Journeys of love started from books episode 2

Sanskar is suffering from mortal cancer. His friends Aswathy n Krishna learned it Wherereas Sanskar is unaware of the exact situation. They didn’t revealed it to Sanskar and his whole family members.

Swara is a model in Mumbai. Sanskar got friendship with a 3 year old girl Ahana who is also suffering from cancer. She was a fan of Swara…….Ahana showed him some pics of Swara which was she ripped from Magazines. Sanskar was mesmerized to see that beautiful girl and fell for her. Ahana’s only wish was to meet Swara. He promised Ahana that he will make both meet. Sanskar’s doctor Akash advised Krishna to make Sanskar engaged with something.
Sanskar’s elder brother Saras was moving to Mumbai for a business meet. Sanskar zinged Saras that he also wants to come with him. Krishna was also happy that at last he found a way for his best friend to bring him back to life………..

Sorry guyz here I did a mistake in a hurry

Here Dp and Ap r Sanskar n Saras’s parents and Rp n Sujata r as usual chacha n chachi. I m telling it in the background of Kerala so here

Dp will be Achan(Dad)

Ap will be Amma(Mom)

Rp will be Kochachan(Chacha)

Sujata will be Kunjamma(Chachi)

Nandu- Rp’s and Sujata’s son

Here Ragras story will be change. It will not be the same like third promo coz the plot I thought was Ragini will suffer from a memory loss and she forgets Saras but that plot is gonna show in real track. So I can’t n I want to think something new Ragini n Saras. Guys u will find many mistakes here from the first episode actually I was gave up this ff. The recent update was at April 16,exactly a month b4,so I lost it’s flow from the 1st episode and intro please please forgive me for my mistakes

Link for previous episode

Journeys of love started from books episode 1

Episode 2

It was the same eve.
Sans,Saras,Kichu n Achu all were landed at Mumbai. Now they are exploring in the mall. Ragini was also there. She came with Maanik’s mother Neeti

Ragini saw a book shop and moved there for buying some books,Saras was also there.
Both of them have a craze in books.

Ragini entered into the book shop and Neeti moved to the hypermarket. Saras was walking from the other end of the shop whereas Ragini was from the another end. That book shop was seemed like a long living hall. Their fingers are running through the books

At last the long search of that fingers ended in a book. Their fingers collided together. 110 watt power passed through their body.
They have an eye lock

Sun saathiya plays

The book was 2 STATES


They found out a single copy there.When Ragini was dare to take that book Saras acquired it.

Saras:l’m sorry you want
He raised that book to her

Ragini:No mention, you can take it.
Saras:But this s the last one which is available here
Ragini:It’s okay I will buy it in online
Saras: No problem actually I have read it’s half portion in my home. Will read it when I reach there. Actually was curious about to knowing the remaining story so…….

Ragini: k tq
Ragini received the book

Saras: omg


Saras: It’s valentines day limited edition, you can also gift it to your bf.
Ragini:No use,actually I am not committed I’m single.if you have a gf you also gift it to her
Saras :Same to you, I’m not commited.okay bye see you later,my brother is waiting for me

Ragini: yes if destiny will allow us to meet again

They moved towards opposite directions

……..Sanskar was looking for Swara at each n every corridor and shops……..”Sanu are you crazy what r u doing” ……….Aswathy asked him. He was peeping everywhere for Swara. At last Sanskar saw a girl in a textile showroom and he imagined that she is Swara. He followed her like a dream creature n reached changing room.That girl hooted and exited from the room. Her husband slapped Sanskar but accidentally Krishna received it ???………

Sanskar showed him a mocking grin
:-D:-D come Kichu we will go to the next shop
Krish: ???
Achu: What what happened here,I heard some voice like cracker bursting
Aswathy came to the shop

San: Achu he ? peeped to the changing room?
Achu: ??
Kichu:?? no Achu??You cheater ??Achu it’s not me it’s him??

