The journey together (season 2) episode 2


hello guys…..I know all are angry with me for the change of plot but it is the continuation of the old story and I will reveal everything…… so don’t be angry on me….and continue readings guys I know I am making everyone wait for the secrets to be disclosed but it will be done guys… all told me that I have to wrap off that story and start a new one……so, I started writing new one thought of revealing the other suspence in that……if you all are not agreeing with that also what do I do…..once you tell that you want a new story and one more time you tell you want old story so you all guys decide and tell me what should I do……?

First you all be firm in decision and tell me whether I have to continue the old one or I have to continue the new one and let me inform you all giving comments against us/writers is not a big deal but to support them is…..we all try to find a way to impress you all but you all take a way out to find wrong in one or the other thing and comment against us……

I agree I changed the plot but you all have to wait for few episodes at least for me to explain what has happened , no you can’t jo bhi man mein aay wo kardo……kuch socho mat….you all should have waited for few days at least……and in the tv serials also they will not tell you everything together right…… so you will not stop seeing it and you will find it interesting and you will be waiting to see that and all…… and here also you have to wait to know the story right….? even I am fed up of ur against comments….I’m not saying that I don’t want to receive against comments but had hey yaar!!!!! every time…… what ever I do….

So….you all tell me what to do….? whether I should continue the old one or the new one…..and plz…I’m not interested in against comments….. always telling the same thing… least today comment which will be some what useful for me to decide on the plot…..

And SORRY guys….I know you all will feel bad/angry/frustrated….but, even I can’t control for how many days….. and I know I have wasted the whole episode for this and I am sorry for that also….so do comment through which I can decide what to do…..

Credit to: Sharon shrivatsav

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  1. Just stop ur writing and go to hell

  2. Follow ur heart yaar….writting is a creative work which depends upon the story but not on the views and comments of others…write the ff what ur heart and mind says…

  3. just continue the story yaar , what happened after laksh woke after coma he was searching for ragini n after that??? please i want this to continue n coming to season 2 1st epi u started well …………if u ask me first complete the first story plz

  4. Hey Sharon plz continue…. N I already said in previous episode’s comment, i was waiting for your reply on that but anyways, i said that I’ll read a few episodes n then decide….n I agree that thinking the whole plot and then writing it n also impressing all different readers with different views is very difficult…. N u have really done a commendable job. N yes since u will reveal the mystery of season 1 also so I have no problem with the change in plot….actually I think u have again satisfied both group of readers. One-telling to write new story n two-telling to continue old one……n its human nature to always find mistakes…..

    But only for me can u plz continue( I know that i m asking u too much)…..

    REPLY PLZ…..

  5. I think You should continue this new season from where laksh had lost ragini.don’t feel bad.

  6. Sharon di whatever you told was exactly right and i second it.. I know writers always try to keep turns and twists to make the readers curoius and happy but i have no idea why does some reader dont understand it… Not all there are very good and cooperating readers too…I want you to continue it please… You are very good writer you got that talent and dont dissapoint yoursepf for the bashers… Pleae do continue a small request from RagLakiand and temish fan, speacia lly for teja please

  7. Do as ur wish as u r the writer of this ff and u shld decide on the future story because this belongs to ur imagination and oly u have rights on deciding what to do nxt… Others Dnt have any rights to say against ur ff… Before writing comments against ur ff they shld think and see whether they can write atleast one episode of a ff with their own imagination perfectly then they can comment against u…

  8. 234 who ever it is just mind ur tongue and be in ur limit ???

  9. Continue writing sharon plz unite rag nd lak plz reveal the suspense iam a big fan of ur ff plz continue dr i beg u and bring a happy ending dnt change the pair

  10. plsz continue with ur story line its intersting…………,

  11. Turaifa Shafenaz

    Dear, In My View, U Should Solve The Mystries Of 1st One The Start Other. Again, If It Is The Continuation Of Previous One, Then I Don’t Think I’ve Any Problem. & Sorry, If Any Of My Previous Comment’s Harted U. No Bad Feelings Ha. As I Said Always, Luv U & Ur Story. 🙂

  12. plz continue dear and i’m eagerly waiting for next episode

  13. Don’t stop writing..ur ff is awsm..

  14. continue with ur plot

  15. Meghs(megha)

    Hey u do as u like only … We support u… If new season is continue of old one n revelation of mystery then u do that.

  16. u can do what ever u want bt plzzz unite RAGLAK dat’s it
    nd plzzz don’t care about negative comments
    continue soon
    I’m waitng fr ur nxt one

  17. am a silent reader of ur ff… plzz continue nd follow ur heart… ignore the negative comments… upload ur epi soon

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