My Judgement (Episode 13)

My Judgement ep 13

Episode starts with Ashwesh returning home at evng around 7 pm. House is so dark.

Ashwesh(inner voice): I think Vignan is not yet reached home. She says she loves me but she didn’t even wish me on my bday. She changed a lot. I love Vignan who is so sensible, sweet, caring n loving. But now she changed completely.

Thinking this he switched on the light. To his surprise room was decorated beautifully n he heard many voices saying Happy Birthday. He turned n looked. His parents, Vignan’s maternal family, frnds n his team are there.

Ashwesh: Thank u. But…

He is abt to say something n Vignan came from upstairs wearing beautiful saffron colour sari with simple embroidery work. She came to him with cake.

Vignan:Happy Birthday Ashwesh. I love u

Ashwesh and Vignan suddenly remembered the day when Ashwesh surprised her on her bday but when Vignan threw the cake n slapped him. She was a bit scared thinking he may behave in the same way. She is pleading him eyes not to ruin the party. He is looking her seriously n came close to her n took the cake. She closed her eyes scaring that he may b rude. But he smiled n whispered in her ears.

Ashwesh:Thank u swt hrt. I loved the surprise.

Vignan opened her eyes n relieved from tension n arranged the table for cake cutting n asked him to get fresh n come down. Ashwesh sighed her to come with him. He went to room n Vignan followed him. As soon as she entered he closed the door n pinned her to the door.

Vignan: wat r u doing

Ashwesh: I didn’t do anything till now

Vignan: Leave me pls. I have many works. Guests are waiting for us

Ashwesh:Do u still remember my bday.

Vignan:No actually I saw ur personal file today at office. So I came to know its ur bday.

He came close to her n looked at her lips. Her lips are shivering n she tried to move away but he didn’t allow her to move. She loweres her eyes blushing with his closeness. He kissed her lips slowly n looked into her eyes.

Ashwesh: If u know only today how u made my parents to attend the party. It takes one day for them to reach our place from the village. If u didn’t plan before this is not possible. Stop lying now

Vignan:I remember ur bday. Actually I remember everything abt u. Now leave me. I have to give a gift to u.

Ashwesh: Just now I took gift from u. Now u wanna give me.Ok.I am ready

Vignan:Ashwesh pls let me move

Ashwesh: On one condition

Vignan: What

Ashwesh: U should come with me for a long drive tonight.

Vignan: But uncle n aunty are there. How can we?

Ashwesh: At night dear, when everyone sleeps. We can come before they wake up

Vignan:Ok. Agreed

Ashwesh moved n Vignan gave a cover to him

Ashwesh: wats this?

Vignan: Open it.

Ashwesh opened the cover n found a suit in it. He smiled n got ready.Party started. Ashwesh cut the cake n feeded his mom n Vignan. Everyone r having dinner. But Vignan n her frnds gathered at garden as Loukya called Vignan to talk.

Vignan: Tell me fast.I need to go

Loukya: Vignan, I didn’t understand anything. Tell me who killed that person when u r with me.

Pragna: Tell me Vignan. We can’t talk anywhere bcoz Ashwesh won’t allow u to go out aft ur duty n when u r on duty,we can’t talk all this. So this is the only chance we got to discuss

Ashwesh came there n listened their conversation.

Ashwesh(inner voice): So this is the reason u arranged my bday party. As u didn’t have any chance to discuss ur mission with ur frnds u choosed my bday as a chance to talk to them. How foolish I am to think that u done everything for me n coz of love. I thought u nvr change n u r always my frnd Vignan. But I am wrong.

Vignan: No Pragna. I am not going to tell anything now. Bcoz I didn’t want to use Ashwesh’s bday as a chance to discuss our mission. He will b waiting for me. I need to go. Pls excuse me

Saying this Vignan started to go n saw Ashwesh near a tree.

Vignan: Sorry I am coming. Did aunty n uncle complete their dinner? Come I will serve u dinner.

Ashwesh:I am sorry for misunderstanding ur love


Ashwesh: Nothing. I love u

Vignan: Love u too.

Both went inside n their frnds n team joined with them for dinner. Everyone left n Ashwesh’s parents slept. Vignan went to room. She is taking off her jewellery n Ashwesh hugged her from behind.

Vignan: What? ACP sir is not angry on me even once today. Did u forget that I am a criminal

Ashwesh: Yes I remember. Thats y I arrested u in my hug with love.

