a journey from me to us (Raglak) ff by pavani (Episode 4)

I know u all are angry on mee nd sorry I was little busy these days nd tnk u for ur love and support

I was convinced by Sanky to give a chance but don’t know y I was really very much tensed to meet him .as I was going to meet an unknown guy with whome I should dream of my future .if iam the only girl who feels tensed or do every girl feel the same .yes this was the day where boy was coming to see mee (actually he saw me but this meeting is for mee to see him) this meeting was arranged in my house only nd as u know they decorated me like a show piece (which I hate very much).I have been waiting for them from morning but don’t know y till now they didn’t came it was 2pm nd I am feeling hungry I was irritated Sanky was continuously trying to call them but no was not reacheable nd at last they lifted don’t know what they said but my seeing Sanky I can say that there is something going onn

Sanky cutted the call
Rag:what happened ??
Sanky was silent
Sekhar:Sanky tell mee?
Sanky:on the way their car was dashed by a truck nd they were in hospital
Every one shocked rag was numb

Sanky:don’t worry dad I will go nd check
Swara:I will accompany u..
Rag:I will also come
Shekar:no need rag u stay hear we will goo
All went rag nd sumi were left

Rag was very much tensed she called swara
Swara:ya I reached now only I was parking the car
Rag:ok I will be on line nd don’t cut the call
Swara:ok baba
When swara reached she saw shekar in anger
Shekar:how can u think like that if ur son met in an accident then how can it be my daughters fault

Rag was shocked by hearing shekar

Sujatha:what was wrong in that my son drives very carefully till now he was never met in an accident but after fixing this engagement it happened

Shekar:we didn’t begged u to marry my daughter u people came to me to ask my daughters hand

Dayal:what is this sujatha stop all thses noncence now u care about ur son insted of praying for him u r fighting nd blaming rag for all these happenings

Sujatha:ya we came as my son liked her but I can’t risk my sons life now

Before she completes her sentence
Shekar:enough,thank god my daughter is very lucky that’s y we came to know that u r shuch a narrow minded nd I can imagine how can u see ur bahu now iam rejeacting ur match u nd ur family don’t deserve my daughter

Sujatha:we are also not dying to make her our bahu thank god for ur decision
Sanky tried to convience shekar bit all went in vain .rag who was listening to all these was shocked

Shekar reached home nd informed about what happened
Shekar:iam sorry rag I forced u to accept this preposal I didn’t tought that they were like this
Rag:y r u saying sorry .if they were narrow minded what’s ur fault in that

Dayal came in
Dayal:iam sorry shekar
Rag:ok enough haa now u both don’t get emotional nd what ever have happened its for my happiness only any ways I too don’t want to marry any one so now u people stop blaming ur selfs

Sanky was silent .

Rag saw him nd signed him what happened he just gave a fake smile that nothing

Shekar and dayal hugged each other
Rag went to her room
Rag:thank god it was cancelled
Sanky entered nd saw her
Sanky:what ever have happened was wrong uncle should not cancle this marriage
Rag was shocked as she didn’t expected this from Sanky
Rag:what do u mean ??
Sanky:uncle took this decision in anger
Rag:so u r supporting them
Sanky:iam not supporting them but iam telling that they didn’t done this intensanally they were just worried about their son
Rag:ohhh grt so u too think iam the reason for his accident wowww
Sanky:u r taking mee wrong
Rag:plzz I don’t want to listen to any thing nd it is not necessary that what ever u say was right every time nd now plzz leave mee alonee
She pushed him out nd closed the door on his face Sanky was shocked

Epi ends
Recap:lakshs entry
I know it was small update sorry I will try to bee regular from now


  1. Anjali

    I missed your ff di call I call you like that. And yes where were you thanks God you are back. Coming to this ep wait a second….. I’m thinking what to say although it is a short update still I love it. I read it twice di wow. Superb. And waiting for laksh entry. Ragsan scene was fabulous.

  2. Astha


    |Registered Member

    😈😈😈 will we forget u?????
    Never expect this twist in story…… However lax have to impress rag….. Waiting for that…… My sweet sanky understood suji n lax situation…. Loved him. If u update next epi tmrw to straight I’ll come to ur home n kill u 😍

      • Astha


        |Registered Member

        Sry akka spelling mistake aypoindi…… If u didn’t update…… That is I thought to type but ur sis suffering in stomach pain so typed mistakenly. I want daily updates….. Love u akka. Umma….. No sry…..😊

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