journey from me to us (Raglak) ff by pavani (Episode 2)


Hiii darlings tnk u very much for ur love and support nd sorry for posting it two times nd sorry for not giving reply to everyone don’t know y Iam little afraid this time to write an ff to be frankly the concept was not clear to mee I just started with a rough concept I don’t know how to start my plot nd how to end it that’s y nd I will try my best to entertain u hope it happens

Rag nd swara nd Sanky left by waving bye to sankys family

Sanky pov
I nd rag were friends from our chaild hood actually rag was 4years younger to mee but that didn’t matter as she was heighted from chaildhood nd so she used to see older than her age .we used to fight nd play nd used to spend lot of time with each other as we were only kids to our parents nd we didn’t have any siblings to enjoy or to play or to fight so we used to share everything .Every one used to think that there is something going on btwn us even our parents used to think soo but later we explained them that we r just friends not more than that .we know about each other very well nd even swara nd mom dont know about me 100% but rag knows .I met swara in a marriage nd I loved her nd convienced her parents that I will take care of her very well nd will encourage her to reach her goals so we got married .at first swara misunderstood our friendship by listening to neighbors nd by my nature too as my first preference was always rag but later I made her understand that we were only friends nd I love only swara now she didn’t have any problem with our friendship .fb ends

Swara pov
I met Sanky in my friends marriage one day he came nd convenced my parents to get me married to him my parents hesitated first as I was still persuing my studies nd they were afraid of roumars about ragsan from their neighbors but I convinced them as I liked his genune ness nd my heart told me to trust him.after marriage I was irritated by seeing their bonding as he always gave imp to her only which really irritated mee then I trusted on the rumors but later Sanky made me understand how much he loves mee nd no one can replace me in his heart nd then I started trusting them nd started thinking positively about rag then I came to know y Sanky respects her she is such a sweet her I started loving her nd we became best friends ofcourse I can’t replace Sanky to her nd rag to Sanky still they love mee that was enough for mee nd some times I was jealous that y I didn’t got a best friends like them from my chaild hood
Pov ends

Rag’s pov
Sanky he is such a caring person .I love the way he handles everything .he is very understanding nd I loved it I really want my husband to be like him .we were friends from our chaild hood just friends neither siblings nor more than friends .I hate people who think cheap about our relation really how can they think like that nd mainly I can’t understand one thing y can’t a boy nd girl can be friends for ever really is that that much difficult to maintain friendship without giving them a relation ???I felt very bad when our parents also tought like that when our own parents don’t know about us what can I expect from others I was a short tempered but sanky convienced to think by placing my self in the place of my parents then I was little convienced nd we both made them realised that we were only friends nd later swara misunderstood our relation I felt bad as I know sanky love her I really don’t want to be a reason for his love to go away from him but he is such a sweet heart nd convienced swara too from then I used to be normal I mean not that much close to him to make swara comfortable but from then swara assured me that she have no problem with our friendship nd from then she also became our gang .swara is also a short tempered she have her anger issuses but u know our Sanky can cool any one don’t know how he handles everything perfectly he made her cool every time nd by seeing his love to swara I really feel I want a life partner like Sanky who is patient nd understands mee nd can control mee nd show me the path to me .
Pov ends

All the mindes came to reality when driver stoped the car
Driver:we reached ur college mam
Rag:bhayya how many times I told u not to call us madam call us with names
Driver:sorry rag I forgot
Swara:it’s ok but don’t repeat again

They turned to Sanky
Rag:ok u go now nd don’t come to college in evening I will call u when we require
Sanky:y soo?
Rag:because we r going out today as it was the last day of college
Sanky:k then enjoy nd he looked at swara nd signed her to be carefull with his eyes
Rag:now stop ur old movies romance nd don’t worry I will take care of her nd now I leave .
Swara blushes
Sanky:u r the villain in my life if any one have a friend like u who always spoil theirs friends romantic life then there is noo need of an enemy
Sanky left
Rag:ha ha ha see him how he is carving for u
Swara:let him wait then only he will know my value
Rag:poor Sanky but Iam enjoying by teasing him by disturbing his bedroom romance by comming nd sitting with I by telling him that we were studying
Swara:he he he by doing soo we can get their attention naa
They both gave hifi
Epi ends with smiling faces of swara nd ragini

I know it was also a small one nd don’t worry our hero will come soon first I want to give a brief role of our heroin

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    1. Pavani

      Tnk u divya darling

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    Superb….. Missing laksh a lot??

    1. Pavani

      He he he tit for tat he will bee soon u made me wait for their meeting nd I too following u

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    N #astha wl surely becme super happy after readng dis part,coz u hve described sanky’s charecter sooo well here!!!i even i too started lovng him? !!?…okay dii keep smiling n stay blessed??

    1. Pavani

      Tnk u fairy darling as a ragsan fan I would like to show their bonding nd mainly he will be helpful for my plot in future he he he nd ya I know sanku darling.will be happy to see sanky (astha)

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        It my first ff

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        Yep I will

  5. Hahaha….these girls are totally amazing and crazy ?. Poor sanky?,they made fun of him . Waiting for laksh I mean hero’s entry .
    Lovely episode.

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