Vignan blushed n smiled

Ashwesh: Long drive

Vignan: Sure

Ashwesh: Come lets go

Both started in their car for long drive. Ashwesh started playing love songs.

Vignan: Weather is awesome. Cool breeze is making me to forget all my tiredness.


Vignan: Ya. Coz of investigation of that murder case n party arrangements

Ashwesh: Then y did u agree for long drive

Vignan: Just for u n anything for u.

Ashwesh stopped car seeing an ice cream parlour.

Ashwesh: Ice cream?


Ashwesh bought ice cream for her. Both sat on the top of the car. Her loose hair is weavering touching his face now n then. He slowly removed her hair n tugged it behind her ear n came near to her. Vignan closed her eyes. Suddenly her mobile rang. Both came into senses n Vignan took mobile n went a little far from him. She talked with someone n seeing Ashwesh coming she disconnected the call.

Ashwesh: Who is that

Vignan: Friend

Ashwesh: At this midnight

Vignan: Frnds can call at any time

Suddenly someone pointed pistol towards Vignan n Ashwesh noticed it.

Ashwesh: Vignan down

Both bent down n escaped safely. Vignan started running behind the person. Ashwesh hold her hand. That person ran n the area was completely dark.

Ashwesh: U can’t catch him in darkness.

Vignan: Criminals always stay in darkness n its the duty of police to catch then where ever they are.

She took her pistol n its a special pistol. Its rays fallen on the darkest side n seeing it, Vignsn shot him on legs. She immediately went into him n handcuffed him. She called Abhi n he came arrested him. Everything happened within minutes.

Vignan: Tomorrow I will come to talk to him Abhi. Till then tc of him

Abhi: Yes madam.

Vignan: Now u can leave.

Abhi saluted her n went from there.

Vignan: So wat next


Vignan:Shall we go home or wanna go somewhere?


Both returned home. Vignan slept but Ashwesh went into thoughts. Due to his consistent moving on bed Vignan woke up.

Vignan: R u ok?

Ashwesh: Ya am ok

Vignan: Y didn’t u sleep till now

Ashwesh: Headache

Vignan: Oh. I will give u the tablet.

She got down n gave him tablet. Ashwesh took it n looking at her

Vignan: Is anything bothering u?


Vignan: ACP sir, don’t worry abt me much. Till the moment I had ur love, nothing happens to me. So sleep peacefully. Ur love will save me for sure

Ashwesh eyes filled with tears but he didn’t say anything n slept. It’s morning. Ashwesh’s parents left n only both of them remained at home. Vignan is serving food for him. She got call from Abhi.

Vignan:One minute, will b back soon.

Vignan: Abhi, tell me

Abhi: He told who sent him to shoot u

Vignan: Who

Abhi: ACP Ashwesh sir.

Vignan shocked listening this.

Ashwesh:Vignan, come fast

Vignan: Coming

Vignan: Abhi, don’t say this to anyone even to Loukya. I am coming within 30 mins

Abhi:Ok madam

Vignan came to Ashwesh n served food.

Ashwesh: R u not going to hav brk fst?

Vignan:Will have later

Ashwesh: R u ok?

Vignan: I need to go on some imp work. If u hav ur brk fst, I will go.

Ashwesh had his brk fst. Vignan got ready to go.

Vignan: I am leaving,tc. Will return by 7pm. Had few works.

She tried to avoid eye contact with him n is going. Ashwesh hold her hand n turned her towards him. He hugged her. Vignan is trying hard to control her tears

Ashwesh: I am sorry

Vignan: Wat?

Ashwesh: I am sorry for sending that person to shoot u. But I didn’t really srnd him to shoot u. I just told him to pretend to shoot u. Bcoz I want to increase ur security which makes difficult for u to resume ur mission. Really I didn’t thought to harm u Vignan. I love u

Vignan brks the hug.

Vignan: Its ok. Shall I leave now?

Ashwesh: Are u angry on me

Vignan: No. I understand. Let me go pls

Ashwesh: Ok. tc

Vignan left. At aftnoon, Ashwesh is going in his vehicle n saw Vignan with a man in a restaurant.

Vignan at restaurant:

Vignan: Hi surya. How r u?

Surya: I am superb as always. How about u?

