a journey from me to us raglak) epi13~pavani


Hii darlings tnk u very much for ur love nd support nd really sorry for these weekly updates nd sorry sanku darling I didn’t mean to hurt u iam really busy these days not active in fb too if u can u contact me through what’s up u send me ur no in fb messager

Laksh was shocked by listening to news of rag missing he was worried if she ran from hear also leaving him nd run away from him then he he tought something nd started.searching for those boys nd didn’t found them now he confirmed that they took her

He saw his friend nd ran behind him nd asked him to tell,where his friend took her at first he didn’t told but later after laksh beaten him badly he told him

Scene shifts
Boys opened the room door by carrying rag who is tied with ropes

They laid her on bed nd started drinking nd rag was trying hard to get escaped from them

Rag untied her hands and trys to run away but the boy holded her and throwed her she got a rod nd started beating them with the road but one of them hold the stick nd removed it rag was shocked nd the other boy came nd slapped her hard rag fell down nd hitted to the wall and her head started bleeding

Now boys were about to come near her they observed door was opened with a tud nd were shocked to see Laksh

Laksh was very angry his eyes were red by seeing rag bleeding nd looked at the boys who were afraid by seeing his anger

Laksh went near rag nd made her stand properly rag was filled with full of emotions by seeing him but suddenly she felt a hot sensation on her cheek which shocked every one

(Yes guys Laksh slapped her )
Boys ran away from there
Rag was shocked by his reaction she came to reality after some time

Rag hold her cheek nd saw laksh who was really hell angry .

Rag:how dare u ??
Laksh:shut up just shut up
rag:y should I shut up y u slapped me?
Laksh:y not I should slap u I told u to not to believe them but u r not ready to listen to me if I come late.what have happened to u?
Rag:what will happen nothing will happen to me I know how to protect myself
Laksh:haa I have seen u how u r protecting ur selfs
Rag:if anything happens also who r u to slap mee my fater also never slapped me till now
Laksh:that’s y u became a stubborn like this who is not ready to accept ur mistake
Rag :yes u r right it was my mistake that I believe in people easily nd allow them to hurt me first u who want only me nd hurtted my feelings nd secondly he he also want mee only but he wanted to hurt me physically there is no difference between u both
She left from there leaving a shocked Laksh

Laksh was hurt by her wods he came out nd saw rag who is waiting for him to drop her he went and was about to start his car but saw rag lips were bleeding nd stopped there nd ran to her nd was about to touch her wound rag turned her face laksh got angry nd he opened his car and bought first aid nd hold her face rag tried to resist but his hold was strong he aided her wound nd signed her to sit in car rag too sat angrily

Epi ends with angry faces of raglak
I know u may have forgetted the previous epi sorry

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