Journeys of love started from books (Promo 2)


Hey guyzz I am here with my second promo.I know almost of you want Ragsan and Swalak but Swalak or Raglak will not be happen here coz Laksh is not a part of this ff and please friends don’t taunt me about pairing. It’s all about the story.I thought about the characters for each and every one. Sorry if I hurt you. Here maybe Ragsan will b together or Swasan.Anyway my first episode will tell you who is the pair of Sanskar…..please forgive me if I will disappoint u……

Link for promo 1
Promo 2

Maanik and Swara are sitting in a lawn full of grass.Maanik slowly looked at her.She is applying nail polish on her nails…..
Maanik: Shona can I ask you something??
Swara: ? ask me stupid.
She just took a look at him and continued her job….
Maanik: Shona what is important in ur life??
Swara: Don’t you know idiot.She smiled vainly and looked at him….. “It is modelling”
Maanik: No no Shona I am asking you about ur way which is going to forward ur life
Swara: it is ramp….she said it with decisiveness.
Maanik: ?? oh Shona I am asking about ur love life

Swara: hmm nothing will happen like that…. She nodded her head angrily
Maanik: If anyone will come into ur life,will u accept him….
Swara: Then I will remove him from my life like this…… She wiped her nail polish with remover.
Then accidentally that nail polish bottle dashed from her hand. Red color nail polish flowed over a white Rose, which was on the ground.Maanik smiled vainly and took that rose.Almost white petals are changed into red and the red liquid droplets are emerging inside from the Rose… It was like blood……”Look at this Shona,this is like ur heart, it don’t need much more time to fell in love. Once ur white heart will change into red like this…Pain of love make our hearts hurt,blood will flow from our hearts like this Shona.”
Swara stood up
Swara: ?? I don’t want any type of philosophy…..
She stared at him and walked….
Maanik smiled
“My naughty girl once u will realize what is love. I will make u realize it…

U r Maanik’s massive dream

I love you Shona,may be more than anything….

She retrospect him from a little far away and smiled..
“Maanik what is your Massive dream”….
She yelled
He showed her a camera with a fake smile….
” Photography, wild life photography ”
Swara: I know she smiled
Maanik: u don’t know Shona.
Maanik nodded his head with a smile….

So guyzz what do you think.

1)Will they separate?

2)Or she accept his love

3) who will be there life partners , Sanskar & Ragini?

4) or some another one???

Wait and watch

Journeys of love❤️
Started from books??

Coming soon……..

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

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  1. Maanik?gr8..i do lyk d pair swanik…but hate ragsan..hey hope u saw ipl promo song.nammade swantam pistah song… feeling proud 4 sabareesh.

    1. Ipl promo song enk manasilaila da.Para please…. Pista song enk ishtava

  2. awesome episode plz ragini with sanskar only plz don’t change it plz

    1. No no my I didn’t revealed the pair…u please wait and watch

  3. wonderfull episode new pair swara and manik it will nice because swasan is boring and ragsan ok nice choose only

  4. update ur first episode soon yaar egaerly waiting for the pair but i want swara and manik plz

    1. I am busy wid ma another ff dear it will end soon, I will begin to update it soon

  5. good epi manik nice choose

  6. Jise b pair banana ho banao except ragsan har ff me ragsan pair kyu hote h

    1. Hey dear… B’coz nowadays most of de raglak nd ragini fans changed to ragsan… Due to Laksh character in swaragini…. So that’s y no. Of ragsan ff increasing….

    2. Yeah Tanu everywhere ragsan……

  7. second promo is more interesting than promo1

    1. Tq Aasta please wt 4 d 3rd promo…if u r Ragsan I will disappoint u….sorry if I hurt u

  8. ragsan plz plz i beg u

    1. Please Preethu please stood me across sea and devil…. Y r u begging me dear as a wrter and reader u ll always above to me….Maybe it will ragsan otherwise a new entry for Ragini…. Wt r d 3rd promo dear.Sorry if I hurt u…..

  9. swasa and manik awesome pair ragsan ok but i want swaraand manik

  10. Hope it is a swasan ff………by the way it was nice

    1. Maybe dear, please wait…..

  11. Nice i would love to see manik and swara chemistry plzz don’t separate them

  12. anice plzz don’t seprate swara and manik

    1. It’s all about the flow of my story dear

  13. Ippo IPL nte promo video yil nammade pistah song aanu play’s awesome. U should watch it…

    1. Kk hope are you a boy or girl… Alla veronnumalla girls kudutalai cricket kanarillallo ath konda

  14. Who said dat?!! Girls too watch cricket..esply indian girls..most of my frnds n cousins r more crazier crkt fans dan me…AND..I ONLY WATCH SWARAGINI COZ I LYK Varun

  15. And i was a “humse hai liife” fannnn…varun lookd so cute as kabir in dat show…

    1. Njn ath kndittila hope enk Saraswatichandra ishttm

  16. Initially d show was good..i was starting to lyk d show..but they started messing wid d storyline after saras and kumud’s wedding..pnne malayalathil telecast cheythu thudangiyappo pnne njaan aa serial kaanunnathe nirthi…

    1. Satyam verupich kalanju ille

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