My Judgement (Episode 10)

The episode starts with Vignan coming out of Ashwesh’s home n by that time her frnds reached there.

Loukya: Hey r u ok?

Pragna: Is everything ok with u dear?

Vishika: Is he mad? Y is he behaving like dat.

Ashwesh came there n smiled seeing their bonding.

Vignan(smiled): I am ok. Nothing happened.

Ashwesh: Excuse me guys, I have a doubt. Y r u all so tensed abt her? She is capable of saving herself. No one can do anything to ur frnd. Bcoz she is well trained in both traditional n modern martial arts. She is not as soft as she looks.

Vignan: May b dats the reason u loved me Ashwesh

Ashwesh: Dats true. U r diff from many girls n I love it. U r a combination of courage, kindness n smartness. But lets see who will win finally

Vignan: U r the protector of law. Law is to provide justice. Justice wins finally.

Ashwesh: Lets see. I am getting late. Bye everyone.

He left n Vignan n frnds reached home. Vignan told everything happened n that his love is true n not action.

Vishika: Wat a unique confession.. Both confessed n challenged one another. Ufff

Vignan: I want a brk from all this. Switch on the tv. Lets watch atleast a good programme as a brk.

Vishika is tuning the channels n stopped seeing a show with name “Mission Shakthi- Justice or Crime?”

Vishika: Programme on mission Shakthi???

They are watching the programme n Ashwesh, Abhi n Vishwak (team of Ashwesh) are also watching it.

The programme started:

Anchor: Mission Shakthi- Justice or Crime. Lets know the views of eminent personalities in our society in this debate. Lets start with retired IAS officer Mr. Ankush. Lets start our debate now.

Anchor: Mission Shakthi is killing the cuprits who spoilt the life of girls. Many girls are admiring Shakthi n her judgement to kill those culprits. Wats ur opinion on this?

Ankush: Culprits must b punished. I agree with the punishment but not the way she choosed to punish them. A crime can’t be stopped another crime. It just increases the violence in our society n leads to hike in crime rate.

Kiranmai( NGO): I can’t agree with his view. Crime rate is nvr low n we know very well that its increasing rapidly every year. When u r worried abt crime rate, Y r u not worried abt increasing rape rate? India is in 4th place in s*xual harassment n crime report says that for every 29mins, a rape case is reported. A woman is fighting for all women in the country. I support her n its surely a justified judgement. She is protecting the rights of women

Hhrudaya(Human Rights activist): Every person irrespective of their gender n activities, have the right to life. Even those criminals had the right to live. If our hand got an injury, r we going to cut the hand? No we will take treatment for the injury. In the sameway, If they did wrong, they should b counselled n changed with the help of rehabilitation centres but shouldn’t be killed. Crime is not a solution for this problem.

Rohit( youth leader of a national political party): Crime is not a solution. But only fear of severe punishment makes a person to resist his evil thoughts. If a virus enters into our body n if it is spreading to whole body, the only remedy is to cut that part of the body,then though its painful, we decide to take away that part to stop its expansion. In the same way, s*xual harassment is increasing day by day. The only solution we had st present is eradication of such fellows from our society. I salute to her judgement.

Vinoothna(lawyer): I completely disagree. Its a crime. Shakthi must b punished. Otherwise everyone in the society will start providing their own judgement for every crime. However our government framed strong laws to protect the woman from s*xual harassment. Nirbhaya Act is one n well known among them.

Abhaya(lawyer): As a lawyer, I should not support the killing of culprits by Shakthi. But as a woman, I really support her. I saw many cases where raped victim didn’t get any justice in spite of having strong laws in our nation. Coz along with strong laws, there are many more loop holes in our laws which are safeguarding culprits than innocent victims. Its not the fear of killing, but the opinion that a girl had the power to defend oneself n punish culprits who affect her self respect lessens the crime against women. Shakthi is not criminal but an inspiration n is representing the power of women. I salute her.

Precap: Views on Mission Shakthi in public to b continued…

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


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