The journey together (season 2) A new journey with a mysterious past introduction

hello everyone hope you didn’t forget who I’m if so, let me introduce myself…… in Sharon shrivatsav…..before I used to write the ff “the journey together” here you go for the links…

And guys before you all think that I have stopped that ff..i want to tell no…I haven’t… will be continued but I will disclose afterwards how it is….so without wasting your precious time let us get into the story….

here we go…..

The blue bells mansion in Mexico…..

it was truly a beautful morning. It was that time where it’s between night and day, just as dawn is starting to break. The sky was just starting to lighten up and I could see the full moon through a thin veil of clouds. The snow was slowly falling from the sky and had been for some time.

The ground was covered in a smooth layer of fluffy white snow, covering mounds here and there that looked like big marshmallows on the ground. The road was covered lightly as well and as I drove down the road the snow glistened as my headlights reflected off of it. It had a magical look to it all.

My back window would show me so many things….. so there are a lot of open fields, farms, large homes, and lots of holiday lights. Many people had their holiday lights on so it only added to the magic of it all as they twinkled in the twilight.

Suddenly the girl who was writing this in her book closed it and covered herself with her blanket fully…..hearing the door crak sound……there entered a gentle man with his maroon and lavender colour suit on with a suit case in his hand…..he walked straightly to the heart shaped bedroom which was in the middest of the master bedroom…….. he saw the weak and thin figure sleeping there covered all in blanket and slightly shivering and he understood that she was just acting to be asleep….
so he started talking….

He: ah!!!! I was so happy as I was alone and free there but I’m stuck here again I feel why to Cole back I should have stayed there only…..

hearing this girl slowly moved and tightened her wrist…..

He: I have no freedom and privacy here…..

the girl was now erupting and took her blanket out and threw it and walked towards the boy and punched him hard on his stomach so the boy shouted ladoo…..and turned around…..

The sea shell mansion in India…..

Another gentle man comes out of the bathroom and sees a pale figure sitting on his bed top…… he was like which happend and asked her the same…..

She: see…you always forget when it comes the time to spend some time with me……

He: oh!!! sorry…..come let’s say then……I’m ready….

She: wear some nice clothes don’t come in this trousers…..

He: I know….

She: I know that you know…but I thought you might have forgotten the way you forget me in your business and stormed out of the room by banging the door back to wait for him in the parking lot….

The gentle man got ready and came down…..

Precap: revelation of the pairs and some masti…..

So…guys how was it….hope you all liked it and as I said the other err story will be continued for sure and that’s a pinky promise….. and you all will have to wait for two days more.for next episode….then I will update regularly…so do comment and tell me how was it guys….

Last but not the least….A very beautiful good morning everyone…..

Do comment guys…..I know this episode is smaller but I promise the next one will be longer……


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Credit to: Sharon shrivatsav


  1. teju

    I was a silent reader but now i cant stop myself commentinggg. I WAS A GREAT Fan oF u but not now. Its high time to stop ur ff. U could have stopped earlier. Then ur ff would be one of the best. But now all this dragging and stupid and common twists seen in many of serial….u r coping it. Pls stop ur ff. This is a kind request fom ur ex fan. If u want u start another ff but pls stop this.

  2. iwaniy

    Why u changed ur storyline cant understand pls do justice to ur story. Continue with the older plot itself. Other i stoppung reading ur ff. Bcz ur older story was nice but suddenly changing everythind….. cant understant. Stop this and come to the older plot

  3. megha

    Everything has a limit even twists….i think ur story is getting lots of twistss i twists are little over now. U r exceeding the l8mits…. pls dont spoil ur story with lots of twists. Now itself u are spoiling so its bettter to wrap up

  4. Nita

    Hey Sharon…. The opening scene is wonderful…….I could imagine the beautiful scene…..n what abt the old plot dear? Why this sudden change??

    • Nita

      N I have not decided yet that I’ll continue reading or not. Nothing becomes clear in just intro so I’ll read a few more episodes n then decide. I know u have majority of negative comments but I actually liked the plot….n I have seen that your writing are great so I give a nod…

  5. Turaifa Shafenaz

    It Is The Continuation Of Last Part, Right? C’mon Baby, U Didn’t Disclosed Many Secret’s. How Could U Stop That One. Am I Right?

  6. pari

    hie….. 🙂 …was a silent reader till now and commenting today …pls…do..cntinue ur ff…its nice…..i like ur ff…and if u think that it has lost its charm ….dan u r wrong… its neva possible to maintain suspense always in a story… there should b some light ones too…so…its totaly ok….waiting for the mystery to be revealed…and…some high voltage drama .. 🙂

  7. nice bt wat hap to that ff ????is this continuation???? plz clear the confusion dear ….. we all lov u dats y so many of them gettng angry.. i hope u ll clr our doubts

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.