My Judgement (Episode 12)

Sorry frnds for very late updates. Not getting time to write both ffs sacred bonding n my judgement at once. I am going to end this within 3 more episodes.

Episode 12:

Recap: Vignan coming as spl CBI officer to investigate Shakthi case.Ashwesh frustration n asking Vignan to prove her love by marrying him.

Ashwesh: If u really love me then marry me.

Vignan became calm for few minutes.

Vignan: I am ready to marry u now itself

Ashwesh: R u sure?

Vignan: Yes

Ashwesh came forward to her.

Ashwesh: Give me ur mobile


Ashwesh: No one should know abt our marriage till we get married

Vignan: Ok. I will switch it off. But can’t give it to u.

Vignan switched off the mobile. Ashwesh sighed her to come with him. He took her to a temple. Infront of God, he tied mangalsutr in her neck. He hold her hand n took her to car n sighed her to get in. He took her to her home. Her mother n brother got shocked. Vignan’s mom slapped her.

Vishista(Vignan’s mom): How can u do this Vignan? If u both want to marry earlier, y didn’t u inform us. We postponed marriage as u said u need time. But now why did u marry him in this way? Wats the urgency to get married so soon.

Ashwesh: Aunty, actually we did a mistake.

Vignan looked him n understood his plan.

Vignan: Yes maa. We did a mistake by postponing marriage. I am sorry for marrying like dis. pls forgive me n bless me as u know i won’t do anything without reason.

Vishista blessed both of them. They started from there

Ashwesh: U r really so smart

Vignan: Thanks for the compliment. And I know that. So wat did u thought to say to my mom?

Ashwesh: Don’t u know?

Vignan: I know n how can u get such stupid ideas. U thought to say I am conceived n thats y we married. Aft that u can force me to take maternity leave n thus I will leave case. Aft that my mom stays with me n thus I can’t go anywhere. This is ur stupid plan. Right?

Ashwesh: Yes. So wat?

Vignan: Look as I love u I married u but doesn’t mean I wil do watever u want me to do.

Ashwesh: U will do my dear

Vignan: Never ever

Ashwesh: Don’t worry. Now u r my wife n I will make u to do watever I want u to do. Just wait swt hrt

Vignan: Just stay in ur drms but u can nvr make me to do wat u want. U too wait n see. Take the car to my flat

Ashwesh: Now u r married. U must stay with me not with ur frnds.

Vignan: I know. I need to take my luggage. So take me there.

Ashwesh: Do u think I am ur driver to take u wherever u want?

Vignan: Stop the car

Ashwesh: Y

Vignan: I have a small work. Stop the car.

Ashwesh stopped the car. Vignan got down from the car n called someone. Ashwesh seeing her. Aft 10 mins a car came there.

Driver: Madam, R u CBI officer Vignan?

Vignan: Yes

Driver: Govt provided u this vehicle n I am ur driver.

He showed his id proof. Vignan got into the car.

Vignan: Ashwesh, I will b to home in one hour with my luggage. Bye.

Car left n Ashwesh shocked seeing her going n then smiled.

Ashwesh(inner voice): This girl is really…I didn’t know wat to say. I nvr saw her being sensitive as a girl. I don’t know how can I bare her throughout my life. Does she hav any feelings? Hmm. Somehow I must make her realise value of life. I should stop her mission.

Vignan reached her flat.

Pragna: Where were u till now? Y did u switch off ur mobile?

Vignan hugged her n started crying.

Loukya: Hey wat happen? R u ok? Did u report to ur duties today? Did u take charge?

Vishika: I think coz of Ashwesh. Did he say anything to u again? tell me yaar

Vignan hugged Loukya n Vishika as if she is leaving.

Pragna saw mangalsutr in her neck n got shocked. She hold it n pointed it

Pragna: Wat is dis??? Did u get married? But why n whom

Vignan: I married Ashwesh

Loukya: But why so suddenly? Y didn’t u inform us atleast?

