a journey from me to us raglak)epi10~pavani

Hii darlings tnk u very much for ur love nd support

Laksh was jumping like he have got his previous think in his life

Voice:seems like some one is enjoying with out us

Voice2:yeh see ur brother forgetted us

Laksh turned nd saw swasan
Laksh came running nd hugged Sanky
Laksh:thank u bhai

Some one was seeing this from far nd now her face is shown to be ragini
She came back to see Laksh again

Rag:so these two helped him ha…nd y is he calling Sanky bhai
Nd she started listening to their conversation

Laksh:I tought I have lost her after shekar uncle rejected our proposal
Rag was shocked to hear that he is the same person whose mom blamed her as the reason for her sons accident
She was broken as they hided this truth from her .she was more hurt as Sanky nd swara know this nd they werr helping him.
She ran from there crying

Scene shifts
Laksh:I was broken when mom told me that they broke the alience of rag but then u gave me support to not to loose hope untill i met her I really dont know y I love her but after meeting her nd spending time with her I realized that we are made for each other nd I love her because of her innocence nd frankness Iam happy that at last I came to know why I love her

Swasan are seeing him with eyes open wide
Laksh was embarrassed by their act
San:really it was soo filmy laksh but rag was a practical girl she will not get impressed by these silly talks
Swa:ohh mahan hubby u can never be a romantic atleast let ur bro be romantic nd how can u say rag don’t like these filmy dialogs infact she will feel the luckiest person

San:I know rag very well ok
Swa:but u don’t know what girls feel if a boy is behind her nd is romantic too

Laksh laughed at them
Swasan(angrily):y r u laughing?
Laksh:by seeing u people how can I take u people as an inspiration for my love see till now I never seen u both talking peacefully I only saw u fighting

Swasan sees each other nd laughed loudly.

Laksh gave a confusing look
Swara:it is not necessary that every one should have a Same love story in the same way it is not necessary that love can be shown by a peaceful talk our fight waa also a love we just want an argument as by doing so we get to talk more time to spend with each other without any bore

Laksh :hmm hope I too have some romantic fight like u people with my darling

Sanky:don’t worry that is not so far rag is expert in argument

Laksh:then iam dead
Three laughs

Laksh was searching for rag all the house but didn’t found her any where nd he went to swasan but they were also searching for her
Swa:she was not there last night too I tought she was sleeping some where else but …
Neha:hey guys I have been searching for u people from morning
Neha:voo rag told me that she is leaving to her home I told her to not to go but she told that her father’s health is not fine
Sanky:what??what happened to uncle
Neha:I don’t know I asked her did she informed to u people but she didn’t replied me nd left by saying goodbye
Laksh:when did she left?
Nd neha left
Laksh:how can she go like that alone atleast she should have informed us
Swara:but I don’t understand one thing if uncles health is not well then y didn’t she informed mee
Sanky:because she came to know the truth that u r same person with whome her engagement was broken

lak:how do u know
Sanky:because I know her very well
Swara:now what to do??
All were tensed
Sanky took his phone nd tried to call her many times but it was showing not reacheable so he called sekhar

Sanky:ha uncle did rag reached their ?
Sekhar:she is with u people only naa??
Sanky was shocked as if she didn’t go home then where did she went

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  1. Pls write regularly otherwise i might forget the story
    I love this ff

    1. Pavani

      Yehh I know I was also feeling bad to be irregular that’s y I tought to stop it but as I don’t want to stop my ff In middle that is y I was trying to write now a days I was really busy my mother in laws health was not fine that’s y

  2. Shana98

    Ahhh and amazing episode…
    when is the next update

    1. Pavani

      I really hope it will be soon

  3. Superb akka, miss you alot

  4. Sindhura

    Nice dont stop take your time
    Or else compkete in next update by giving little big one

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  6. Omg………… Wat happen to raggg……….

  7. Fairy

    Yipppeeeee!!! Diii u r back ??? kaise hoo??? ? after a long tym dii!!
    Ohoooo ragz came to know about d truth!!!hmmm!!! N nw shez full on angry wid dem? sanky reallly understands her well!!! M feeelmg bad for laksh,,,,,!!!n where must hve ragz gone,,,?????omg i hope shez f9 …curiosity is on d peak!!!!!waitng eagerly for nxt part!!!keeeep rockng n stay blessssed dii!! N thnku so much for dis super interestng story??????

  8. Nice di

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    superb di hw r u… realy mis u… take care

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  11. Awesome episode di and take ur own time. Plz plz plz continue. Don’t end soon

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    nice loved the ending wonder where she is ,,,
    update soon.xx

  22. Astha

    superb epi akka…… take care of ur athaiya……. now a days my akka bcame very busy…… loved the epi very much akka…… sanky is mind reader…… how much of understanding….. rag is very lucky to have frnd like him…… where she went??????? eagerly waiting for next one akka….. take care…. love u…..

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