Journeys of love started from books (Promo 3)


Heyy guyzz I am here wid my 3rd promo hope you will enjoy, maybe I will disappoint Ragsan fans.I don’t know you will love this new pair or not…..I just hope u will like it.Sorry if I hurt u…..

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Promo 3

It was midnight but Ragini’s eyes are still opened.She is lying ,her head was resting on someone’s chest…Their bodys are covered with a blanket.
She is thinking something deeply. She stared at her removed clothes and tugged it more closer to her…..

After some minutes she came out from the tent with some papers…

Babble of the river is making the atmosphere more beautiful….. Ragini sat on a rock and started to write something. She was in a brown night gown.water is flowing through her foot.Her anklets with bells were sparkling in night.She was writing by the help of light which is coming from the tent
A man came out from the tent.He was our one and only Saras (Saraswatichandra aka Gautam Rode)……He was in a white shirt and Aurora blue jeans. He is looking so hot.He saw fireflies are shimmering around her.
Saras don’t know who is more beautiful ,moon or Ragini.That is moon who is in the sky but she, she is the piece of moon.Might be God casted both of them from the same mold. Moon is showering his light to her beautiful face.He snatched the written papers from her.She stood up and begun to quarrel with him for that papers…….”Saras please give it to me, I want to write it”……it was their love story. Ragini wants to publish it.It is her big dream..

Saras held her waste and rested his chin on her shoulder. She blushed.Cold and moonlight are making the climate more romantic…. “Ammu,why are you spoiling our honeymoon by this story.”…..It changed her face. She crouched her head.Tear droplets are falling from her eyes. He is shocked to see her crying….”Ammu r u crying??.What I did to you.”….. He seated her to a rock and sat himself beside her…She is crying deeply.He hold her cheeks and asked her what happened.Suddenly she hugged him and sobbed……”Saras I don’t know y I m crying but I am crying.I m feeling that I have to write it so fast, I can’t write it anymore.I m feeling that my life will going to be an end soon.We are going to separate”…… Saras is shocked to hear that. Saras left her from hugging and taunted Ragini …..”Ammu u r the one for me.None can separate us even death too.”…..

She rested on his lap.Peace arrived between them. Now he is slowly patting on her head. She smiled at him and held his hands. Ragini asked Saras a promise…..”Saras promise me, promise me that if I will leave you ,you have to write the remaining part of our story.

You have to fulfill my dream.Will u do that???

Scene 2

Saras is standing in front of a pyre……

His eyes are puffy and wet….. “Now what is remaining Ammu.Yeah who is remaining it is me,my soulless body”……. He punched on his chest
“You left me.You finished our story,now what is remaining Ammu???tell me.Now what will I right about us.”

He bends down his legs and continued his weeping……

So guyzz

1)What do you think, Is she alive.????

2)Do you like Ragini and Saras pair.???

3)Will they reunite or not???

4) Ragsan/Swasan which is more possible??

5)If she is alive then what happened to her???

Are u eagerly awaiting for knowing it

Wait n watch

Journeys of love❤️
Started from books??

Coming soon…….

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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  1. its very interesting go ahead.

    1. Tq Aasta please keep reading.

  2. I wish it to be ragsan..but its up to u..

    1. Please wait Abhi n not it’s up 2 me it’s up to the story…..

  3. Make it swasan…or swara with anyone .. BT not ragsan

    1. Please wait Anu,maybe it will b Swasan n please read my 2nd promo

    1. Tq Kriya please keep reading…..

    1. Tq Dhara thank you 4 d compliment… Please keep reading dear

    1. Tq Rakhi u please keep commenting dear

  4. Nice pair dear its awsome

    1. Tq Pavani m so happy, you love dis pair na????

  5. Ragini and new pair….I like it

    1. I m so happy to knowing that you liked this pair

  6. Plzzz swasan
    there are soooo many ragan ff plzz

    1. Please wait for my first episode dear….

    2. kanika some problem in u there are more swasan not ragsan ok

  7. Heyyy…gud 1. How old r u?

  8. nice one but ragsan plz

  9. hate rag and saras pair plz ragsan i will not read if ut is rag and saras plz no

  10. nice u said third promo will tell the pairs so iy is also swasan only i hate it
    ragsan plz

  11. i want new guy for swara but make it ragsan

  12. ragsan i wish but awesome concept but ragsan and swalka

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