Vignan told everything to them.

Vishika: Vignan, I don’t think this is right step. Y did u marry him so soon? I guess he married u just to trouble n make u confess.

Vignan: Leave it. I will handle. However I am sure he is not rude n he loves me. I have a plan to make him understand us.

Vignan told something to them. They nodded.

Vignan: Ok I will go now

Loukya: Ok.

She hugged them again n they had tears in eyes.

Vishika: We will miss u dear

Vignan: Me too. I will miss all of u. Tc n pls b careful

Pragna: Sure. U too. Call us if u need any help.

Vignan: Ok. Bye

She went to Ashwesh. He is waiting for her in hall. Vignan is going to room

Ashwesh: Wait

Vignan: What?

Ashwesh: Where were u till now? U said u will come in one hour but u took 2 hrs. Tell me where did u go?

Vignan: Its not 2 hrs. Its exactly 2 hrs n 20 minutes. U said wrong

Ashwesh: That’s not my question

Vignan: Ashwesh, u know well abt me. Don’t expect me to behave as normal wife. Because u will get disappointed. Don’t try to dominate me. Because its not ur nature. I know well abt u. Be as u are. Anyways I am with my frnds till now. As I can’t stay with them from today, We spent little time with them. Dats it

Ashwesh: U think u r always right. But its wrong. As u said its one hour, u must b here in one hour

Vignan: Pls check ur watsapp. I msged u sayiny that I will b here within 2 n half hours. I informed u.

Vignan left n wore a simple plain purple saree. Ashwesh came into room n starred at her.

Vignan: Why r u looking at me like dat ACP sir?

Ashwesh: Do u wear sarees?

Vignan: Of course.I do

Ashwesh: I saw u in this attire for the first time n….

Vignan: And??

Ashwesh: U look really pretty.

Vignan turned another side n smiled n blushed.

Ashwesh: Oh So u too have some qualities of a girl

Vignan: What?

Ashwesh: U r so cute while blushing.

She is abt to say something but stopped as she felt hands of Ashwesh on her waist. Ashwesh hugged her from behind. She closed her eyes. Ashwesh removed her hairs from cheek n kissed her. Vignan came into her senses n tried to push him but he tightened his grip on her.

Vignan: Nicky (pet name if Ashwesh) Pls leave me

Ashwesh: With my touch u remembered our frndshp which u forgot a long back

Vignan: Ashwesh, leave me pls

Ashwesh: I didn’t marry u to leave. U r my wife now n we love each other.

He stopped his words as he felt that she is crying. He left her immediately. She is abt to go but stopped as he hold her hand.

Ashwesh: Y r u acting?

Vignan: Wat?

Ashwesh: Y r u acting as if u didn’t have any feelings n emotions? Tell me y r u crying? I didn’t say anything that hurts u.

Vignan: Few things can’t b explained.

Ashwesh: Should I need to take appointment to talk even to my wife?

Vignan: Ashwesh, pls don’t talk like dat. U have all rights on me

Ashwesh: Really?

Vignan: Yes

Ashwesh: Then sit, I want to talk with u.

Vignan: Ok

Both sat on bed. Ashwesh cupped her face.

Ashwesh: I am sorry for forcing u to marry me urgently. Vignan, I know u won’t do anything without any reason. So pls tell me why did u start this mission? Wats the reason behind it? I want u to b safe. But at the sametime u must not take law into ur hands.

Vignan: Its not like a husband talking to wife. Its like ACP Ashwesh talking with a criminal

Ashwesh: I won’t talk this lovingly with criminals. I hope u already know my style of interrogation.

Vignan: Gud nite. I feel sleepy

Ashwesh: Dinner?

Vignan: I am not hungry.

Ashwesh: Have it n sleep

Vignan: I am not a kid.

Ashwesh: Gud nite

Ashwesh lied on bed

Vignan: Ur dinner?

