My Judgement (Episode 1)

The episode starts with the investigation. Ashwesh team is on the spot. A juvenile involved in the case of a rape n murder of a physiotherapist was killed at midnight by unknown person.

Ashwesh: Vishwak, check everything carefully. Don’t miss even a small clue.

Vishwak: Yes sir.

Ashwesh: Where are Abhimanyu n Loukya?

Vishwak: They are interrogating the neighbours sir.

Ashwesh is checking the room carefully while Vishwak is checking the dead body. Ashwesh found a chit pasted onto the wall. By that time Abhi n Loukya came inside. Ashwesh read the note:

Ashwesh: Tribute to Vihani. May ur soul rest in peace.

Vishwak, Abhi n Loukya turned to Ashwesh.

Abhi: Vihani??? The girl expired coz of this person.

Ashwesh: Don’t leak it to the press. Lets interrogate her family first. Loukya, follow me. Abhi n Vishwak, Check the room again n take it into our custody till the case solves. Send this note to forensic to trace finger prints.

Ashwesh went out n rounded by reporters.

Reporter 1: Sir, How did this murder took place?

R 2: Did u find any clue?

Vishika R 3: Do u think Vihani case is linked to this? He was realised earlier this week from juvenile home. Public felt that punishment of 3 yrs is not sufficient to him but as he didn’t complete 18yrs, he was released with minimum punishment. Whats ur opinion sir?

Ashwesh: Truth will come out soon. Justice prevails. We will catch culprit soon. Jai hind

Ashwesh n Loukya left the murder spot.

Vishika n Loukya(inner voice): Justice prevails. Jai hind. May ur soul rest in peace Vihani.

Next scene:

A beautiful girl is shown wearing white top n black legging watching news sitting on a sofa.

Lady: Vignan, Have ur bf soon n get ready. R u not getting late?

Vignan:Haan maa. I am coming. Lets have it together.

Vishista(mom): Ok. I will call ur brother.

Vignan n her mom sat on dining table. Her brother Vivek came there. They had bf.

Vignan: Ok mom.I am leaving to my flat. Bye.

Vishista: Though we r staying in the same city, you r leaving away from family. I can’t understand u.

Vignan: Maa, I want to focus on my work. Don’t worry abt me. I am staying with my childhood swt hrts, they will care for me as u do.

Vivek: Maa let her focus on her work. She is doing amazing work of taking care of rape victims. Family should not disturb her work.

Vishista: I know dat. My children are awesome. Vignan, how r ur swt hrts Pragna, Loukya n Vishika?

Vignan: They are superb asusual.Ok maa..I will leave now. Bye.

Precap: Decoding the criminal records by Pragna. Aswesh meeting Vignan. Vignan n frnds discussion on Juvenile murder.

Credit to: Sindhu K S V


  1. Oh dear too many names with similar spellings lil confusing …. And female name vignan really different and difficult to remember but I will try to remember ….
    But the one name I understood was pragna coz she is one of my frnd in tu …
    PLZ explain the characters with their names for next few chapters PLZ…
    But good going tomo my anual practicals bye swt hrt love ya….

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