My Judgement (Episode 11)

My judgement

Episode 11:

Recap: Views on mission Shakthi by eminent personalities on a TV show.

The show continues….

Anchor: Ok. Till now u heard the opinions of eminent personalities in our society. Now lets know the opinions of builders of our government n nation i.e. Common people.

Sailu(Btech student): I support Shakthi n her mission. If her mission continues then surely we can expect a day on which girl can walk on streets with no fear but with confidence.

Yashoda( employee): I had a 2yrs kid. I will grow her up as Shakthi who can defend herself n protect others. Shakthi will b my daughtee’s idol.

Advaita( software employee): Shakthi is our inspiration. We salute her n we are her admirers.

Anchor: These are the opinions of common people. We don’t know how Shakthi will be n how is she. We didn’t know the reason behind her motive. Lets hope soon she will come in front of us. Jai hind..

Show concluded.

Ashwesh’s place:

Abhi: Awesome show. I hope I could share my opinion too. Anyways I too salute Shakthi n her mission.

Ashwesh: Shut up. Don’t u feel ashamed to support a criminal?

Abhi: Not at all sir. Bcoz as I said earlier I feel ashamed for my inability to provide protection to women in my nation.

Vishwak: Sir, we know its our duty to catch her but as a brother of 2 sisters, I really want Shakthi to succeed in her mission.

Ashwesh: Get lost from here u both.

Vishwak went. Abhi is still there.

Ashwesh: Can’t u hear?

Abhi: Shall we talk as old frnds for few minutes?

Ashwesh: ok tell me

Abhi: Stop troubling Vignan. As we knew her from childhood, I am sure she nvr do anything without reason n she nvr do anything wrong.

Ashwesh: Do u know that she is….?

Abhi: Yes I know. But Ashwesh I am sure u can’t catch her bcoz u have no proofs n u can nvr find too. Bcoz she is perfect. Engagement ring is not sufficient to prove her as culprit.

Ashwesh: Mr. Abhi, u can go now. Soon I will form the new team to catch Shakthi. As we are police officers, we should not have sentiments. It doesn’t matter whether she is right or wrong but no one had the right to take law into hands. If they try to take law into their hands, they deserve handcuffs.

Abhi left.

Ashwesh(inner voice): Vignan, till now I tried to catch u n make u confess through love. But now let me deal it as ACP Ashwesh. Now the game starts. I will catch u for sure. No culprit can escape from law.

Ashwesh phone rings.


Vignan: Hello ACP sir

Ashwesh: Oh wat a surprise Ms.Vignan. May I know y did u call me?

Vignan: Can I meet u today at 2pm in ur office sir?

Ashwesh:I think u didn’t like police station, right?

A constable came to him.

Constable: Sir, today senior CBI officer is going to take charge at 2pm. We received fax just now.

Ashwesh: Ok. U may go

Constable left.

Vignan: Shall we meet at some other place

Ashwesh: Sure but not at 2 pm but at evng

Vignan: Why?

Ashwesh: Bcoz today new CBI officer is taking charge at 2 pm. So I can’t meet u at that time

Vignan: Is ur CBI officer more important than me, ur love?

Ashwesh: Vignan, talking like dis doesn’t suit u. So b as u r.

Vignan: U didn’t answer my question yet

Ashwesh: Duty comes first. Only then my personal life. I think u got the answer.

Vignan: Ok. Bye

Its 2 pm. CBI officer came out of the car. Person is not shown. Everyone r saluting to officer. CBI officer came to Ashwesh’s cabin.

Ashwesh: U here.. I told u not to come right..

SI: Sir, new CBI officer appointed to investigate case of Shakthi.

Ashwesh shocked.

Her face is shown. She is Vignan in civil dress.

Vignan: Hello Mr. Ashwesh. Glad to meet u. I am the special CBI officer appointed by Central Government to investigate the case of Shakthi.

She forwarded her hand n Ashwesh gave hand shake to her.

Vignan: Can u show me my cabin.

Ashwesh: Yes Vignan..Sorry madam

Vignan: Its ok. Lets go.

Ashwesh took her to cabin. Her walk, talking n everything is so perfect n everything resembles her confidence n courage. She is in white full hands shirt n navy blue pant. Her hair tied with a rubber band at the top n its a pony tail. Her left hand had a watch of black belt n white dial. She is in black leather shoes. Her look is perfect as an officer. They went to her cabin. Vignan took her seat.

Vignan: Please take ur seat Mr.ACP

Ashwesh is still in shock. He sat on chair n his eyes are showing anger on her. Vignan gave mild smile which doesn’t show her pride but her confidence.

Vignan: So Mr.Ashwesh, Give me the file of the case n tell me ur progress in the case.

Ashwesh: U know better than me

Vignan: Ashwesh, please don’t make me to remind u that u r talking to ur senior officer. Give me the file soon.

Ashwesh: I know more better than u abt my duty n u no need to remind me.

Vignan: Ok then bring the file soon.

Ashwesh: U…

Vignan: U may go now

Ashwesh: Wat the hell….

Vignan: I said U MAY GO NOW (she stressed those words)

He left.

Vignan(inner voice): I am sorry Ashwesh. Now I am sure our relationship brks completely. But I had no option than this. U didn’t know anything abt me n I can’t reveal to u. I am Shakthi who brks the rules to protect my sisters from this evil society n I am Vignan, CBI officer who preotects the law. Lets see who will win in this game.

Ashwesh went to his home n threw all the files on table. He turned back n Vignan stood there.

Ashwesh: I will bring the file to u madam. U no need to take the strain of coming to my home.

Vignan: I am sorry Ashwesh

Ashwesh: Just shut up Vignan. Shut up n get lost from here. From today there is only professional relationship between us n no personal relation.

He threw the engagement ring on her face.

Ashwesh: Remember one thing,u can’t escape from law by coming as a CBI officer. I will prove the truth for sure.

Vignan is just looking at him.

Ashwesh: Y r u so silent. speak out

Vignan: Ashwesh, Y can’t u understand me. I love u. Y r u mixing up case with our love?

Ashwesh: Oh is it really true that u loves me?

Vignan: Yes its true

Ashwesh: So u didn’t want to mix up our love with case

Vignan: Yes

Ashwesh: R u sure Vignan

Vignan: Yes

Ashwesh: Then marry me today itself

Vignan shocked listening him

Vignan: What r u talking? How can..

Ashwesh: I know ur love is also an action. If its really true then marry me

Vignan: No..I can’t

Ashwesh: Then get lost from here n nvr say that u r loving me.

Ashwesh(inner voice): Now I really didn’t have other option than this to stop u from killing another one. Sorry Vignan. But I will do anything to stop u from killing ppl like dis.

Precap: Ashwesh marrying Vignan. Ashwesh’s plan to make her understand n confess the truth. Vignan’s plan to make him understand n support her mission.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Ananya

    Sindhu u r back.. The episode was just awesome. I loved the surprise CBI officer being Vignan. Was waiting for update.. Love you dear keep going…

    • Sindhu K S V

      Thank u Ananya sis..Yup I am back n already updated Sacred bonding ff too on friday..I hope u read it..will update soon..Luv u…tc

  2. Lakshmi

    Woww she’s CBI officer n she’s going to investigate shakthi case.. Amazing dear. Eagerly waiting for next update.
    Luv u…tc….

  3. devga

    Hello there this is my first come back comment … Hope u remember me …
    Ok I have to go back and read from sixth … So I WIL B back aftr some days …. Tel me anything else u r writing ?

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