Swasan- jab tak hei jaan (episode-7)


Hello to every.m so happy today. Our results comes out. I become 3rd at class. I know it is bad result. But what to do first time unkownly i come at 3rd place. Leave it. . haha good bye khatha mere os pe. But then too hello. No bakbak. Back tn epi-
precape: sanskar get shoted.

Swa: sanskar why u did this.
San: ssw swar ssswar-ra p-plz for-forgive me.
Sw: san
before she could say anything sanskar closed his eyes.
Swara shout as loud as she can ” sanskaaarr”
no responce.
Swara goes near sanskar and check the pulse. What he is no more.
Swara is steping back while saying: no it cant be happend. No no. Sanskar u cant leave me.
Her voice is becomeing slow.
She goes near main door in main time ragini enters.

Rag is shocked to see the senario.
Rag: dad what happend to sanskar . Swara whats this.
Sw : (laughing) ragu this idot is sleeping dont desterb him (emotionless) stop acting. Now get up. Get up na. (crying) plz get up. Sanky get up. (crying like baby) he is no more. This man killed him. ( pointing toward her dada) this man.
Saying this she ran from house.
All ran behind swara.
Rag to shekhar: dad m going will call bhai too u go and call sanskars parents.
Shek: but.

Rag: dad go.
Saying this she starts to find swara.
Rag call someone.
Rag: hello bhai.
(Ss he is samar swaras brother.)
bhai swara ran from house. Plz come soon. Dada ji killed sanskar.
Sam: what. No nothing will happend to angle no m coming.
Call ended.
Sam: nothing should hapqend to my angle. Or else i will kill myself.
Saying this he ran outside of office.
Other side

swara is walking like a lifeless body. Some one has taken her soul. Darkness is follwing her. which darkness whome she always scared. Now she needs it… She remebaring all past with sanskar….

Precape: past.

So from now i will not regular. Sorry. Even i cant reply to cmnts. There are surely mistakes. So readers its ur responcebility to correct the mistakes. So plz help me.

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    Sorry i did not chainged the title. So m sure that all has counfution.
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    Sorry mica title chainged. I give old name but tu again gives jab tak hei jaan. Sorry.

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