Judaai (RagSan ss) shot 2

Let’s begin…

The girl and the guy who came to the other girl was revealed to be Swara

The girl was Swara’s friend…
Swara is journalist by profession… She looks towards sanskar…

While sanskar looks at the way goon went….

He gives a look to the girl who is crying in Swara’s embrace..

He sits in the car and drives off

After few days….

Swara searched for sanskar.. Who is he? There was no single clue about him…

She was sitting in her desk and was marking every place he could be.. Like he had hockey sticks she searched him in every hockey play area.. Every grounds..every institution of game…
She got no clue of him…

At the time she gets call


She picks her bag and moves out!!!

After sometime.. Swara reaches police station…

Guy:Swara he is a new officer..
Swara without wasting time gets in…

Swara hits her head:i didn’t ask his name

Swara looks at a officer:can you tell me where i can meet the new officer

He takes her near his cabin

Swara tries to peep in and sees a man standing

But he was not the person who she is searching

At the time a person enters the station

He is sanskar… He goes to the cabin

An officer tells about someone coming to meet him.. He nods


Sanskar was looking at the file..

Swara waits for him to look at her but he didn’t so again calls him:sir!

Swara:thankyou so much for saving my friends life

After a minute

Sanskar :are you waiting for me to welcome you or you waiting for me to tell tell it’s ok it was my duty

Swara looks at him unexpectedly :sir.. I..

Sanskar:i was not going to save her but still did.. Bcs it was your friend’s mistake…

Swara:my friend.. She was gone through all and you are..

Sanskar:it was 2am what she was doing in the unsafe road… And i don’t want to listen independent puraan.. Get out now

Swara was shocked and loudly :how rude? Pehle ladkiyon se kaise baat karte hai woh seekhiye pehle…

Sanskar:jitna accha zabaan chalta hai.. Utna thoda haath chalta tho accha hota…kisika intezaar nahi karna padta

Swara was looking at him disgusted

Sanskar:what now? GET. OUT

Sw:i came here to…

Sanskar gets up and goes out…

Swara angrily looks at the way he went…

Swara was about to go.. When she listens the talks of 2 constables

Constable 1:how instantly he closed the missing girl file… And we are expecting him to respect the girls
Constable 2:yes…

While an officer who heard this his expression changes… He goes from there

Same day night….

Sanskar was in his home…
He was making a toast…. When he sees the breaking news in the tv




He gets the calls from higher officials.. He keeps his phone in silent

He off’s the tv and was about to eat the toast.. But closes his eyes and keeps it back… And goes and sleeps in a couch…


Sanskar gets ready..

When he opens the door.. Many reporters media were standing out

Swara was one in then:so officer Sanskar Rawat… Now you must blurt out about which case you have closed it so instantly.. Who is the innocent girl?
Kahin aisa tho nahi.. Us maasoom ke missing ke peeche aapka haath ho… Pichle 2 saalon se woh ladki missing hai.. Talaash bhi jaari thi.. Aapne us case ko yuhi bhand karwadi.. Aisa kyu… People wants to know

Sanskar locks the home door and then directly goes to the jeep and goes

Higher officers were waiting for sanskar

When sanskar reach there he salutes them..

Officer:what is all this? We don’t want a bad name for the department..i am giving you 10 days time sanskar.. I want you to solve the problem and about the case you have submitted that the girl has died.. Within 10 days i need every proof about the girl’s death

He leaves

Sanskar goes and sits in his cabin..

A week passed.. Media was always behind sanskar.. But sanskar didn’t utter a word….

Sanskar comes back and he sees swara standing at his door

Swara:aakhir kab tak officer… I will know about it… It would be better if you give the details of the girl…she needs the justice

Sanskar goes in closes the door

To next 3 days.. Swara came daily to Sanskar.. But he just closed the door on her face

Day 11..sanskar was suspended from his post.. He handovers the file to higher officials…

He goes out…. And moves to his home and sees swara standing there

Swara:why? Mr. Sanskar.. Even you lost the job now what?

Sanskar was about to move.. She held his hand

Swara:when i first saw you.. I was so happy finding a man like you..and still feel you are so… But why you are like this? You havent uttered a word in front of media… But still somewhere i feel.. There’s a big reason behind your this behaviour.. Please tell why did you close the case and who is the girl and her family?

He didn’t utter a single word..

He opens the door and goes in..

He removes his watch…

Suddenly swara sees a goon who was going to hit him with a rod.. She screams…

She slowly opens the eyes.. She sees sanskar has already held the rod without seeing only…

He turns… All the other goons come from the hideout…

They were about to attack him but sanskar fights with them..

A goon held swara… And points knife around…..

Sanskar just gets the flashes of a girl was held by a goon and he pointing the knife around her neck

Sanskar moves towards them…

Goon:i will kill her if you move..

But sanskar didnt stop.. Swara was scared….

Sanskar pulls his and twist it behind him… Sanskar hits him till he loses the conscious…

Swara takes a sign of relief

Swara:who are these goons? Is this connecting to the same case? Tell me


Swara:i will not go until u answer me….

Sanskar was in some emotional state:I eave me alone before i do something to you

Swara:i will not go until you won’t tell me the truth

Sanskar:truth? Then listen…. The Girl is my wife…. RAGINI SANSKAR RAAWAT….

He fists his hand and hits in the floor

Behind swara.. a guy was standing..

Sanskar pouring all his emotions:my life…. My everything….

Swara:your wife…!! What happened to her…

Guy immediately goes to sanskar.. And stops him from hurting himself
Guy:sanskar enough.. Get up…

Sanskar:aryan i couldn’t save my Ragini…. I want her i need her…. Bring her back…. Please

Aryan wipes the tear which was ready to fall from his eyes….

Aryan:sanskar calm down… Sanskar

Swara:what happened to her? Where is she now?

Aryan burns in anger… He stands.. And points his finger to her:you got the news right.. Goo create the news.. Already you have done a lot for him…go


Aryan:get lost..

He puts her out….

Sanskar:Meri Ragini… He gets up and goes to his room and opens the wardrobe..there were many saree’s jewelries…

“i will wear your choice saree.. Everyday.. And you have to bare this… Bolo manzoor”

He takes out a red saree

“arey sanskar bolo na mein kaisi lag rahi hoon?”
“you are looking sooo hot!”
“mein kya roti hoon ya chai… Dont call me hot”
“hot.. Hot.. Hot.. When my wife is hot i will call her hot”
“i am not hot”
“hmm ok then you are s….”
“no no no shameless.. My husband is a number one shameless..you know i hate those words.. And if you call this again.. I will leave you ”
“next day aajaungi..hawww you wanted me to go for forever”
“you are really a… *cries*”
“am sorry am sorry.. I was joking.. How can i live without you?”

Sanskar:i am sorry.. Bola na sorry.. (he was crying) please please come back

“sanskar…. Please…. Pl…ease…ff..fill my fore… Forehead… For.. O.. One la… Last time”

Sanskar was crying…

Aryan comes:sanskar please…
Sanskar:i want Ragini… I want her.. I want her….
Aryan slaps him hard
Aryan:marchuki hai woh.. She is dead…!!

Sanskar was silent

Aryan:when you will understand this.. Sanskar… When?

Aryan hugs him:not only you lost her.. Even i lost my sister.. Aur hamara abhay…accept the truth sanskar… Accept it

Sanskar goes out being a lifeless holding Ragini’s saree…

To be continued….

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