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Journeys of love started from books episode 1


Heyy this is the episode. It is a long update n I am so sorry if is boring…. Please read it

Intro Here

Swara sat on a easy chair and read that pages.She immediately closed it and her eyes too.Tear droplets were fell from her eyes twice. She sighed and opened it then told…….”No Sanskar it might be this was enough for you but it is not enough for me. What to do plenty to say.”……….She walked towards the wide window.Then stared outside, a squarrel is eating a mango.A fresh air stroked her hair……”Come on guyzz I have a time machine. I will lead you to our past.”…….
Their journeys started from that day,is it 14th feb?? No no it was 2 days before Valentine’s day….”12th Feb”…..That day was something different,somethings were happened in two Cities……. Okay I will tell you all of that one by one. So let’s we begin……..

Morning 9 PM at Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala

A girl is hugging a man and weeping like a child. She is tightly holding his collar and her head is lying on his chest.He slightly punched on her back and told…….”heyy Achu(Nazria Nazim) please stop sobbing, we have to be normal in front of him otherwise we will loss him easily, look at him how happy he is”…….Krishna (Nivin Pauly) points out Sanskar by his eyes.He was playing with some children.Kichu rubbed his eyes…..”Hii Aswathy”…….A man waved his hands and came to them. Aswathy introduced him to Kichu…….”Kichu he is Aakash my colleague hmm hmm n he is”……Aswathy is trying to tell something but she can’t express it to Krishna……. “Kichu please don’t scold me he is working here and he is an oncologist”…… Krishna is fuming in anger.He pulled her back and walked out of RCC(Regional cancer centre)….Aakash and Aswathy followed him but Sanskar is busy in playing with children…..
Krishna walked towards the parking area.He punched on the bonet vainly in anger.Aswathy touched on his shoulder.He brushed aside her hand……
“Krishna I know you are furious to my profession,no no it is not fury it is fear.Then what are you expecting from us Krishna, Don’t we have to cure Sanskar??? I thought that you are so strong, I have watched your cheering speeches,Now what happened to you, Kerala’s top politician??”…….Aakash asked
Krishna’s eyes were filled, it seems like his heart was burst,bones were weekend.He sat on the floor and held Aakash’s feet like a begger.Aswathy bent down her knees and hugged him……”Aakash Aakash please don’t give him any pain. I can’t bear that,you told I am a politician, yes I am a politician, a self respected politician. I didn’t downcast in front of anyone but now now I am begging you please treat him without any pain,I heard about chemotherapy and radiation. It is very painful na?? I can’t see him like that and his hair”………Krishna suddenly stood up like he remembered something, he showed Aakash his phone’s gallery.Krishna seemed like a mentally challenged person……..”Look look Aakash it is our childhood pics please take a look at him,how beautiful is his hair.”……..Aswathy held his shoulders from behind…….. “Kichu what are you saying come we will go to home.First of all you consoled me and now you also….”………her voice isn’t spurting from her thought.Aakash is amazingly looking at him.Famous communist party leader.His each speech made a new history here n now he is begging in front of a stranger for his best friend’s life.

His each mottos are fluttering in the corridors of university college now too…….”A unique leader with a burst heart”…..Aakash laughed vainly with nodding his head and held his shoulders tightly…….”Krishna I think you want the treatment first.Nothing to worry yaar,it is the first stage.Maybe we can avoid chemo sections”…….four eyes were sparkled. Aswathy and Krishna hugged each other.
It was enough for them

The scene moves to Sanskar.He is enjoying the company of children. Small children suffering from cancer.Many of them are wearing mask…..”hey hey give me the ball”…..Sanskar shouted happily. Someone poked on his thigh,he retrospect. A small innocent face is smiling at him.It was a 3 year old small girl.He held her armpits and lifted her easily…….”Cutie what is your name”……He whispered in her ears but she didn’t said anything yet……”will not say ur name?? Very bad very bad “…….. Her mother wiped her tears by her saree…..”Sir she is suffering from throught cancer.She didn’t told anything yet from last week.”…….. Sanskar looked at her.She is trying to say something but she couldn’t. Sanskar hugged her with sobbing.She wrote her name on a paper……”Ahana”……..and smiled.She alerted him to wait and ran to somewhere. Ahana came back with some magazines.