Ashwesh: I am not hungry

Vignan: Please

Ashwesh: I am also not a kid

Vignan: Ok. I am sorry.Pls have ur dinner

Ashwesh: R u going to have?

Vignan: Ok. I will have it

Ashwesh: Now I am really hungry

Vignan smiled looking him.

Vignan(inner voice): I love u Ashwesh. U r so sweet n loving. Soon aft completing this mission I will tell everything to u. Till then I can’t. I am sorry

Both had dinner n slept. Ashwesh slept n in sleep hugged Vignan. Vignan still in thoughts is awake. She experienced a diff feeling with his hug. She hold his hand n then slept. Morning Ashwesh woke up n saw Vignan sleeping.

Ashwesh(inner voice): You are so cute while sleeping as a kid. I love u dear. Our marriage is still like a dream for me. Now u r my wife. You are in my house with me. I love this feeling. But u r a criminal. I can’t forget that.

Vignan slowly opened her eyes n saw him starring her

Vignan: Good morning

Ashwesh: Gud mrng. But from today u won’t have any gud day my dear. Until u accept the truth, I will show u the hell. Go n bring coffee for me

Vignan smiled hearing him

Ashwesh: Am I kidding to laugh

Vignan: Ashwesh, don’t try to spoil ur character. U r just awesome. Be as awesome as u r always. I will bring u coffee aft getting fresh up. Can u pls move

Ashwesh realised that he is leaning on her n so close to her. At once he stood up n started getting ready. Both got ready n went to their duties.

Team(Ashwesh, Vignan, Loukya, Abhi n Vivek) gathered to investigate Shakthi case at DGP office to discuss the case with DGP.

Vignan: As per my analysis, Shakthi had lot of support from public sir. First we have to kill that support. Only then we can catch her/him.

Ashwesh: I think madam is so excited abt killing

DGP: Ashwesh, I didn’t understand wats ur prblm every time. We know wat kind of officer is she. Till now she didn’t fail in any case. So stop talking like this with her n respect her first as she is ur senior. Vignan, u pls continue.

Vignan: Thank u sir. I am excited to punish true culprits n not killing Mr.Ashwesh. Hope u understand. Coming to the point, common public love a person when they think they are helping them in solving their prblm. If we can give that confidence to ppl, I am sure they will help us.

DGP: Wat u want to do for that?

Vignan:Creating awareness in the public. Showing them a path to solve the prblms by their own.Every girl should b capable of saving herself. No one should dare to hurt her self respect. We should make its mandatory for every girl to learn weaponlesz self defence techniques in schools n clgs.

DGP: But we need approval of govt for this Vignan

Vignan: In present circumstances, govt is ready to do anything to catch Shakti sir.

DGP: Ok. Let me inform this to home department n then lets talk to CM.

Vignan:Yes sir.

DGP: You all can leave now

Vignan: Thank u sir. Jai hind

Everyone came out n Ashwesh came near to Vignan.

Vignan: Wat r u doing? Its road n I am on duty.

Ashwesh: Impressed. You have magic in ur words. I Love….

Abhi: Madam, wats our next move

Ashwesh: You have excellent time sense Abhi

Abhi: Thank u sir

Vivek: Madam, another person was murdered by Shakti just now. He is accused of raping his own daughters. Just now we got the call reporting the murder.

Ashwesh shocked listening his words as Vignan is with him till now. He looked Vignan who gave no expressions.

Vignan: Lets move. Fast

They reached the spot.

Vignan: Don’t leave any clue. Examine everything carefully.

Loukya turned her face seeing the dead body

Loukya: He was killed brutally. Oh God

Vignan:Loukya, don’t forget u r IPS officer. Be bold.

Loukya: Sorry madam

Vignan examined the dead body n found a note saying its done by Shakti.

Loukya(inner voice): I am confused. He is our target but Vignan is with us then who did it. I need to talk with her asap. Who killed him?

Precap: Vignan plan to make Ashwesh understand her motive. Murder attempt on Vignan n Ashwesh saving her.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


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