Vignan: Fine

Surya: I find ur charm missing. Usually I heard glow in girl’s face will increase after marriage. Wat happened to u?

Vignan: I am tired.Tired of everything. This mission, life, love,marriage everything.

Surya: Hey wats wrong? Y r u sounding so depressed?

Vignan:Ashwesh sent someone to pretend firing on me. He us ready to go to any extent to succeed.

Surya:Don’t worry. U r on right path. No one can harm u. OK leave it. Shall we go for a bike ride

Vignan: What?

Surya: Come on. Ur mood will change.

He hold her hand n took her on bike. They roamed the city n spent good time. Ashwesh is following them. But they didn’t notice. Aft a while, Surya found someone following them n stopped bike infront of Ashwesh’s car. Ashwesh got down.

Surya: Hey who r u? Y r u following us??

Surya abt to beat him n Vignan stopped him.

Vignan: He is ACP Ashwesh, my husband.

Surya looked at her n then looked at Ashwesh.

Surya: I am sorry. Nice to meet u Mr. Ashwesh.

Ashwesh didn’t respond n looked Vignan seriously. Vignan went to him immediately.

Vignan: Ashwesh, he is Mr. Surya, my frnd n batchmate at Police Academy.

Ashwesh: Shall we go?

Vignan: Ok

Vignan sighed Surya bidding bye n went with him. Both got fresh. Ashwesh didn’t talk anything with her

Vignan: R u angry on me?

Ashwesh: Does it matters to u?

Vignan: Wat do u mean?

Ashwesh: Leave it. I know well my feelings doesn’t matter to u. U didn’t even care for me. So stop acting n get lost from here before I lose my patience

Vignan: Ashwesh, It matters to me. Ur feelings n u are important to me. But I don’t understand y r u angry on me

Ashwesh: Don’t u know? U r sharing ur feelings n prblms with ur frnd. U roamed whole city on his bike. If anyone sees u both surely they will think u both are lovers. U done everything n now u r asking wats ur fault

Vignan: Just stop it. He is my frnd

Ashwesh: Frnd? But more close to u than ur husband

Vignan: Ok I am sorry. Pls come to dinner.

Ashwesh: I am going out. I will b back tomorrow mrng

Vignan: Ashwesh pls wait

He went off without listening to her. He slept in sofa itself thinking abt him. Mrng she woke n went to her room n found Ashwesh getting ready.

Vignan: Good morning

Ashwesh: Slept happily? Didn’t even know wen I return to home.

Vignan: Coffee?

Ashwesh: Ya sure. Really getting headache from yesterday.


Vignan brought coffee to him n got ready. Ashwesh is abt to leave.

Vignan: One minute pls

Ashwesh: What?

Vignan: I am sorry for sharing my feelings with someone else other than u n going out with him. I really mean it. I promise I won’t do it again. No one else is more important or close to me than u. U r the only one who is everything to me. Pls don’t me angry on.

Saying this he hugged him n rested her head on his chest n hold his shirt with tears. Ashwesh stood their for few minutesn then he too hugged her n caressed her hairs

Ashwesh: Look at me Vignan

Vignan wiped her tears n looked him.

Ashwesh: Say it again.

Vignan: Don’t b angry on me

Ashwesh: Before that

Vignan: U r the only one who is everything to me

He cupped her face n slowly leaned towards her n kissed her lips. Vignan smiled n blushed at the sametime.

Vignan: R u still angry on me

Ashwesh: No. I am happy to know that I am the only one who is special to u.

Vignan: Whr did u go last nite

Ashwesh: Abhi’s room

Vignan: ok. Shall we have brk fst?

Ashwesh: I can see the best wife in u at home n best IPS at work. How can u b so balanced at work n home?

Vignan: I love my work n I love u too.

Both had their brk fst n went to Commissionarate as he called the team handling Shakti case.

Vignan n team : Good morning sir

Comm: Good morning Ms. Vignan. Pls take ur seat.

Vignan: Thank u sir

Everyone sat.

Comm: Mr. Ashwesh, Sorry to say but you are removed from this case. In ur place a new CBI officer is going to work. Ms. Vignan, u may know him already.

Everyone shocked listening his words. Comm pointed his hand towards right showing the new officer. Vignan shocked n Ashwesh became furious seeing him.

Comm: He is Mr. Surya. Central govt ordered u n Surya to work together Ms. Vignan

Vignan: Ok

Surya: We both have already dealt with many cases n succeeded. We r sure we wil succeed in this mission too.

