a journey from me to us (Raglak) ff by pavani (Episode 5)


Hiii sorry for delay nd tnk for not forgetting my story .

Sanky:rag plzz once listen to mee
Rag was stubborn that she is not ready to listen to sny one now
Rag:how can he support them I won’t talk with u get lost (she murmered)
Sanky left from there
One week passed rag didn’t talked to Sanky but she was expecting Sanky to say her sorry but Sanky became little busy so he didn’t got time to talk to her

Swara:common don’t worry she will be fine
Sanky:mental she is not trying to understand the situation
Swara saw rag at the door nd tried to stop Sanky but raf warned her
Sanky:u know what she have only body but no brain
Rag was fuming in anger
Swara:ragini …when did u came?.
Sanky was shocked nd saw rag who is red.like a tomato nd stood up from bed
Rag:how dare u she is about to beat him.they both ran all over the house nd atlast Sanky surrendered nd rag beat him playfully
Sanky:iam sorry

Rag started crying
Sanky(concerned):what happened??
Rag:u avoided me from one week u didn’t tried to convince mee??
Sanky smiled at her chaidish behaviour
Sanky:ok baba sorry actually I was busy with work.
Rag:ok but I will give u a punishment
Sanky:u can
Rag:ok I will take my revange when I want
They both hug each other nd swara saw them from far nd smiled

Next day
Rag:dadd I want to go to vizag
Shekar:all of a sudden??
Rag:voo yaa krithika’s marriage I forget about that in a hurry u know all these days nd she called me yesterday nd scolded mee
Sekhar:will Sanky accompany u??
Rag:yes ofcourse y not he is her best friend before mee
Sekhar:k then I don’t have any objection if Sanky accompany u
Rag hugged her dad nd kissed him on his cheeks

Evening Sanky reached home
Rag:y u didn’t remined mee ??
Rag:krithika’s marriage .
Sanky:ohh god I have forgetted about that completely but I have an important meeting I should go to lindon tomorrow
Rag:defnetly she will kill u nd dad will send me when u will come
Sanky:ok u take swara with u I will come on marriage day
Rag:not bad
Nd they both looked at swara
Swara:u have decided first nd then asking for permission ??(with fake anger )
Ragsan hold their ears
Rag:k I will pack my bag nd come

She left
Swasan room
Swara is packing luggage
Sanky came from back and hugged her
Swara:leave mee can’t u see iam busy??
Sanky:noo way today I won’t leave you I will miss our romance for week so I want my intrest too
Swara smiled nd turned towards sanky nd kept her hands around his neck
Sanky:u can pack in morning also
Swara smiled at him

They were about to kiss
Rag from down (loudly):swara come fast
They got seperated by her voice
Sanky:she is the main villan in my romance .she always disturbs us
Swara smiled at him
Rag came nd dragged swara
Sanky:where are u taking her

Rag: I was stuck in a prblem ?
Rag:yeh I was not able to decide about my dresses I was comfused about what to take??
Sanky was shocked
Sanky:what?? That was a big problem??
Rag:how can u know our problems .u know how much time it takes to seleact a dress nd matching stuff to weare .nd now don’t waste our time we have less time
She took her to her house
Sanky was waiting for swara
Swara came he is happy but his face turned pale after seeing rag behind him
Sanky:y u came again???
Swara beat him playfully

Rag:she have decided about my dresses so I should help her also naa
Sanky(sadly):but she don’t need ur help I will help her u goo
Rag:noo way u just get lost
She dragged swara to her room
(Bechara Sanky waited for rag to go out)
It was 12
Sanky slept
Rag woke him up
Rag:k iam going will u accompany me??

Rag:ok then I will sleep with swara then
Sanky(shouted):noo I will accompany u
Rag smiled at his actions she hugged swara
Rag(in swaras ears):wake up early tomorrow don’t bee late
Swara widened her mouth nd beated her

At rags house
Rag:ok now u goo nd how was my punishment?
Rag:yes by keeping u away from ur wife
Sanky(shocked):so u did it intensionally??
Rag:yes ofcourse
Sanky was about to catch her she closed the door
Sanky:I won’t leave u
Rag:all the best nd now stop wasting ur time hear if swara went to sleep then don’t blame mee
Sanky left

Next day they reached vizag but as they didn’t bought any gift in hurry they went to shopping
They were in different sections
Rag selected her gift and was about to leave she saw a bangle nd was about to go yhere but as swara called she went there to help her nd later came back to see that bangle

