Judaai- ek past esi bhi – swasan ff (episode-2) (meet swara)

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*judaai- ek past esi bhi*
a girl shout: plz plz leave from here or else i will eat u alive. Nw leave sahil . I dont want to become ur gf at this age.
Swara! Swara!

(yes it was dream)
swa:kya ma. Mere ache nend ko thor diya.
Sumi: oh drama queen see the time. Swara sow the time.
S: oh no 6 o clook. Bye ma.
Saying this she ran to wash room. @ wash room. Swa to herself: oh good plz stop the dream of past.

@ maheswari mansion
sanskar room
sanskar come out wearing a black trauser , jacket n t-shirt.
He goes out for joging.
@malik mansion
swara come out of mansion wearina a black taits,t-shart n a jacket type cuti. She also goes for walk.
It was almost 1 hour swara is done.

Her phone rings.
Swa: hi. Amera
am: shona did u remmember what is today.
Sw: ha our ferwell .
Am:to come soön.
Sw: ok m coming. Bye.
Sanskar was walking at same place.
Swara turns nd start to ran. Sorry mr.
She crush with sanskar here sanskar cant see her face nor swara.
Swara did not turn. She raning. Sanskar unkownly smile at this. He notice a dimond breslet on her hand. Cz she says sorry showing her hand in ranning state without turning.
Swara left a thougful sanskar behind.

Precape: accident. Suprise.

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