Ashwesh understood his words n hold his fist seriously n then he left from there. Aft the meeting Vignan went to home as she is worried abt Ashwesh.

Vignan: Ashwesh, r u ok

Ashwesh: Just stop ur blo*dy action

Vignan: Ashwesh

Ashwesh: Don’t u know that ur frnd going to assist u in the case in my place? This is the first time in my career to get removed from a case. Its all just bcoz of u

Vignan: I didn’t do anything

Ashwesh threw everything on the table.

Ashwesh: I know very well that u r the reason for removing me. Now in the team, all are ur frnds n admirers. If I am in the team, definitely I will prove the truth. So planned everything n done according to it. But remember, I won’t leave this case that easily. Within 7 days I will prove u r the criminal to the world. And aft that U can’t stay in my life too.

Vignan:Wat do u mean?

Ashwesh: Its my fault to love a person like u. I will crct it by divorcing u.

Vignan:Ashwesh pls understand I have no role in ur removal. I knew it just now. pls trust me

Ashwesh: Trust? U didn’t have any right even to use that word. Now get out of this home

Vignan: What

Ashwesh: Yes. Get lost from my home. I am no longer going to stay with a person like u.

Vignan: Pls Ashwesh. Don’t say that.

Ashwesh hold her hand n threw her out of the home.

Vignan: Ashwesh listen to me pls

Ashwesh: Just get lost out of my sight.

He threw her luggage. Vignan went to her frnds. Loukya opened the door n shocked seeing her.

Loukya:Wat happen? Wat is this luggage

Vignan hugged her crying.

Loukya: R u ok? Wat happen

Vignan: Ashwesh sent me out of his home. He is going to divorce me.

Vishika: Wat the hell he is upto? Is it his wish either to marry or to divorce?

Pragna: Tell him the truth. Now its the only way to make him understand u.

Vignan: No. lets implement our plan.

Loukya: Is it Surya who killed that person as Shakti?

Vignan: No its me

Loukya: But how

Vignan: Will tell u later.

At midnight Ashwesh gets a call from unknown number saying that Vignan is kidnapped. He immediately rushes to the place n finds Vignan tied to a chair n someone with monkey cap. Ashwesh sees him trying to force her n he shot him. He went immediately to Vignan n untied her n hugged her

Vignan: Y did u shoot him?

Ashwesh:He is trying to molest u

Vignan: Even though u must arrest him n produce in the court. Who gave u right to shoot him?

Ashwesh: I will do anything to save u. I won’t bother abt laws n rules.

Vignan:Then y r u finding fault with me? I am implementing this mission to save my sisters n my nation. If u r right in killing a person to save ur wife, then I am also right in killing those culprits to save my sisters.

Loukya got up who pretended as kidnapper n whom he shot dead. She took her bullet proof jacket. Ashwesh saw her

Ashwesh: So this is all a drama

Vignan:Ashwesh I just did it to make u understand

Ashwesh slapped her

Loukya: ACP sir

Ashwesh: Look Loukya, she is my wife. U just stay away from this. I hate interference of others between us.

Loukya: I will wait outside Vignan

Loukya went off.

Ashwesh: I really didn’t understand how I loved a person like u who is a criminal, plays drama, nvr hesitates to lie, nvr values feelings of ppl n goes to any extent to prove herself right. I am just getting aversion on u. Don’t show ur face again to me.

He went n Vignan shattered with his words. Loukya took her to flat. She informed everything to Surya n their frnds Pragna, Vishika n Abhi. Ashwesh didn’t sleep whole nite thinking abt Vignan’s words. Next day Vignan n Surya are in their chamber. Ashwesh came there.

Ashwesh: Mr. Surya, Can u pls go out? I need to talk with her

Surya: Mr. Ashwesh, This is my chamber too. I no need to go anywhere n I won’t go.

Ashwesh: Come out. I need to talk to u

Saying this to Vignan, he left. Vignan abt to go.

Surya: Wait Vignan. Don’t go

Vignan: What

Surya: Don’t give much leniance to him. He is ur husband but u must keep up ur self respect.

Vignan: He will bcom more angry if I won’t go

Surya: When he asked u to go out of his home, he lost right on u. Let him first realise it. I will make him understand ur value. Pls do wat I say.