Achu: ?? no I don’t want to hear anything hmm ?
She moved her head to a direction
A girl approached them

Girl: Excuse me where is ladies inners section.
Achu : I don’t know?
Kichu: go ? straight➡️and turn left ⤴
Girl hugged him….. “Tq baby?”
Kichu: ??????
Girl: By the way I m Krissane n this is my number??
She gave him a flying kiss n left

San : But Kichu the path u showed was right ??
Kichu: I’m communist n I solely support left??

Achu: ??? you scoundrel,you received her kiss……..✨????????……….

Ragini and Neeti came there at that second Sanskar noticed some displays of bridal Sarees . A beautiful chilly red color saree with sequences and embroideries attracted Sanskar n Ragini also mesmerized to see that……”What are you looking for Ladoo?”……Neeti Aunty asked……. “Nothing aunty I liked that bridal saree”………
Neeti:? it’s beautiful for you???
Rag: No aunty for my Sreekkutty(Swara)
She will looks good in it
Neet: What rubbish are you talking Ladoo,how does she wear this, she didn’t used a salwar kameez still now n u r saying that………..
Ragini smiled…….”I know but I can wish that na Aunty”………

Sanskar was also looking at that Saree.He dreamt that how his blushing beauty will look like in it…….
Kichu: Sanu it is too expensive
San: So what,you will see Kichu, She will wear this saree once. She will sit beside me as a bride. Her hair were decorated with Jasmines. Like a Malayali girl??. Once I will show you Kichu.
Achu: R u dreaming?
San: No Achu I am predicting the reality.

He moved to buy it

Aswathy is praying 2 tear droplets fell from her eyes. Kichu poked her and asked what happened

Achu: Nothing Kichu I am praying to the snakes of our sacred groves. They will fulfill our Sanu’s all wishes.

Kichu: ?? I am an atheist n don’t compell me to pray.
Achu: U know what,you are a waste??

She left and peeped from the entrance

Kichu prayed……. “Please don’t pardon me God bcoz I deserve ur punishments but please don’t bother my Sanu he is ur best friend na”

Achu: I know you very well so I am loving you so much ???

Sanskar bought it. Ragini approached him…….
Rag: Excuse me
San: ? yes
Rag: will u please sell me that saree. It will suit well on my sister. Ragini begged him……. “Please please please”………
San: Look I bought it for my would-be wife

Rag: My friend u can buy an another one na?? Only my sister will look good on this
San: No no my fiance will………
Sanskar was fuming in anger. These emotions made his body weak…He held his forehead…. Even Ragini was bargaining for the saree.
San: ?? take this and get lost.
He threw the packet on Ragini in a hurry.

Sanskar felt pain all over his body. He rushed to the wash room……. Sanskar held his chest tightly,then throught…..everywhere..He screamed deeply. Sanskar depended on the wash basin and looked on the mirror. The surroundings are evolving around him. He opened the tap and splashed the water on his face. He sat on the floor with sobbing.

Aswathy and Krishna were failed to find Sanskar at last they found out him in the washroom. He was fizzling fastly,they both tightly hugged him . Krishna signalled by his eyes to Aswathy for giving the medicines to Sanskar. She injected a drug to Sanskar,Krishna closed his eyes with pain.Aswathy was a doctor,…….

Sanskar felt a good relief after 5 minutes.But he was still fizzling.
San: Kichu tell me please, what is happening in me
Krishna and Aswathy’s eyes were widened……They are stunning to hear that.

Suddenly Aswathy noticed something in the dustbin.She took a coca cola can from it………”??? this is the problem. Don’t you know that it is injurious to health”

San: But Achu I drank it in the last week
Achu: So what,you attended ur +2 exams in March na but ur results were arrived in May. Like that the after effects of Cola will appear a week later?
Kichu:?? yeah yeah it is the problem. This is?? this is the exact reason that me and my party r opposing coca cola

San: Dakitor Sisoo,
Comrade bro ?? today’s quota is over? remaining will be tomorrow okay………????ohh no I forgot to receive the cash of that saree
Aswathy: Receiving cash??? U have to pay for that coz u went to buy it
San: Yeah Achu I sold that saree to a Lady
Kichu: Sanu hw careless u r….That cash, It was the fruit of ur hardwork??

