Judaai (RagSan ss) shot 1

Let’s begin…

A girl was running in the road.. Behind her there was few goons
She was not finding any ways to save herself just then…

She sees a guy who was repairing his car!!

She reaches him

Girl:bhaiyya.. Please.. Please help me…. Please bhaiyya save me
She cries

Guy turns….

Goons reach near them…

One of the goon couldn’t see him.. He was trying to see him

His eyes showed the pure anger

Goon:yeh langoor hume rokhega

Guy turns and continues his work

While the goon laughs except the one because his personality makes him remember of someone whom he is scared more than his death

Girl cries loosing all the the hopes…

She moves back..
All other goons laughs and moves to here..

And the goon was looking at the guy and soon his eyes falls on his hand which has fisted the stand of bonnet

And he was pulling it by rotating it slowly

Goon was shocked to hell… And he goes into a flashbacks where a guy pulling by rotating the accelerate of the bike slowly and all of a sudden he pushes the bike towards a running person.. The bike hit his leg and the person fall the bike…

Goon gulps:ACP

Here the guy breaks the stand of the bonnet and throws it towards a goon who was about hold the girl’s shoulders

he widens his eyes.. He still didn’t see his face….

Guy pulls down his folded sleeves he moves to his car and takes out the hockey stick..

Goon:ACP RAAWAT.. he starts to sweat
He remembers a guy pulling down his sleeves in action times and mostly hockey stick in car! Every clues are matching

Goons turns to the guy.. Without wasting the time he starts to hit them black and blue

guy sees him… He faces him.. While the goons legs were shivering


a girl and a guy comes to the girl and they goes to her

And the goon runs away


To be continued..

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  1. Interesting

  2. Interesting.. sanskar is Cop.

  3. superbb..

  4. Awesome dear, interesting start

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