Vignan: Does it works? I didn’t want him to b more angry on me. I didn’t want to lose him n his love.

Surya: U love him a lot,right?

Vignan: Yes

Surya: My plan will work. Don’t worry.


Ashwesh came to her again.

Ashwesh: Can’t u hear my words

Surya: Mr. Ashwesh, I think she is ur senior. Is this the way to talk with her?

Ashwesh: She is my wife too

Surya: Then y can’t u talk with her at home rather than disturbing in office hours.

Ashwesh: Are these ur words which u asked him to say instead of u.

Vignan: No No. U r misunderstanding me. Sury pls stop it.

Ashwesh: R u coming now with me or not? Just say yes or no. If u don’t come b ready to receive divorce papers from me.

Vignan: I will come

Ashwesh: Good. I will b waiting outside. If u didn’t come within 5 mins I will leave.

He left.

Surya: Hmm. U r also behaving like same typical wife. Where is ur charm n courage? Y r u leaving ur self respect

Vignan: Surya, I don’t think self respect is more imp than Ashwesh for me. I know wat he is. I know y he became like this. I don’t want to extend fight with him. Its ok. He is angry with me, so behaved rudely. I can’t show that as reason n brk my relationshp. I will go. See u later

Vignan opened the door n saw Ashwesh there.

Vignan: I am coming. sorry for late

Ashwesh: ok

Ashwesh(inner voice): I am sorry Vignan. U r giving more importance to me n even sacrificed ur self respect. Now really I feel that u may not b the reason behind my removal from the case. Bcoz u can nvr hurt or insult me. Sorry for misbehaving with u.

Ashwesh: Get in fast.

Vignan sat in car. He took her to home. He opened the door

Ashwesh: Get down

Vignan got down.

Ashwesh: Come with me

Vignan: I won’t come. You forcefully sent me out. I don’t come. I too have my self respect.

Ashwesh lifted her in arms.

Vignan: Wat r u doing

Ashwesh: Can’t u see?

He took her to their room n dropped her slowly on bed.

Ashwesh sat besides her.

Ashwesh: I am sorry for my yesterday’s behaviour. Pls stay with me

Vignan: Is it ur wish to send me out whenever u want n ask me to come? I won’t stay here. I will go.

She is abt to go n he hold her hand n pulled her. She fell on his lap. He hugged her tight from behind. He slowly removed her hairs from cheeks n kissed her.

Ashwesh: I am sorry

He kissed her back

Ashwesh: I am sorry

He turned her n kissed on her forehead,eyes,cheeks n then lips saying sorry each time.

Ashwesh: I am really sorry swt hrt. Don’t leave me. I promise I won’t ask u to leave me again.

Vignan eyes filled with tears n started hitting him with her hands on his chest.

Vignan: Y u asked me to go. Don’t u know how tough it is for me to leave u. I love u. I love u a lot. You won’t trust me. Nvr listens to me. I didn’t do anything that hurts u.

Ashwesh caught both her hands n kissed her again on lips.

Ashwesh: I am sorry

Vignan:I won’t stay here. I decided

Vignan is going n he caught her hand n threw her on bed.

Ashwesh: U r staying here. dats it. Its my order. If u love n respect me then stay here calmly.

Vignan: ok

Ashwesh brought her luggage to home. He saw her having coffee in balcony of their room. He went there n hugged her.

Ashwesh: Wat r u doing

Vignan: Having Coffee

Ashwesh: R u still angry on me?

Vignan: Nothing like dat.

Her phone rang.

Vignan: One minute

He left her n she received the call. She talked for 5 mins n came to Ashwesh

Ashwesh: Who is that

Vignan: Frnd

Ashwesh: Ur frnd doesn’t hav any name

Vignan hesitated to tell the name

Ashwesh: Is ur frnd’s name Surya


Ashwesh: How do u know him?

Vignan: He is my batchmate n good frnd of mine

Ashwesh: Just frnd?

Vignan: Are u doubting me

Ashwesh: R u saying the truth?

Vignan: wat do u mean?

Ashwesh: Surya is ur frnd from graduation. U both prepared for civil services together n cleared it. U both got posted initially at same place. U both dealt many cases together. He is helping u even in ur mission now. Am I right?