Whereas Ragini was failed to find Sanskar.

The scene moved to Swaragini Villa……….

Swara entered into her room with weeping. She lied on her bed and hides her face on pillow.Maanik n Sid r knocking the door….
Man: Shona please please open the door
Sid: Swara open the door yaar.

Sanskar felt that Swara is in pain. She touched on his chest for a while.
Swara remembered about how Shekhar slapped her at India’s next top model audition centre. Shekhar slapped Swara and twirled her out of the venue

Shekhar doesn’t likes his daughter to do modelling. Shekhar was furious, he dropped Swara to home and went to somewhere

Maanik went to a secluded esplanade for making Swara’s mood better…

It was already midnight. Sanskar,Krishna n Achu were gathered in a cafeteria nearby that esplanade.Aswathy recieved a call from Aakash n she went outside.Krishna went to the cash counder.Sans ordered something and and went to wash his hands.
Kichu: bhaiya ek bottle Coca cola dena?
He peeped around….. “Ooh no I have to finish it b4 their arrival”………
He gulped half of the bottle. The liquid reached his stomach with burning his alimentary canal, heart,liver, etc etc?????? Ayyyooooo…….
He regained temper within some seconds.Then peeped everywhere…….”ooohh none noticed me coz God I called ur name?”……….

Aswathy is calling Aakash

Aak: Aswathy I forgot to tell you one thing
Achu: Tell me
Aak: you are in Mumbai right then please meet Dr Shravan Mehta. He is a senior oncologist.Do you know him
Achu: Yeah I had heard about him
Aak: I will update him about Sanskar
Achu: But Aakash we didn’t revealed the truth to Sanskar.
Aak: Tell him Achu he have to accept his disease.
Achu: Yes we will but in the right time. Tell me that what is the convenient way to contact Dr Mehta
Aak: Don’t worry Aswathy, I will talk to him and will mail you
Achu: k tq bye Aakash
She leaned her head.
Someone punched on her shoulder from back.
It was Saras
Sar: What is the truth Achu n is it about Appu(Sanskar) y r u consulting a Dr tell me
He shaked her shoulders

Krishna came across them.
Kichu: Sarasetta(Saras the elder brother) it is nothing like that. She was talking about that model to her colleague. N about that Dr,Achu wants to talk to him about her PG course.
Sar: Ohh I thought that something happened to my Appu
Saras held his forehead and nodded. He moved to the cafeteria.
Achu sighed

Ohh God u saved us

Kichu: ?? ohh hello it is not ur God it’s me Krishna Kumar
Achu: Both r the same.
She peeped Krishna and ran into the cafeteria.
4 of them gathered in front of the table. A cylinder of gas came out from Krishna’s nose, it was after effects of Coca cola.He felt an irritation. Golden flies were flew from his eyes

Achu : Kichu what happened yaar

Saras muttered on Kichu’s ears

Sar: Taste jo har dill chahe Coca cola?
The waiter served 4 cold coffees in front of them.
Achu: waiter take this one cup n please serve a hot one
San: Achu it’s ur fav na
Achu: Ohh hello hot one isn’t for me. It’s for u
Achu:? what I don’t want hot one?
Kichu: So what Sanu have this,she is always like this
Aswathy trampled Krishna’s feet and muttered
Achu: ??? u stupid he can’t have a cool one
Kichu: Sanu no no u can’t have this
San: y ?

