Judaai…Naagin episode 3


Sorry for the late.i will try to update always.

Ritik was sitting at corner and was sad.He remembered every moment he spended with Shivanya.

Aisha and Shivanya were talking with eachother.Something was there which was making Shivanya sad.Aisha understood that her best friend was sad.

Aisha:Why are you sad Shivanya?

Shivanya:I am not sad.

Aisha:I am your best friend and i know you are sad.

Shivanya:No i am not at all sad.

Aisha:Okay but if something happens then do tell me.

Shivanya:I will tell you and today is your engagement and you are sitting and solving my problem.


Both laugh.Ritik comes on stage and says

Ritik:Guys today is my brother’s engagement and i am really happy so eont you all think that bride and groom should dance together?

Angad and Aisha come on stage and dance on song dil ibaadat.

All clap for them.Ritik remembers when his and Shivanya’s engagement was there then at thqt time they both danced together.


Ritik extended his hand.Shivanya kept her hand on his hand.He gently pulled her towards him.

They romantically danced on song itni si baat.

Flashback over

Ritik:That moment was best moment of my life.

Shivanya was happy for her friend Aisha.But she was unknowingly sad for Ritik.She looked at Ritik.He plastered his face with a smile but he was sad.

Ritik got a call on his phone so he went at corner.

After the call he was going but he bumps with Shivanya.They share a eyelock.

Ritik:Cant you see!

Shivanya:You have not seen.

Ritik:Oh so you are telling i am wrong.

Shivanya:Yes you are wrong

Ritik:How dare you telling me wrong?

Shivanya:Excusme who are you to talk with me in disrespectful manner?

Ritik gets irritated and leaves from there.

Shivanya:He is really rude.

She also leaves.

Shivanya goes to Aisha and Ritik goes to Angad for ritual of exchanging ring.

Ritik and Shivanya both were happy but when Angad and Aisha exchange there ring at that time they were giving angry glares to eachother.

They turned there face from eachother.The ritual of exchanging ring were finished and Angad and Aisha were happy.

Precap:Ritik and Shivanya to get stuck in the car.Rain gets started and the car starts filling with water.
Guys it is third episode of judaai hope you like it.

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    y is shivanya sad?fb of rivanya dance was romantic.Rivanya nok jhok was funny.precap is so interesting that i cant wait 4 it.thx 4 updating it n plz update it regularly.so much of suspense.is shivanya rebirth or just a look alike?

    when will u update ur Ishveer ff n ishveer,rivanya tanshi ff?


    Loved it very much
    Simply perfect

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