Vignan: But how do u know all this

Ashwesh: I am not a fool. If I really want to know something I will find it out at any cost. I forgot one point i.e. he proposed u while u r working together

Vignan: When u know all these things,don’t u know my reply to his proposal?

Ashwesh: I know n dats y I apologised u n requested u to come back to my life.

Vignan: Acha

Ashwesh hugged her from behind.

Ashwesh:U said him dat u love ur childhood frnd Ashwesh n can nvr marry anyone else. Then y do u act as if u forgot me n didn’t love me? I realised now how much I meant to u n u love me. Thank u for loving me that much n sorry for hurting u many times.

Vignan:Its ok

Ashwesh tugged her hairs behind her ears n softly kissed her cheeks.

Vignan:Leave me pls

Ashwesh: Y?

Vignan: I just need time till I end this mission.

Ashwesh: Its Ok. I won’t force u. I came to know one more thing abt u

Vignan: What

Ashwesh: CBI officer Vignan nvr brks the rules n goes against laws. So should I think this mission is also a part of ur duty or first time u r going to brk the laws?

Vignan: Just few more days Ashwesh. I will answer all ur questions n will b all your’s. So till then pls

Ashwesh kissed her on back. Vignan hold her fist tight n closed her eyes.

Vignan: Pls leave me

Ashwesh: I already left u angel

Vignan opened her eyes n found that he already left her.

Vignan: I will prepare dinner

Ashwesh: Wait, I brought something for u

He gave her a chain with heart shape locket n their names written on it.

Vignan: Thank u. Its wonderful.

Ashwesh: Wear it now


Vignan tried to wear it. Ashwesh took chain from her hands n made her to weaar it. As soon as she felt his fingers on her back, she closed her eyes.

Ashwesh: Blushing? That makes u look even more beautiful.

They heard the door knocking

Vignan: Who came at this time?

Ashwesh: Go n see. How can I know

She opened the door n saw her frnds including Surya.

Vignan: U all here

Pragna: Ashwesh invited us for dinner

Vignan: What?

Ashwesh stood behind her n smiled.

Vignan: Welcome. First come in

Vignan went to kitchen n saw dinner prepared already. She turned back n saw Ashwesh.

Ashwesh: Wat happen? Y r u very much shocked

Vignan: No..Nothing like that

She is abt to go n he pulled her towards him n hugged her from behind.

Ashwesh: I love u. I am sorry for making u stay away from ur frnds. From now I won’t restrict u. You can do watever u want.

Vignan eyes filled with tears hearing his words.

Vignan: I love u too. I didn’t want anything except ur love n trust.

Ashwesh: I love u n I promise I trust u that u nvr do anything wrong watever happens. I promise I will b with u in ur journey of life at the times of good n bad.

Vignan hugged him.

Ashwesh: Shall we go?Ur devil frnds may b waiting for u

Vignan: What? My frnds r so swt not devils.

Ashwesh: Ok ok. Come on now.

All had dnr chitchatting. Vignan n Loukya are in kitchen.

Loukya: Is everything ok

Vignan: Hope so

Loukya: Ashwesh sir’s behaviour changed a lot

Vignan:That’s y I am frightened

Loukya: What

Vignan: I didn’t understand y he is so loving. Y he changed suddenly

Surya: May b he knew the truth.

Both Loukya n Vignan turned n saw Surya standing there

Vignan: R u serious?

Surya: May b. If not how will he change suddenly

Vishika: Is it u who said the reason to Ashwesh?

Surya: Come on Vishika, Y will I reveal the reason?

Loukya: Anyways leave it. I want to say something to u all. Come lets join them.

Everyone r seeing Loukya. Abhi stood up n went on his knees before Loukya surprising everyone. Abhi took a ring

Abhi: I love u Loukya. Will u marry me

Loukya gave her ring finger to him n he kept ring to her

Loukya: I love u too. I wil

Everyone: Wowwwwwww

They clapped n Loukya hugged Vignan

Pragna: When did this happen?

Loukya: Last month he proposed me. And I agreed before a week.

Vignan observed Surya starring at Vishika.

Vignan: Wats up

Surya: Nothing

Vignan: Y r u starring at my frnd like dat

Surya: I have a habit of watching strange ppl like dat

Vishika gave an angry look at him. Surya smiled seeing her.

Precap: Implementation of training of self defense techniques in every educational institution. Seeking youth support to combat s*xual harrassment on girls n forming “Shakti Teams”

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


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