Love’s journey,
Book 1 – magazines

She showed him advertisement of a jewellery.The page is showing a girl wearing a necklace.?☺️ Ahana nodded her head.Sanskar is lost in her beautiful. His fingers are running over the page. Her nose, lips, teeth like Jasmine buds,It is not golden but her blue hair is remembering him Rapunzel…….”who are you my beautiful girl???”……a smile blinked on his face. Ahana put an another magazine on it……”Anu cutuuu”……he stared at her with a fake anger.Then kissed her with giggling.She signaled him to look at that magazine too.
?? fair and lovely……. “Oohho my God I think she is the trump card of this company”…….. She is not wearing any ornaments,the picture is showing his beauty, only her natural beauty.Her most gorgeous pic was a blushing North Indian bride with a garland……

……….”Come on yaar marry me,I m here for you”……..Sanskar is becoming crazy.Ahana poked him and signalled him what. He nodded with laughing……”will u give me this picture”……she nodded yes.She is trying to say something……”what are you trying to say Cutu”
…..she punched on her chest…….”okay I next”…..She touched on her eyes……”want to see right”….. She nodded yes once again.She raised her finger to my blushing beauty’s image….”her,ohh u want meet her”……she nodded with a smile. She hugged herself….. “U love her”……she winked and nodded….”okay I will bring her but you have to talk to me soon. Come on,come on promise me”…… She promised him that she will get well soon.Sanskar was in a dream world.He came out of the hospital…..”Sanskar”…..someone called him,he retrospect…..Sanskar felt that his heart is coming outside. His blushing beauty was smiling at him.She was in a dark green and black salwar kameez suit.The dark portion of the suit is filled with white spots……”Ha hh I can’t believe this are you here??”……. He attempted to touch her but unfortunately she disappeared. He smiled when he took a look at her image…..”My blushing beauty are you playing with me???”…. He nodded……

The scene again moved to the parking area……”So Krishna, Achu this is a small advice.Let him engage with something maybe he will survive more easily”…….Suddenly Achu punched on Aakash’s hand and alerted them that Sanskar is coming…..”Achu one minute I have to call someone you both carry on”…….. Aakash dialled some numbers and went a little far away from them.
Sanskar is coming like a dream creature. He was about to fall off.Aswathy and Krishna saved him at the right time…….”Sanky be careful, don’t you see anything??”…… They checked his whole body.Both of them hugged him unite…..”ohh hello what you both are doing?? You are checking me like I am suffering from some deadly disease”……They were closing their eyes but both suddenly opened it……. “No no he can catch our mind so easily. So we have to act in front of him like normal”……. They thought and sighed then changed their face.They left him from hugging……”Ooh hello it is not my love if anything will happen to you then who can give me my 25 paise??”……..It is a long story I will about it……..” No no Kichu I will not give it to you”……Sanskar giggled.Suddenly Aswathy noticed something in Sanskar’s hands……”Sanky what is this paper, give it to me”…….Sanskar hides it behind…. “No no Achu I won’t give you this,this is my blushing beauty”……When Achu and Sanky battled for that paper,Kichu robbed that paper from him.Sanskar told the whole story to them…….”Achu look at her this is beauty,try to imitate her???”…….Krishna said.she hits on his head……”You stupid I will kill you”….. Aswathy got jealous and entered into the car and Sanky followed her for consoling.Kichu laughed madly both of them forgot about what tragedy was happened in their lives within these seconds
Aakash came back and discussed him about the further treatment…..”Think about that what I said, try to engage him with something.I think he is living his life vainly without any intentions.A normal man can live like that coz he have much time but here the case is different. If he hasn’t a strong intention to live he can’t win this battle.I am so much confident about you Krishna that u will give him that target”……..
Aakash noticed Sanskar is coming towards them……”Okay like you said”…….He punched on Krishna’s shoulder and left.