Sales girl:sorry mam that was sold now only
Rag:who bought it??
Pointing to a person sales girl:he bought that
Rag went to that boy whose back can be visible
Rag:excuse mee??
Boy turned
Rag:plzz can I have this bangle I will pay u
Rag:I liked it nd that was the single piece hear

Boy:hmm but I took this for my girlfriend
Rag:ohh ok can I take a picture of it
Boy:y picture take thesse bangles only
Rag(surprised):but u told this is for ur girlfriend.
Boy:yes till now I didn’t found her but I think I got her now
He kept those bangles on rags hand nd left from there leaving shocking rag
Episode ENDS with shocking face of rag

I think there is sime problem from 3 days I have been trying to post it but don’t know it was not accepting hope it get submitted this time


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  1. Malika

    Finally you are back di . Superb as always I really love rag scene and that boy and sanskar also. Superb di. I had missed you and your ff. ????????? update soon.

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u malika darling yes I will update next part soon

  2. Great update as fast as you can ?

    1. Pavani

      Yep I will try

  3. Varsha

    Super di, Just luv it hope d boy ws laksh

    1. Pavani

      Yep he is

  4. SPP

    Awesome Superb

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u spp darling

  5. Rafeee

    superb di n hw r u??? try to updte soon

    1. Pavani

      I will try my best darling

  6. Shana98

    awesome i bet the person is Laksh and waiting for the next epi xxx

    1. Pavani

      Yes he is laksh

  7. plzz now entry of lakshya next part soon

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u nikky

  8. Dharani


    1. Pavani

      Tnk u dharani dear

  9. ohh the guy was laksh loved thr first meet

  10. Good one . I think it’s laksh.

  11. Hahah, I think he is laksh, superb part akka

  12. pls make some ragsan romance cos i really love sanskar and ragini together so yeah pls

  13. Fairy

    oh god di fabulous episode!!!
    rags punishment ws super awesome hahahahah bechara sanky… 😉
    n i hope dat person is laksh …i loved dere scene:) 🙂 😉 😉 i litterely missed u n dis ff badly..keep rockng n stay blessed di 😉

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u fairy darling at last u got registered

  14. ohhh finally you updated i think the boy is laksh and this is sansakar’s plan that is why he didn’t accompany her i think soo

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u j yes he is laksh but it’s not sanky’s plan

  15. Astha

    nyz epi…….

    what r u looking…..? i’m peak of angry…… but ur brain n sanky saved u from me…… or else this time surely i’ll come to ur home n kill u. how much time?
    ok leave it…… really ur epi is very hilarious ur epi changed my mood to cool. i laughed cordially thnq so much for such a cool epi. ragsan bonding…. umma….. the way lax gave bangle soooo cute. hope that is lax isn’t?

    1. Pavani

      He he he what to do Sanku darling iam not getting time these days I was busy with tanish school nd then make him study nd then iam going to bhagavathgeetha classes nd after that my tution student will come nd iam getting time only during sleep so iam writing one episode for 2/3days (as u know how difficult it is to write a story with out any preparations to take our concept a head )

      1. Astha

        I know akka. Take ur own time. Ur sis always support u. As well as I have ri8 to angry ? on u too. But my angry is just like snow on grass corner. Dont bother abt it. Keep smiling ? n rocking. Take care ? of u, jiju n my heart throb ???

      2. Astha

        Akka u r killing small babies in name of tuition…… Bagavath geetha cls…… Throw some points from bagavath geetha in ur ff akka if situation demaned….. Tc. Bye. ???

  16. superb akka

  17. Crystal089


    1. Pavani

      Tnk u crystal

  18. Sindhura

    Awesome dear
    Can you give your previous ff last updatelink i thunk i missedit

    1. Pavani

      I gave it in last u can see

    2. Sindhura

      I lost it
      Its ok once give that ff name i will find it in seaech

      1. Pavani

        When I fall in love(ragsan nd raglak) by pavani

  19. Sreevijayan

    Aww…i love ragsan bond in this ff..and the last part was surprising

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u shree

  20. Akshata

    awesome, so laksh made his shocking entry in ragini’s life. loved it. update soon

  21. nice .ragsan scenes was super.

  22. Sry for my late reply….awesome epi….i really loved it…ragsan bonding was superb…swara is more understanding girl in ur ff….waiting for raglak love story….

  23. Hemalattha

    fantastic akka….the way of ragini’s revenge for sanskaar.i think that is ragini’s love and that to be laksh.is that the person is laksh?

  24. Ragz_teju

    awesome… good to see you back…

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