a journey from me to us raglak)epi9~pavani

Hiiiii darlings I know many of u have forgetted mee nd many were boboaredo read my ff as iam being irregular wt to do busy with my relatives in a marriage

Laksh was following rag
Rag was irritated by his actions nd gave him a death glare
Laksh just ingnored it nd gave a what happened look innocently to rag

Rag was about to go near him some one called her so she went

Laksh(in mind):thank god other wise she would have killed me today
Nd he started searching swasan who were vanished nd after a long time he saw them and was about to go some one pulled him to the corner
Laksh was shocked by seeing the person
Rag:ok now tell me y r u irritating mee ??Laksh(in mind):wt to do now??
Rag:iam.asking u something??
Laksh::u can ask in the party too but y u brought me hear do u want to spend some time with me ??(naughtily)
Rag was stammering for his question
Rag:voo iii first u tell mee y r u following me
Laksh:ladies first soo u tell mee
Rag:voo voo I brought u hear as if I slap u also no can notice that
Laksh gave a winning smile
Rag was confused
Rag(angrily):now y r u laughing ??
Laksh goes near her nd wishpers in her ears
Laksh:so u care about my dignity nd thst is y u don’t want to make an issue before others
Rag was shocked (bicari poora fas gayi)
Rag pushed him
Rag:shut up hear I was showing concern on u nd u r taking me for granted
Laksh:ok then iam sorry
Nd Laksh left from there leaving rag confused

Scene shifts
Laksh was smiling to him self nd bumped to someone
Laksh:iam sorry(didn’t saw the face of the person )
Voice:ohoo lost somewhere
Sanky:where were you till now
Rag:u know him Sanky??
Sanky nd laksh were shocked to see rag

Swara:voo I introduced him to Sanky
Laksh nd Sanky were relaxed
Swara:rag neha is calling you
Rag excused her self
Laksh:thank u babhi u saved us today
Swara:noo problem I can do this for my devar
Sanky:ok now u both stop ur bak bak nd tell mee laksh wt happened (naughtily)
Laksh:wait what happened means ??r u people following us ??
Laksh(fake anger):so u both saw everything
Sanky:ohh common that was not new for us ok it was just a talk nothing more happened there
Swara burst out by laughing
Laksh:babhi u also??
Laksh:ok now tell mee what’s next
Sanky:now take rest let mee see weather rag says this to me or not?
Laksh :ok nd call mee what she told nd he left
Swara:wt r u waiting for sanky
Sanky:till now she didn’t hided any thing from me but don’t know y this much happening in her life nd she is not sharing her lifes imp matter to mee
Swara:common she is a girl may be she is little bit afraid to accept the truth that she started liking laksh nd may be in confusion

Sanky:may be nd u understand her better than mee??(gave a jealousy look)
Swara(teeasing her jealous hus):yaa ofcourse iam also a girl naa that’s y
Sanky gave a sarcastic smile nd left from there

Next day
Laksh came to swasan
Laksh:ok now tell me what is my work?
Swasan:ignore her completely today
Sanky:r u deaf??
Laksh:shut up ok
Sanky:u need our help or not??
Laksh:ok sorry
Swara:ok now just ignore her
Laksh(sadly):I know u both are playing with mee
Swasan gave a death glare nd laksh left uuninterestedly

Rag was talking with someone but her eyes were searching for some one .at last she found him nd gave him a bright smile but laksh left from there as if he didn’t noticed her
Rag was upset by his reaction
Laksh saw this from far nd he too felt bad
Rag tried to get noticed by him but every time he ignored her which hurted her very badly

Laksh sat with some girls nd he is flirting with them nd rag saw him nd is burning in jelousy nd came to laksh nd slapped him nd ran away from there by crying
Laksh was shocked by holding his cheek
Nd he too ran behind her

Scene shifts
Swara:our plan worked
Sanky:she today proved that she loves him
Swara:how do u know
Sanky:she never felt jelos when someone talks to mmeeeven when I gave u more time also she felt little upset but jelousy was not.there nd see now how she has reacted .till now I used to think she is different not like other girls but she.prived me wrong she is also the same possisive girl type

Swara(angrily):what do u mean??
Sanky(in mind):ohh noo I was gone now
He turned to her nd gave a helpless smile
Swara :we feel jelous as we are afraid of loosing our loved ones
Sanky:we should not fear in love
Swara:fear is the first step of love nd u can never understand this
She left from there angrily
Sanky(in mind):I should convience her or rag how silly these girls are

Scene shifts
Laksh went running behind rag
Rag came running nd sat on a bench in garden Laksh came smiling nd sat beside her

Rag wiped her tears .
Rag:iam sorry
Rag:for slapping u ?
Laksh:it’s ok I was not hurt
There was a silence for few min
Rag :k I will leave now its already too late she is about to go laksh hold her hand
Laksh:y u slapped mee??
Rag was silent as she don’t know y she is reacting like this
Rag:y r u ignoring me??
Laksh:ok enough if I follow u then u have a problem so I just ignored u then also u have a problem??

Rag:I only said to not to follow me but not to ignore me
Laksh:every thing is ur wish haa
Laksh:who r u to rule me?? Nd order me??
Rag:iam .. iam…
Laksh:haa u r??(enthusiastically)
Rag:y r u flirting with other girls
Laksh:don’t change the topic
Rag:first tell mee?
Laksh:u don’t like mee so I was trying for some one else
Rag:how cheap?
Laksh:what is cheap in that is there any rule that if a girl reject also we should only follow her
Rag:I never rejected you
Laksh:u didn’t rejected me??really??how many times u told u don’t like mee
Rag:but I never told I won’t love you nd I won’t marry u
Laksh:that doesn’t mean u will marry mee wait wait wait what u said
Rag by blushing :think about it again nd she ran from there
Laksh was jumping in enjoyment

Episode ends screen freezes with smiling faces of rag Laksh

I will try my best to bee regular plzz support me with ur love as always

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