighed her to introduce Ashwesh n team.

Loukya: He is ACP sir, Mr. Ashwesh n my other team members Abhi n Vishwak.Sir, they are my best frnds Vignan,Pragna n Vishika.

Two teams greeted one another.

Vignan: Hello sir, nice to meet u.

Ashwesh: So u r Ms. Vignan. I heard a lot about u n ur foundation “Shree Shakthi Nilayam” Infact I am a fan for ur work. U r giving new hope to the victims of rape, acid attacks,domestic violence etc. Keep up good work.

Vignan smiled.

Vignan: Thank u. I too heard many things about u n ur work that u will go to any length to find out the culprit.

Ashwesh: Its common in my profession.

Vignan: Hmm.Yes. I agree. Anyways we have to disburse now as we hav to visit my foundation. Lets meet again.

Ashwesh: Yes. Even I think we will meet again.

Scene shifts to their flat.

Pragna: Vignan, Records were decoded. The next case is of victim Ahalya. She is pursuing her btech 3rd year. A person named Raj, her classmate used to follow her n proposed her. She rejected. Even aft that, he misbehaved with her few times n she complained on him to police. He was arrested but released on bail. As soon as he came out, he attacked her with acid. She lost her left eye in the incident. She underwent 19 surguries till now n even now aft 6 months still she is in hospital in miserable state. Now again he was set free on bail.

Vishika: Tomorrow I will give u the full details of Raj.


Precap: Killing of Raj n revealing their motto to the Ashwesh team by leaving a note on spot.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Ruby

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    every characters names are variety. .keep going dear…I am glad that I can read this story…

  2. Lakshmi

    Superb dear. He deserves to be killed like that. Really they r doing good job. Precap is interesting.I think Only u can do justice to this story.Will be waiting for next update. Love u ???…take care..

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    Welcome back dear… very intresting plot… u hav an amazing writing skills… when i read ur ff i really get lost into it… u r too good…. keep it up…

  4. Roma

    I’m speechless, awesome episode, how cruel these heartless people are so wild n devil…very nicely described, very interesting n unique story, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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