Sar: why y he can’t have this
Kichu: Sarasetta (Saras bro) I heard that if someone will have cold coffee in feb 12 their love won’t be succeed??
SarSan unite: ? really
Kichu: Really guyz?
Sar: Then I don’t want this
Others unite: ?? Sarasetta?? something is wrong☝️
They shaked their fingers
Sar: Nothing like that guys
Achu: So something is like that?
Sar: Nothing guyz I had seen a girl hours before, my heart is compelling me to accept that she is my soulmate.Maybe Love at first sight
Kichu: lol poor Purna Aunty she have to learn Hindi in this old age
San: Why
Kichu: Her both daughter in law’s are from Mumbai, their mother tongue will be Hindi na
Sar: Ohh hello this is a metropolitan city and there is a possibility for becoming a Malayali too.
San: Malayali or not my soulmate is my blushing beauty
Sar: ohhh I am fed up with you Appu, You had come here without any guarantee.How will you find her
Kichu: If he can’t I will find her n unite them
It’s my promise Sanu,I will unite u both

They finished their supper

The scene moved to that esplanade where Maanik is making surprise for Swara

Sid in phone: Maanik we will reach there in 10 minutes
Man: kk come fast,its all are ready here
The call hung up
Maanik touched on his lips……”Gosh something is missing”……”☝️?yeah chocolates”

The esplanade was spectacular in that night. Maanik arranged some candles at the ground,the lights r hanging on the trees(imagine that place where Manan spent together b4 Pandit Chaurasya kidnapping Nandini).

Krishna, Aswathy n Sans r walking through the road. Saras were already returned to the guest house.
Sanskar took a huge Dairy milk silk from his pocket
Achu:?? Silk bubbly for me
San: No for my blushing beauty…?
Achu: She didn’t arrived yet….? n look Kichu hw partial he is.
Sanskar hugged her from back….. “My jealous princess u r my best friend and u will none can beat u”
Kichu hugged them…….. “Yeah Sanu we will together for ever”……….

Sanskar n others reached the esplanade……..
Achu:??? wow how spectacular
They approached Maanik
San: Nice yaar 4 ur lover??
Maanik blushed
Man: ?? yes
San: Proposing???
Man: Didn’t did yet,she don’t about my affection towards her
Achu: y r u waiting for, propose her. She will be very lucky that she is gonna an awesome behalf like you. Some fake comrades r here hmm?? who don’t know how to become romantic.
She peeped at Kichu n moved to the road, Sans pulled Krishna forward…….”ooh fight fight fight???go go n console her”
Krishna left
Sanskar punched on Maanik’s shoulder

San: Best of luck by the way m Sanskar Menon
Man: Maanik Malhotra??
They shook hands
Maanik: Menon r u a Malayali
San: yes n u also?
Man: No but my bestie is
San:mm okay, I just hope that my lover too a Malayali
Man: ohh u r also in love, great yaar
San: Yes it is also like you
Man: means
San: one way traffic?
Man: Means we both are same feather birds right??
San: Exactly
Manik noticed chocolates on Sanskar’s hands

Man: Sanskar will you please give me that chocolates coz she will come here in a couple of minutes and I forgot to collect chocolates sooo…
San: hmm okay take this.
Man: Thanks buddy u know what she likes chocolates so much
San: Actually I have to tell you tq
Man: 4 what
San: For giving me this awesome idea
Man: I didn’t get it
San: Yaar for this surprises
Man: 4 ur bestie???
San: Actually we didn’t met each other. I m here for meeting her. The surprises are 4 them. It’s Valentine’s week,they love each other n I thought I have to do something for them
He raised his finger ? to Aswathy n Krishna…
San: They are my best friends, I have to do something special for them…………
K I am going see you again tc
Man: ? Sanskar she will come soon, I will introduce her to you. You know she is a moood
Maanik was dare to say that she is a model

San: No yaar it’s k. See you again
Look how they are battling together. For me it’s the time for wear the suit of a match maker
Man:??? k bye

Sanskar was leaving and Sid was coming with blind folding Swara from the another side of that esplanade……..


Kichu slaps Sid and Sid learns about Sanskar’s Cancer. Ragini n Saras are coming closer

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