The same day same time in Mumbai

Ragini failed to find Swara in home. She was so tensed and dialed Swara’s number.
Swara was in a hurry,she was in the audition centre of India’s next top model…….”Swara it is a statutory declaration please come back, Dad will kill both of us,if he will aware of it.”………
Swara nodded her head….. “Hmm no Rags how he can?? No no??? please don’t fear me like this”……
Ragini: ooo kk now tell me where is Maanik and Sid, Neeti aunty had called me,I think thousand times. She is so much worried about Maanik
Swara: oohho don’t worry Rags both are here
Swara took a look at both of them. Sid (Ashwini Koul,Sidharth of warrior high) is flirting the models and Maanik(Parth Samthaan) is observing his camera,he is surrounded by the models but he isn’t showing any interest in them. Sid is becoming jealous……
Swara: Rags they are too busy in flirting, ok Rags please tell me?
Ragini: what?
Swara: 3 simple words
Ragini:? I don’t know
Swara: Are you playing,Rags please tell me? best of luck
Ragini: ok dear best of luck, I will pray for you, ? now come home fast…..
Swara:☺️ ok Rags

Sid is continuing his flirting……”ohh baby you are so handsome”….. A model wrapped through his neck from front.Sid was very happy.Swara poked Maanik with giggling and showed him something.Maanik is stunned to see Siyali (Sanaya Pithawalla,Siyali of warrior high)there.She is the love interest of Sid.Maanik tried to stop Sid…….”Maanik stop this,are you jealous??????
You have many Gopikas like Krishna. Please mujhe bhi ek Kanha banne do??

The model is patting his chest passionately….”Baby I want to kiss you”….
Maanik: Sid please retrospect, I am begging??……
Sid pined her to the wall and came more close to her……. “Toh Krissane Thailand chalen??”…….
Siyali is crying,tears are flowing like rain…
Swara: ? Sid u r closing ur limits, har ek baat ke pehle peeche mudkar dekhna chahiye.
Sid gets irritated…..”??? honey yeh log hamhe kuch karne nahin denge,come on we will go to that corridor”……. He grabbed her hand…..”Come on we will go to that corridoooo?????????rrr……. Si Si Siyaliiiii
Siyali ran from there with wiping her tears.The model hugged him. Sid pulled her back and ran before Siyali.

11 pm

Sanskar, Krishna and Aswathy reached Sanskar’s home.
Aswathy and Krishna both were set to tell about Sanskar’s actual situation but they couldn’t expressed it to anyone….. “Please tell me Kichu how can we express this truth in front of them.Please observe the pooja room
Indu aunty(Sanskar’s mom) is doing mruthyunjayahomam(a special pooja for defeating death) for his long life.Balu uncle (Sanskar’s Dad) is converting his blood to sweat for his both sons and
Saras ettan(brother)!! His brother,he can’t tolerate this.”…… Achu completed……”No no Kanna I can’t please go from here”……They heard Saras is shouting at Sanskar. Aswathy asked Saras what happened……”Nothing Achu he want to come with me to Mumbai, that’s it”….. Saras said
……”Sanskar, Sanky,mone(beta) what happened??”….. Kichu whispered in his ears……”??? Kichu I am na fall in love
Kichu: when?? With whom???
Sanky:?? one hour b4 with my blushing beauty….
Achu: ?? u stupid so what y r u going to Mumbai
Saras also heard this
Saras: yeah Kanna why r u going to Mumbai
Sanky: Don’t you know almost models are living in Mumbai?? So I will find her.
But Kichu’s intentions was something different.Finally I found out it Aakash, No my Sanky will live.He will win this battle.After all love makes life live right???

To be continued

Guyzzz please comment did you like it or not. Please please please

Credit to: Nandana Rajasekharan

  1. Really niceee….
    When I read the title, it immediately attracted me… bcos I too love books… I love them like hell

    Then I read ur intro and was waiting for epi 1 and now it’s finally here….

    Great job…

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